Wi-Fi a Success at the ‘Shoe

It has taken many years of hard work to install WiFi throughout Ohio Stadium. Few other venues around the world have as many seats as we do, and therefore installing a modern wifi network that can handle that load is a challenge. In addition, Ohio Stadium is nearly 100 years old and implementing modern technology can (and was) tough. The technology is ever changing, especially over the last decade so it can sometimes be a moving target! However, after the first three games – we can say that it has been a resounding success. While there are still minor tweaks to be done – even our fans have been surprised at how reliable the system as been!

A single terabyte of data is roughly equal to 250 HD quality movies. Over the first three games – the most fans that have connected to the network simultaneously is right around 29,000!

Here are some other fun numbers we wanted to share:

  • OSU vs FAU – 13.3 terabytes of data – 47, 137 fans connected to the network at some point
  • OSU vs Cinci – 12.7 terabytes of data – 47,579 fans connected to the network at some point
  • OSU vs Miami – 12.7 terabytes of data – 57,166 fans connected to the network at some point

With the game score and the rain storm, you wonder how much more data may have been used during the Miami game if fans had stayed the entire game! Here are some infrastructure numbers:

  • There are 2,000 “access points” throughout the stadium. Think of an Access Point as a wireless router in your home – but bigger and able to handle many more people!
  • There are 600+ silver handrail enclosures throughout the stadium each with two access points.
  • The other 800 Access Points are located at the gates, concourses, offices, club areas, press box, etc.

These numbers are probably the most interesting – this is the Top 10 events ever when it comes to WiFi service:

  1. Super Bowl 53 – Mercedes Benz Stadium – 24.05 TB of data
  2. 2019 Final Four (Semifinals) – US Bank Stadium – 17.8 TB of data
  3. Super Bowl 52 – US Bank Stadium – 16.31 TB of data
  4. 2019 Final Four (Championship) – US Bank Stadium – 13.4 TB of data
  5. OSU vs FAU – Ohio Stadium – 13.3 TB of data
  6. OSU vs Cincinnati – Ohio Stadium – 12.7 TB of data
  7. OSU vs Miami – Ohio Stadium – 12.7 TB of data
  8. 2018 College Football Playoff Championship – Mercedes Benz Stadium – 12.0 TB of data
  9. Superbowl 51 – NRG Stadium – 11.8 TB of data
  10. Steelers vs. Patriots (9/8/19) – Gillette Stadium – 11.58 TB of data

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