Week 3 Predictions – 2018

Last Week: Buckeye fans (and maybe NO football team’s fans) have ever seen a quarterback performance like we got to enjoy Saturday. Tate Martell and Dwayne Haskins combined for 30-33 passing, and it was raining the entire game. I am tired of hearing “it was only Rutgers”, that was a great day for the Ohio State signal callers. The lopsided win gives OSU a 2-0 record on the season, including 1-0 in the conference. Speaking of perfect records, we still have three of our Buckeye 50 prognosticators that are perfect: Dave, John and Pat, have yet to miss on any of their picks this season.

This Week’s Games: This week has probably been circled on the TCU calendar ever since Gordon Gee mistakenly called the Horned Frogs the “Sisters of the Poor”.  It wasn’t the first time Gee stuck his foot in his mouth, and it was not the worse thing he ever said, but it was prelude to a pattern of poor judgments that ultimately cost him his job at Ohio State. TCU is a very solid program and a competitive team, but do they have enough to topple the Buckeyes?  …. #1 Alabama will get their first real test of the season as they hit the road to face Ole Miss. The Rebels have looked solid this year so far but do they have enough to challenge the Tide?  …. LSU also goes on the road to face the other strong team in the SEC West Auburn. Doe former Buckeye Joe Burrow have what it takes to defeat an elite conference foe?  ….  Boise State may be the Group of 5 playoff contender this year but they will have to win in Stillwater to build up their resume for the committee. If the Broncos can pull off the road win, AND the Cowboys prove to be a top Big 12 team, will BSU be able to do what Houston and UCF could not do before them?

Guest Buckeye: As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our weekly prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax(1980-83) back with us as for the fourth straight year.

Here we go once again … our Week 3 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg

(4)Ohio State  vs.  (15)Texas Christian


Bbaver:  Pick: Ohio State – Earlier in the week, I had Ohio State winning this one convincingly. I still think they win and cover the 13.5 pt spread, but I wouldn’t totally count Gary Patterson out on this one. There is also a chance that you see some problems with the Ohio State O-line this week, facing a good TCU D. Still, Ohio State has too much fire power and pulls away in the 2nd half is my guess. Bosa, Young, Dre’Mont & company will force Shawn Robinson into several errors.    Ohio State 38 TCU 21.

Cory:  The big question for both TCU and Ohio State at this point in the season is: Is this team for real? The Buckeyes have looked dominant in Urban Meyer’s absence, rolling over Oregon State and Rutgers. Ohio State had a much better defensive showing against Rutgers than Oregon State, but that is not saying much considering the Scarlet Knights failed to score any points in the previous two meetings between the two teams. TCU hasn’t exactly been challenged either, with easy wins over Southern and SMU. The Horned Frogs are a balanced, and well-coached team. They are one of the few teams in the Big 12 capable of playing defense, and Gary Patterson’s teams also typically feature some excellent special teams play. TCU quarterback Shawn Robinson is a dual-threat quarterback, who currently leads the team in rushing. Though he is a capable passer, he is not a great one. Expect the Buckeyes to put a lot of emphasis on Robinson in this game. Seeing how cool under pressure Dwayne Haskins is, it’s unlikely he will be fazed by a game in a hostile environment such as this.     Ohio State 35, TCU 24

Dave:  Ohio State  

Gregg:  The Buckeyes have ‘weathered’ the first two game of the season and passed with flying colors. In spite of putting up 77 against Oregon State, I could see improvements in week 2.  They take the show on the road for the first time in 2018 in a critical game against a solid TCU team. Just 6-7 in 2016, Coach Patterson rebounded the Horned Frogs to an 11-3 record in 2017 including a bowl win over Stanford.  They should compete for the title this year if they can defeat the Sooners who were two of those three losses. TCU also knows that this is a key match-up for the playoff consideration and a victory over the Bucks will go a long way. But I think the combination of OSU’s two headed running game with Dobbins and Weber, to go along with their two-headed quarterback play of Haskins and Martell will prove way too much for TCU.  Add to that a defense that is just begging to get more reps for the starters who have been on the bench for much of the first two weeks due to blowouts.  I don’t see this as being very close and Ohio State wins going away.    Ohio State 44  TCU 17  

