Week 10 Predictions – 2018

Last Week:  This was the off week on Ohio State’s schedule and it probably could not have come at a better time. The Bucks have been going in a downward trend since the Tulane victory, it is unfortunate they did not have enough in the tank to have a better performance against Purdue. Hopefully during this time, the team and coaches have worked together to make some much anticipated adjustments. If nothing else maybe Dwayne Haskins has been able to rest his arm after his record breaking passing performance during the loss in West Lafayette. If the Buckeyes want to get into the playoff picture, the defense needs to get better, the running game has to get better, because the competition is going to get better with games coming up against Nebraska, Michigan State, a Maryland team that beat Texas and TBGUN. One thing was better last week was are weekly staff predictions.  Everyone did very well plus we were 10-3 in our Upset Special picks. We were getting calls from the Vegas Sportsbooks! As we head into the final 5 weeks of the season Gregg is holding the narrowest of leads over Jason, Steven and Rick, but almost everyone is still in striking range. But like the quest for teams to make the playoffs, anyone can get eliminated each week with just one bad performance. But if you are looking for some good games, some great analysis and tons of fun, keep coming back each week to our predictions page.  

This Week’s GamesThe Buckeyes return to the field of play this week, taking on Nebraska.  At the start of the year this looked like it would be a huge match-up but now it is not.  The Cornhuskers have only managed one conference win this season and the Buckeyes are coming off a rough loss. Both teams will want to right the ship, but which team gets back on course?  ….  Both Georgia and Kentucky have been having a great season and find themselves in the top ten of the first playoff poll. The winner stays in the hunt while the loser is basically on a course for a January bowl game.  Can the Wildcats overachieve and knock out one of last year’s finalists?  ….  Both West Virginia and Texas were on top of the Big 12 a couple weeks ago and had their fate in their own hands.  But the Longhorns could not close the deal with Oklahoma State and the Mountaineers decided on to bring their office to Ames when they faced Iowa State. Both need this win to stay in the running for the conference championship game. This may come down to who has the ball last, will it be another Big 12 Shootout?  ….  Alabama final gets to play a team with a pulse, and I am sure they will be welcomed into Baton Rogue for their night game with LSU. Can Joe Borrow handle the pressure and lead the Tigers to the improbable win?

Buckeye Greats:  As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the fourth straight year.

Here we go once again … our Week 10 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg

Nebraska  @  (10)Ohio State


Bbaver:  Pick – Ohio State: I think there will be more of a sense of urgency from this Buckeye team and this will be the healthiest they have been in some time. I also think the running game will look a bit better. With that being said, I still see Nebraska’s offense having some success, especially with getting J.D. Spielman in space. I like Ohio State 42-28.

Cory:  A lot of people are low on Ohio State following the Buckeyes loss to Purdue two weeks ago. A lot are even saying there’s no way the Buckeyes can make it back into the playoff discussion. It will be a good thing for the Buckeyes to fly under the radar, and a nice matchup at home this week against Nebraska is a perfect way for them to get back on track. After starting 0-6 the Cornhuskers finally got new head coach Scott Frost a couple marks in the win column with big victories over Minnesota and Bethune-Cookman. For Nebraska to have any chance they’ll need a big day from quarterback Adrian Martinez. Martinez has only 1,656 passing yards with 11 touchdowns and six interceptions, but he’s a dangerous runner as he’s got 408 rushing yards and four touchdowns. The big problem for Nebraska is the defense has a hard time stopping anybody. Michigan put up 56 points on the Cornhuskers and Wisconsin managed to score 41 points, and neither of those teams are offensive juggernauts this season. While I don’t think Ohio State will have much of a problem winning the game, it will be important to see how well the offensively line does. The line really struggled in the loss to Purdue so let’s see what adjustments this group made during the bye week.     Ohio State 45, Nebraska 17  

