Ohio State Stays 4th in Coaches Poll, Drops to 6th in AP

The Buckeyes defeated Youngstown State 35-7 to improve to 2-0 on the season, but fell 1 spot in the AP poll, but remain steady in 4th place in the Coaches Poll. If there was one thing that could have helped the Buckeyes, it would possibly be more style points against an overmatched opponent, but everyone knows their true test will be in two weeks agains Notre Dame, who moved up from 10th place to 9th place in the AP poll after holding off a resilient NC State team on the road. 

The story of the week though was Texas beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and that 10 point win helped catapult them from 11th to 4th, which leaped frogged the Buckeyes. Georgia and Michigan still hold the 1st and 2nd spot in both polls, while Florida State, Texas, and USC round out the top 5. The Trojans moved to 3-0 on the season, and will have a bye week before playing at Arizona State on September 23rd.

If there are any Buckeye fans worried, outside of some of the issues we are seeing on the field, the Buckeyes have more than enough time to prove they are one of the best teams in the country with Notre Dame, Penn State, and Michigan all ranked in the top 10 on their schedule, and a 3-0 record against those teams will put them in contention for the best team in the country.  For this week, they will need to hold off a pass happy Western Kentucky team, and hopefully show more to the country of how good this team can be for the 2023 season.

Coaches Poll

1GEORGIA2–01624 (64)
2MICHIGAN2–01533 (1)
3FLORIDA STATE2–01441 (0)▲ 2
4OHIO STATE2–01401 (0)
6TEXAS2–01318 (0)▲ 4
7PENN STATE2–01229 (0)
8WASHINGTON2–01129 (0)
9TENNESSEE2–01039 (0)
10ALABAMA1–11016 (0)▼ 7
11NOTRE DAME3–01004 (0)
12UTAH2–0893 (0)
13OREGON2–0870 (0)
15KANSAS STATE2–0675 (0)
16OKLAHOMA2–0584 (0)▲ 1
17OREGON STATE2–0562 (0)▲ 1
18NORTH CAROLINA2–0506 (0)▼ 2
19MISSISSIPPI2–0503 (0)▲ 1
20DUKE2–0363 (0)▲ 4
21COLORADO2–0357 (0)▲ 4
22CLEMSON1–1207 (0)▼ 1
23MIAMI2–0195 (0)▲ 9
24IOWA2–0166 (0)▲ 2
25UCLA2–0101 (0)▲ 4


AP Poll

1GEORGIA2–01540 (55)
2MICHIGAN2–01458 (2)
3FLORIDA STATE2–01413 (3)▲ 1
4TEXAS2–01338 (2)▲ 7
5USC3–01269 (0)▲ 1
6OHIO STATE2–01265 (0)▼ 1
7PENN STATE2–01204 (0)
8WASHINGTON2–01102 (0)
9NOTRE DAME3–01015 (0)▲ 1
10ALABAMA1–1953 (0)▼ 7
11TENNESSEE2–0929 (0)▼ 2
12UTAH2–0847 (0)
13OREGON2–0827 (0)
14LSU1–1667 (0)
15KANSAS STATE2–0636 (0)
16OREGON STATE2–0605 (0)
17OLE MISS2–0505 (0)▲ 3
18COLORADO2–0481 (0)▲ 4
19OKLAHOMA2–0453 (0)▼ 1
20NORTH CAROLINA2–0444 (0)▼ 3
21DUKE2–0421 (0)
22MIAMI (FL)2–0230 (0)
24UCLA2–0107 (0)
25IOWA2–0106 (0)

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  • I am not going to worry about the AP poll but it is not a coincidence that the only teams in their top 25 with a loss come from the SEC

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