Jason:  A huge match up with playoff implications at Jerry’s World in Dallas pits two top 15 teams. Ohio State has looked unstoppable on offense in the first two weeks led by first year starting QB Dwayne Haskins.  TCU dominated Southern but struggled for a half last Thursday night against SMU.  Ohio State hasn’t played a great team yet, but they ripped through 2 power five opponents like they were standing still, leading the country in points and second in total offense.  The TCU defense will have trouble keeping up with all the firepower the Buckeye offense has at its disposal.  Horned Frog QB Shan Robinson has done well but the TCU offense has not, and probably will not all year, see a defensive front as terrorizing as what they are about to face.  Robinson is a true dual threat QB, rushing for 112 yards and three TD’s in his first two ballgames.  TCU also has a very athletic and talented secondary, which will challenge Haskins much more so than anything he has seen thus far.  The Frogs will try to get past the hefty OSU line and try to pressure Haskins and attempt to get him to make some mistakes.  Unfortunately, for TCU, Haskins has a quick release and can get it to his playmakers at light speed.  This TCU team is solid, but they are not at the Ohio State level athletically and despite the game being just 15 minutes from the TCU campus, the crowd is likely to be heavily slanted toward the Scarlet and Gray.  The Buckeyes are about to show the country just how good this offense really is.     Ohio State 45 TCU 17

Joe-S-U:  OSU over TCU – The Frogs have shown up on OSU’s schedule in national championship seasons (’57, ’61), and seasons that should have been national championships (’69, ’73). What will be the case this season?

JohnBoth teams have had relative layups in weeks one and two.  Ohio States two blowouts did come against two Power 5 conference teams, albeit probably the worst two teams in the Power 5.  TCU’s two blowouts were against arguably even worse competition, so advantage Ohio State.  This is one of those SEC-esk “neutral site” located within spitting distance of the southern school, so on paper advantage TCU, but the reality is Buckeye fans travel well, so expect the crowd to at worse truly neutral and at best slightly pro Ohio State.  Like most big games, this one is decided in the trenches, and Ohio State is just superior on both the offensive and defensive lines.  TCU keeps it close for a while, but the know it alls in the desert have the Bucks as a two TD favorite for a reason.     Ohio State 38  TCU 24  

Josh:   There are a lot of storylines that are going into this game, and I will touch up on those in my preview post. This is Urban’s last game which he will be suspended, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he spent most of that time game planning for this game knowing he wouldn’t be able to be on this sidelines for those adjustments. Ohio State’s offense is lethal. I have not seen this much talent on that side of the ball, and they could have racked up the points against Rutgers, but opted to get the second and third team. They will have their toughest challenge to date and Gary Patterson is known for his defensive mind. TCU struggled in the weather against SMU last week, but their offense was able to get rolling in the second half. Ohio State will need everyone healthy on defense to slow them down and I think this will be a test for the special teams. TCU’s KoVantae Turpin will be the person the secondary will have to slow down and the linebackers will need to be disciplined to key in on quarterback Shawn Robinson who is an elusive passer as well as runner, leading the team in rushing yards. I think Ohio State will be ready for this one and win its first big test of the season convincingly. TCU will present a challenge, but the Buckeyes win and head back to Columbus for their last tune up game and have Urban back on the sidelines.     Ohio State 48 – TCU 21 

Dr. Mark:  Should be a good game, but if passing game stays unchanged Bucks should win. Linebackers need to control middle of field. This is a huge game for the H-frogs.     Ohio State 31  TCU 20

PJSBuck:  I watched TCU this past weekend. I think they are a good team but not prolific. I think we will beat them more handily than a lot of people think. I am going with the Buckeyes by 28, in a game which I HOPE is not the last wide-open offense we call this year. But with Urban back next week and Tate Martell coming on strong as a running QB (which Urban LOVES……………..) I hope this Saturday is not our last wide-open game of the year. If so, I will be the first to squawk about Urban’s play calling (IF that happens).