Dave:  Ohio State 42 – Nebraska 21

Gregg:  Remember when Nebraska was relevant? Me either. Since the Cornhuskers joined the Big Ten, they have one divisional crown and that year they lost the Big Ten Championship 70-31 to a 6-6 Wisconsin team that actually only came in 3rd in their division. Since then they have been going down hill and 2018 is the worst season yet. Welcome back to Lincoln Scott Frost. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes have had a few problems of their own since Urban has returned to the sideline. The running game has been non-existent, the ability to tackle seems to come and go at random, and the Bucks are coming off an embarrassing 29 point loss to Purdue.  These past two weeks is OSU’s one chance to make the adjustments and start dominating teams like a team with the players they have should dominate. If they don’t start that this week, kiss this season goodbye.  Urban knows all this and his plan will be to run up the score, and start a four game stretch which I hope ends in Pasadena.  Even if this team can run the table, they are no match for the top teams in the land with that defense. Open up the running game with the passing attack and they might start to earn back some of the national love they will need to work their way back up the poll.   Ohio State 48  Nebraska 20 

Jason:  Nebraska enters a hornet’s nest facing a Buckeye team coming off a loss and a bye but the Huskers have been playing better and will be ready to test the much-maligned Buckeye defense.  QB Adrian Martinez has as good of a one two punch at wide out as there is in the conference outside of Columbus in JD Spielman and Stanley Morgan Jr so expect Nebraska to whip it around and test the Buckeye secondary.  Martinez can also hurt you with his feet so the Buckeye front line will have to keep him contained when he escapes the pocket.  On the other side, the Buckeyes have heard for two weeks now that they are trash and can’t contend for a National Title let alone a Big Ten title so this is going to be one jacked up ball club.  The rushing attack has struggled in recent weeks, having not rushed for more than 155 yards in the last 5 games and according to coach Urban Meyer, that has been a major focus for the past two weeks.  QB Dwayne Haskins has thrown for over 400 yards the past 3 games and should be able to feast on a weak Nebraska secondary and with a little balance this week with some semblance of a run game, the Ohio State offense can be nothing short of unstoppable.  I expect the Buckeyes to come out much more balanced running the football and look for some minor scheming changes to affect how Ohio State attacks on defense.  Nebraska will be able to score some but it won’t be nearly enough. This is November and Urban Meyer’s teams live for November and with everything still in front of them, look for a dominating performance to gain back a little pride and momentum heading down the stretch.    Ohio State 54 Nebraska 21  

Joe-S-U:  OSU over Nebraska – With the way things have been going the last couple of years, the next time these 2 tee it up might be the “what’s becoming the annual letdown” game.  After feasting on a few cupcakes to open 2019, the Bucks face the Huskers in Lincoln on Sept. 28th.  Scott Frost seems to be too good of a coach for Nebraska to stay a bottom feeder.  Bucks will probably get another ugly win this Saturday at home, but keep that ’19 meeting in mind.  

John:  I just can’t foresee any way Ohio State loses this game.  If OSU had two good weeks of practice, and are able to correct some of the weaknesses that have plagued the O line and the D back 7, then you can expect a beatdown.  Unfortunately, I think the team we’ve seen the last few games is who we are – essentially a good Bix XII team that can’t run but throw it everywhere and play defense as if it were optional.  I think OSU wins, but don’t look for them to cover the spread.  If that happens, expect the natives to start to get really restless.     Ohio State 35  Nebraska 27

Josh:   Ohio State has had a week now to work on the issues that have plagued them since the TCU game. Nebraska is coming in confident after two straight wins, and Adrian Martinez has been a freshman sensation for the Cornhuskers. Ohio State will need to find a way to slow him down to keep the game one sided. I think offensively, the Buckeyes will get it turned around, and we will see a better ground game with the two headed monster of Dobbins and Weber, and the Buckeyes Blackout is too much the rebuilding Nebraska team.     Ohio State 42 – Nebraska 14  

Dr. Mark:  OSU 42-17 – hopefully a bit of new attitude on defense   

PJSBuck:  Well, here we are.  An upset and bye week later.  In some ways it feels like the season is over…..  If the Huskers were the Nebraska of old (thank God it’s not), I would be picking an upset.  But the rebuilding in Lincoln is going to take time but I think THIS TIME Nebraska got the hiring right (about damn time).  I still say whatever our problems are they will NOT be fixed this year.  I personally think there is for whatever reason, tremendous discord in the coaching staff and it has spilled over to the team.  When was the last time our players gave such mediocre effort AND the coaches seemed OK with it?????  The coaches must be OK with it or it would not continue.  I have seen business teams where one or two team members skunk up the entire team and it spreads like the flu until the bad apples are gone.  Anyway, like everyone else, I am interested to see just WHAT CHANGES (if any) will be made?  I want great effort and better schemes for the defense. Back to the game.  With our pathetic defense and the Huskers having Martinez, I think this could be a high scoring game.  Ohio State by 14  

Pia PeteOSU over Nebraska

Coach Rick:  This should not be a problem for Ohio State being Nebraska is on a huge rebuilding year. I think Nebraska will score, but not enough as OSU will get 500+ yards in the air and at least 1 100 yard rusher, I have OSU winning 56 to 21.

Steven:  Will the real Ohio State Buckeyes please stand up?  If perchance we had our off week one week earlier I think we’d regroup and have a better shot at going undefeated.  We definitely looked tired and out of synch in West Lafayette.  This week should be better.  I’m not sure if we should expect a miracle turnaround, but we should see better run blocking.  If not, we’re in for a long second half of the season.  Nebraska definitely have some talent, but it is young and about a year away from being relevant in the Big Ten.  God willing we’ll finally see a bit more out of Tate Martell.  A decent RPO game is predicated on a QB who can run.  Dwayne Haskins is not it.  He just may be the second coming of Bernie Kosar.  He could pass for a bazillion yards but if we do not have the run game to control clock and give our defense a rest, we’re sunk.  Let’s hope these issues are on their way to being fixed this week.     OSU 45-31

TroutThe Buckeyes should win this game. Even though they looked lost in that embarrassment of a performance against Purdue, they are still the better team. Nebraska is really bad team, and if the Bucks can play up to their abilities they should be able to handle the Cornhuskers without much trouble. However, I think it might be a close game early on. The word is out on Ohio State. teams have been able to burn them with short crossing routes and targeting their young defensive backs. But, I think the Buckeyes are still just to talented for the Cornhuskers to keep up. Haskins was still great in the lost, and I have not lost any confidence in him leading this team. He should be able to have another great game through the air. Despite another slow start, I see the Buckeyes getting a big win.    (Ohio State, 56-10)  

Vaughn Broadnax (1980-83) Scott Frost will try to exploit our defense like every other team has been successful doing all year. However, the Buckeyes will be scoring at will. Buckeyes blast the Cornhuskers 48-17   

Final Score:  Ohio State 36   Nebraska 31

(6)Georgia  (9)Kentucky


Bbaver:  Pick – Georgia: Kentucky will have trouble generating points on the Bulldogs. I like Georgia by double digits here.

Cory:  It still is crazy to think Kentucky could be the team that meets Alabama in the SEC Championship game, but here we are. The Wildcats are 7-1 and ranked No. 11, but are coming off a couple of close calls having escaped Vanderbilt 14-7 and Missouri 15-14. Though I find it hard to root for Kentucky in, well, any manner, it would be fun to watch the Wildcats top the SEC this season. Realistically, however, that is not going to happen. Georgia travels to Lexington this week but don’t expect the Bulldogs to be fazed by their opponent. Following a disappointing loss to LSU two weeks ago, the Bulldogs got back on track with an impressive 36-17 win against Florida last week. Both teams spot 7-1 records but the Wildcats are not of the same quality as Georgia. Kentucky really struggles to move the ball on offense, evidenced by their quarterback, Terry Wilson, having more interceptions (6) than passing touchdowns (5). Putting up 29 combined points against lower-tier SEC teams like Vanderbilt and Missouri does not inspire any kind of confidence either.     Georgia 35, Kentucky 14 

Dave:  Georgia 38 – Kentucky 21

Gregg:  The past two seasons, Georgia has owned the SEC East. They are 11-0, winning by an average of 26 points and has not had a victory margin of less than 10 points. The Wildcats are nice story this year and Coach Stoops has them trending in the right direction but at the end of the day this is a team that is usually just working to make a bowl game. Georgia has ground to make up after their loss to LSU. It started last week against Florida and this week the Bulldogs take care the other SEC-East wannabe. At the end of the day, all these two teams are playing for is the right to lose to Alabama in Atlanta.     Georgia 42  Kentucky 24

Jason:  Georgia is in prime position to make a repeat appearance in the college football playoff, sitting at #6 in the initial rankings.  That may be easier said than done with their schedule and a possible SEC title appearance against Alabama. However, first things first and they must face a challenging road trip at a surprising and 9th ranked Kentucky.  The key in this one for Georgia is stopping Wildcat RB, the explosive Benny Snell.  Snell is on the cusp of a 1000-yard season to go along with a 5.2 yard per carry average and 9 TD’s and the Cats love to run the football.  Offensively, they need to score when they get a chance.  UK leads the SEC in red zone defense, so when the Dawgs get in there, they must cross the goal line.  Wildcat QB Terry Wilson has struggled most of the year but he was able to throw for 267 yards last week as the Cats edged out a gritty Missouri team on the road.  Kentucky will try to establish the run and keep running it until Georgia stops it.  They will need to control the tempo and keep Jake Fromm from beating them.  The Kentucky defense has been very good against the run, only allowing 109 ypg on the ground so Georgia must be able to throw, and score when they have an opportunity.  If Georgia can get a lead, Kentucky doesn’t have the explosive offense to catch up.  This one will be tight for much of the game but the Dawgs will get a 4th quarter score to put them up by a pair of scores and the Cats won’t be able to catch up.  Georgia gets a big road win and begins to take control of the SEC East.     Georgia 27  Kentucky 17  

Joe-S-U:  Georgia over Kentucky- Dawgs seem to be getting their act together after the LSU wakeup call.  Kentucky’s been a nice story but it’s roundball time

JohnAs much as I’d love to see Kentucky win this game, this is football, not basketball.  At the end of the day this Kentucky team just isn’t quite ready to make the leap to prime time contender.  The ‘Cats benefit form playing at home, so can keep it close, but at the end of the day Uga is just too strong.     Georgia  24  Kentucky 17

Josh:   Georgia seems to have turned it around since losing to LSU, and the bye week before the Florida game seemed to have allowed them to regroup. Kentucky has been a surprise team this year, and behind Snell, they have been competitive in every game. Unfortunately, I don’t expect the Cinderella story of the Wildcats to continue, and Georgia will win this one big.     Georgia 35 – Kentucky 17

Dr. Mark:  Georgia- 38-20 – usually the Bulldogs lose when I pick them, I’ll be rooting for KY.  

PJSBuck:  A lot of people around the country are excited about this game and it should be fun.  Georgia has too much going on and I think they win by 21.

Pia PeteGeorgia over Kentucky

Coach Rick:  I think the only thing Kentucky has going for them in this game is that they are playing at home.  I have Georgia winning by 10 points in this game.

Steven:  It would be brilliant to see a Kentucky win, but of course, if they do, they will undoubtedly jump the Buckeyes in the polls.  The Wildcats will have to harass Bulldog quarterback Jake Fromm who just re-ensconced himself as the man in Athens.  If they can put him in situations that make coach Kirby Smart question the decision and start flipping QBs again, it will play to their advantage.  Kentucky’s defense has the personnel to do it.  Look for Westerville’s Benny Snell to have a good game for the Wildcats.  He’s averaging over a hundred yards per game and over 5 yards per carry, and is fun to watch.  UK in an upset 27-24. 

TroutKentucky has been a pretty good story this year, but I don’t see them beating the Bulldogs. They have had only one convincing win and that was against Murray State. All their other victories have been close games with less than stellar opponents. The did beat Florida, but it remains to be seen how good Florida is. In regards to Georgia, despite their loss to LSU, they have remained pretty consistent. They are a good, boring team. The game will be close. Kentucky clearly has talent, and they should challenge Georgia, but in the end, better talent wins out. Georgia is just the better team with the better skill players. The Bulldogs win a close hard  fought game against the Wildcats and remain in the Playoff hunt.     (Georgia, 28-21)  

Vaughn Broadnax (1980-83)Kentucky surprised me last week, but not this week. Georgia beats Kentucky into reality 45-20. 


Final Score:  Georgia 34   Kentucky 17

(13)West Virginia  @  (17)Texas


Bbaver:  Pick – Texas: Should be a good one here. In the end, I think Texas’ over-sized WRs will be too much for the ‘Ears to handle.  

Cory:  An impressive run of form for Texas was brought to a screeching halt last week when the Longhorns were upset by Oklahoma State 38-35. At this point there are just two teams left in the Big 12 with playoff hopes, and Texas’ opponent this week, West Virginia, is one of them. The Mountaineers rebounded from their upset loss to Iowa State two weeks ago with a win over Baylor last weekend. West Virginia features one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Will Grier. The Florida transfer is lighting up opponents, throwing for 2,272 yards with 25 touchdowns and seven interceptions while completing an amazing 70.3 percent of his passes. A sure-fire first round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Grier is the main reason why West Virginia is doing so well this season. Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger is dealing with a minor should injury. Though it didn’t keep him out of action last week, it did affect him as he completed just 22 of 42 passes in the loss.     West Virginia 42, Texas 35  

Dave:  WVU 21 – Texas 14

Gregg I am not really sure how to call this one.  I thought both of these teams were going to be in that Big 12 triangle with Oklahoma on top of the standings at the end of the year. Now both of these teams have lost conference games, Texas when they could not close the deal and West Virginia when they could not earn 160 yards of offense for an entire game.  I am going with West Virginia because of my family roots and for the fact I really no longer want to see Tom Herman win games.  Sorry that this is not more scientific then that.  If you need another reason, the Mountaineer mascot carries a gun, Longhorn mascot eats grass. If you need another reason, the WVU signal caller is much better than the Texas QB and will win a close one for the visiting team.     West Virginia 27  Texas 24  

Jason:  13th ranked West Virginia heads to Austin to play the 17th ranked Longhorns in a battle of teams with Big 12 title aspirations.  Coming off a tough loss in Stillwater to Oklahoma State, the Longhorns are trying to bounce back after surrendering 502 yards to the Cowboys.  The explosive Mountaineer offense is led by QB Will Grier who threw 3 TD’s in the first half and ran for another a week ago to lead WVU to over 500 yards of offense for the fifth time this year, thrashing Baylor 58-14. Grier has thrown for 2,272 yards and 25 touchdowns while completing 70.3 percent of his passes and is position for a trip to NY as a Heisman finalist.  Defensively, West Virginia has forced 11 turnovers in its last four games after getting a season-high four versus the Bears and have 10 interceptions overall.  The Longhorns will be looking to bounce back after allowing over 300 yards through the air for the third time this season and they will have a stiff challenge.  Offensively, QB Sam Ehlinger continues to roll, throwing for 284 yards and a pair of touchdowns while completing 22 of 42 passes in the loss and is approaching 2,000 yards for the season.  He has done a great job taking care of the football as well, having not thrown a pick in his last 6 games after throwing a pair in the season opening loss at Maryland.  This game has the makings of a shootout, but Grier and the Mountaineer offense may have a bit too much for Texas.  Look for WVU to escape Texas with a big road win and continue the road toward a showdown with Oklahoma in 3 weeks.      WVU 55 Texas 49

Joe-S-U:  West Virginia over Texas – Both of these teams lost conference games they had no business losing.  Things seem pretty even but I’ll go with the land of Stewart’s Hot Dogs

JohnThis is one of those long Bix XIII road trips that have to make Mountaineer fans scratch their heads and ask who though this league was a good fit for the fan base.  Look for Texas to bounce back  in this one.  Also look for a lot of points.  Texas 42  West Virginia  31

Josh:   Herman had nothing positive to say about his team after they lost to Oklahoma State, and once more blamed it on the players. I think this is where Herman’s issues are as a head coach, in that he might be an offensive guru, but head coach is not the same. Texas is eliminated from playoff discussion, but looking to stay in Big 12 contention. West Virginia is the biggest challenge to Oklahoma, but with this game being in Texas, it might be closer than expected. I think West Virginia is the better team, but Herman is known to win these types of games, and lose the ones he shouldn’t. I am sticking with the Longhorns.     Texas 31 – West Virginia 28  

Dr. Mark:  WVU by 14  

PJSBuck:  I am a Tom Herman believer.  I like Texas by 10  

Pia PeteTexas over WVU

Coach Rick:  I think Texas got looking ahead in their last loss. With that being said I have Texas winning this game by 14.

Steven:  Will Grier should go nuts over a Texas team stinging from a loss in Stillwater at Oklahoma State. Texas is back, but it will probably be next year when they make a serious run at the College Football Playoff.  This looks to be a carbon copy of last week.  The Longhorns may score, but will not be able to keep up at the end.     ‘eers 55-41

Trout:  I see this game being a bit of a toss up. Both Texas and West Virginia are talented teams, but they just not their yet to challenge for the playoff. I see the game being a bit of a Shootout. Clearly both teams can score a lot of points, and neither have a great defense. The total points in the game will probably total over a hundred. In the end, If I have to pick one, I would choose Texas. The Longhorns have a slightly better defense and I think they will stop West Virginia just enough to get by. Texas wins a high scoring game. (Texas, 56-48)

Vaughn Broadnax (1980-83) I do not see why people have Texas ranked so high. West Virginia and Will Grier will continue Texas’ fall from grace with 48-35 victory.    


Final Score:  Texas 42   West Virginia 41

(1)Alabama  @  (3)LSU


Bbaver:  Pick – Alabama: If Bama starts fast, I think this is a blowout. But, if LSU can hang around, they are capable of pulling off the upset at home. No team is unbeatable. 

Cory:  There is one game that every college football fan in the country will be watching this weekend, and it’s Alabama at LSU. The winner gets a shot at the SEC Championship and a potential playoff spot, so there is a lot on the line this weekend. The matchup in question this week is going to be the Alabama offense against LSU’s defense. The Tigers have given up an average of just 12.7 points per game over their last three games, all three of which against ranked opponents. Alabama has typically been known for its defense under head coach Nick Saban, but this year the Crimson Tide feature a terrific offense led by Heisman candidate Tua Tagovailoa. The sophomore quarterback has been stellar this season with 2,066 passing yards, 25 touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s right – Tagovailoa has yet to throw a pick this year. Playing the game in Death Valley is a challenge for any opponent but if there’s one that rise to the challenge it’s Tagovailoa and the Crimson Tide.     Alabama 28, LSU 14

Dave:  Alabama 38 – LSU 28

Gregg:  Alabama has probably been waiting for this game since LSU trounced Miami in the first week of the season.  Unless Tua goes down with injury and Jalen Hurts can’t go, this one will be more ugly than close. Until proven otherwise, this Tide team is the real deal and just simply better than any other team in the country.      Alabama 41  LSU 27

Jason A College Football Playoff elimination game in Death Valley as #1 Alabama visits #3 LSU.  Bama could still slide in with a loss, but LSU would be effectively eliminated.  This will be the best defense Alabama has faced and it’s not close so the Bama D will have to step up and keep a much maligned LSU offense off the scoreboard.  LSU has struggled throwing the football, especially on third down and doesn’t have the explosiveness to hang with Bama in a shootout.  QB Joe Burrow has thrown only 4 TD passes all year against FBS opponents and is hitting on just 54% of his attempts, but the Tiger D has enabled them to rack up victories.  If they struggle to move the chains, it could be a long day in Baton Rouge for the home faithful.  That will be a tough task against a Tide defense allowing under 30% third down conversions for their opponents.   Tua Tagovailoa has been exceptional and is the clear Heisman front-runner but now he will be tested.  He will be facing a Tiger secondary that has the athletes to hang with the Bama receivers and Tagovailoa will be throwing on the bum knee he has been struggling with the past few weeks, which will hamper his ability to scramble.  Bama has a running game though and if Tua struggles on that knee, they can go to Jalen Hurts who has the ability to run as well.  This won’t be an easy one for the Tide and they may face their first adversity of the season, but they have too much for the Tigers on both sides of the ball and will pull out a 4 quarter game to remain in full control of their playoff destiny.     Alabama 31 LSU 17  

Joe-S-U:  Alabama over LSU – ‘Bama wins but here’s the sidebets- 1) Tide will NOT score a TD on their opening possession, 2) Tua will get picked and 3) will be behind center in the 4th quarter.  

John:  As much as like Jeaux, ‘Bama appears to be in a CFB Class all by themselves, Although it could be argued that this is the first ‘Tide opponent this year with a pulse.  I’ll be rooting for the Tigers, but I’m picking the Tide     Alabama 28  LSU 17

Josh:   Alabama is the best team as of right now, and has not really been challenged in any game. Missouri held them to their lowest scoring output at 39 points. Tua has also yet to play in a 4th quarter. I know Saban always has his team ready, but here is another factor to consider. They don’t play any other team the rest of the way who is a challenge. Also, a 1 loss Alabama is getting into the playoff, even if they don’t play in the SEC championship (This was evident last year.) I think LSU will be ready for this game, and I predicted them to win this one earlier in the season, and I am sticking to it. Joe Burrow takes down the Tide.     LSU 31  – Alabama 28 (OT).  

Dr. Mark:  Bama wins 44-17  

PJSBuck:  Hmmmm ……………. I may have to watch this (just in case LSU pulls the upset).  Bama by 12  

Pia PeteAlabama over LSU 

Coach Rick:  I do not think that this will be a good game.  I do not think that their is anyone out there that can compete with Alabama, so I have ‘Bama winning by 21 points.

Steven:  Alabama may have played a soft schedule but it seems that regardless of their opponent the Tide can score at will.  A road game in Baton Rouge may be the first significant test for Alabama QB Tua Tagavailoa, but he’s been so dominant that even if you keep him to 75% of his normal production it is more than enough to beat you.  As much as we love Joe Burrow and want him to succeed, this one, like many others before it will probably be over in the first half.  LSU just won’t be able to generate enough offense to keep up with the best team in the country.  Tua will actually play in the 3rd quarter, but may not need to in the 4th.     ‘Bama 49-24

Trout:  This will be Alabama’s biggest, challenge this season. The Tigers are the only good team that they will play this year. . LSU with Joe Burrow has been a big surprise, and has become a real contender in the SEC. I think this be a close, low scoring game, with LSU challenging the Tide’s offense, but I don’t think it will be enough to stop them. Alabama is still the crown jewel of the SEC, and its hard to pick against them, especially this year, with some many lackluster teams. It wont be easy for the Tide. Tua will actually have to play a whole game, and work with some adversity. But the Crimson Tide will be just a little too much for the LSU Tigers to handle, and they will leave Baton Rouge the victors. Alabama stays undefeated.     (Alabama, 20-17)  

Vaughn Broadnax (1980-83)Alabama is looking unstoppable, but the question remains…have they played anybody? Well they play “somebody” this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t think LSU can muster up enough offense to keep up with Alabama. Alabama wins 35-17.    


Final Score:  Alabama 0   LSU 0



#4 Notre Dame (-7.5)  @  Northwestern

Josh:  Northwestern over Notre Dame. With this game being one of the last true challenge for Notre Dame, I think they will overlook this one. It is always tough to play a team after playing an academy, and I think Northwestern can use the same strategy as Pitt, but they have better players. I think this will be a close, low scoring game, and Northwestern upsets the Irish, taking a major hit to their playoff hopes. Northwestern 24 – Notre Dame 21


#7 Oklahoma (-10.5)  @  Texas Tech

Trout:  The Sooners should win this game, but I have a feeling that the Red Raiders might add some Chaos to the College Football season. Texas Tech can score a lot of points and Oklahoma has shown that their defense is not that great. They’ve allowed lesser teams to stay with them longer than they should. I can see Texas Tech keeping up with Oklahoma throughout the game, and somehow doing enough to sneak past them. Oklahoma will slip up and allow the Red raiders to steal a win from them . (Texas Tech, 45-44)


#15 Utah (-7.5) Arizona State

Cory:  It’s been an up and down season for Arizona State under first-year head coach Herm Edwards. The Sun Devils found themselves in the top 25 after starting 2-0, which included an upset over Michigan State. Since then it’s been a rocky road for the Sun Devils as they’ve gone 2-4 with the only wins coming over Oregon State and USC. Utah, on the other hand, continues cruise along in standard Ute fashion. The Utes are coming off an impressive stretch of wins, including an upset over Standard. Though Utah has two losses both of those came in the state of Washington – to Washington and Washington State. That said, the run over good play will end this week for the Utes. Arizona State is inconsistent but even in their last two losses the Sun Devils were competitive as the lost close games to Colorado (28-21) and Stanford (20-13). Add in the fact that Arizona State has played much better at home than on the road this season, and I see the Sun Devils bringing a fight to the Utes this weekend.   Arizona State 31, Utah 24

#20 Texas A&M  @  Auburn (-3.5)

Bbaver:  Auburn over Texas A&M: Gotta like the Tigers at home here against the ranked Aggies.  

Jason:   A big SEC showdown in Auburn, AL as the 20th ranked Aggies go on the road to take on Auburn.  The Aggies are a ball control offense and rank 2nd in the nation in time of possession so the Aggies should have ample opportunity to put some points on the board as the Tigers are one of the worst teams in FBS in that category.  Auburn has really struggled converting 3rd downs so they must score when they can.  The Aggies have struggled against throwing QB’s and Auburn has a pretty good one in Jarrett Stidham, who has thrown for 200+ in the last four ballgames.  A week ago, A&M allowed 241 yards to Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald, and he doesn’t throw it much.  Stidham, on the other hand, can pitch it around.  This game will be a defensive struggle but the play of Stidham against the back 7 of the Aggies will be the difference as Auburn gets the win at home.     Auburn 24 Texas A&M 20

Joe-S-U:  Upset- Auburn over Texas A&M

John: There are a couple of temping upset plays this week:  ND/Northwestern and Penn St/Michigan come to mind, but my pick is in the SEC.  Look for Auburn to beat the ranked Texas A&M Aggies 24-21

Pia Pete:  Auburn over Texas A&M

Coach Rick:  Auburn over Texas A&M

Steven:  Auburn over TAMU

Vaughn Broadnax (1980-83):  Auburn over Texas A&M 35-21 Is that really an upset? If not, I’ll take Penn State over the Wolverweenies 27-21. 😊


Pittsburgh  @  #25 Virginia (-7)

Gregg:  Moving to the Football Playoffs Polls now that they are live, it may be more challenging to pick upsets.  Because NO ONE is smarter than the “leaders of industry” on the selection committee that are picking Alabama and three qualified teams to be in the playoffs. So when I look for games now, I am probably going start at the bottom and work my way up. This week I didn’t have to go any farther than #25.  There are way too many ACC teams ranked, I assume just to keep Clemson boosted in the rankings. Far be it they drop to 4th and have to play Alabama again in the semi-finals. Virginia finds themselves at the bottom of the poll but it is hard to believe ANY team is ranked from the Coastal division. But I do think the Panthers are pretty good, their losses are to two unbeaten teams (Central Florida and Notre Dame) and Penn State. I think they are very capable of going into Virginia and defeating the Cavaliers.     Pittsburgh 31  Virginia 27

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