Pia PeteTCU over OSU  

Coach Rick:  What a great offensive and defensive game for OSU last week, with the only problem I saw was the penalties. If they give up 130+ this week, they could lose. I am hoping they had a focus on this issue and if they did, they will come away with a win. I think Ohio State will have less than 80 yards in penalties and win by 23 points.   

Steven:  This one will be won in the trenches.  TCU will try to use offensive line quickness and misdirection to negate a ferocious pass rush.  Ohio State’s front line has been prone to being overly aggressive and getting out of position at times, (but with their production you’ll take that any day of the week).  If TCU can exploit this often enough, they could well break a few long runs on the Buckeyes like Oregon State did in week 1.  This will be The Buckeyes first tilt against a fast and mobile QB.  While they have not seen a QB yet like TCU’s Robinson, be assured that Tate Martell has been more than adequate in practice to simulate his speed and elusiveness.  There will be an added emphasis of keeping containment, and if successful Ohio State could shut down the Frog’s offense.  On the other side of the ball, TCU really can’t pull a Bud Foster and load the box without opening themselves up to an aerial barrage.  Their defensive line will be a disadvantage from a size standpoint.  If they sell out on the run, Haskins will utilize the deepest well of Buckeye receivers in a generation to score early and often with quick demoralizing strikes.  Pick your poison guys.  Bucks should be pretty balanced with 300 yards on each side of the ball and wear down the Frogs by early in the second half.  Pass in the first and run in the second.     OSU 45-21.

Trout:  This will be the first true test for this young Buckeye team. The Horned Frogs have become a real power player in the Big 12. I do however, believe that Buckeyes are up to the challenge. Haskins and the running back duo of Weber and Dobbins have shown how powerful the Buckeye offensive attack can be. Plus defense for Ohio State has been stout, except for a few growing pains from new players. I think they should be able to control the game on both sides against TCU. However, the Frogs wont go down with out a fight. I see this being a battle that last until the fourth quarter. In the end, I see the Buckeyes pulling away and securing a victory.    (Ohio State, 42-28)  

VaughnAT&T Stadium has been a comfortable confine for the Buckeyes since its inception. From our last National Championship to the Cotton Bowl last season. TCU will score some points as I feel our linebackers tend to get caught up in the muck. However, with a few Texans making their returns home, I anticipate someone to show out. Until someone or a defense stops him Dwayne Haskins, Jr. is going to shine as he auditions in an NFL stadium.   I see the Buckeyes beating the Horned Frogs 45-20.  

Final Score:  Ohio State 40   TCU 28

(1)Alabama @ Mississippi


Bbaver:  Pick: Alabama – Ole Miss offense rolling along without Shea Patterson….until Saturday. Bama should win this one going away.

Cory:   Alabama faces its first real test of the season with a trip to Oxford this weekend. It would be easy to overlook the Rebels, but they will be able to put up a fight. Ole Miss features a very good offense with standout quarterback Jordan Ta’amu, and running back Scottie Phillips. That said, the Crimson Tide have some terrific playmakers of their own on offense. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa might be best quarter the Crimson Tide have had him in a long time, and that’s saying a lot. Through two games he’s completing 71.4 percent of his passes with six touchdowns and no interceptions. Though Ole Miss will be better than some people expect this season, it’s hard to imagine the Rebels pulling off the upset here. Expect to see a close game in the first half, but with Alabama pulling away in the second half.     Alabama 31, Ole Miss 14 

Dave:  Alabama

Gregg:  Alabama is clearly the elite team in the SEC and it has been that way since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa. A lot of that has to do with scheduling but I will save that talk for another time (Quick quiz, do you know how many non-conference ‘true’ road games the Tide have played since Saban arrived?  Two, and one of those was Duke). From 2015-2017, Ole Miss actually beat Alabama twice and almost won a third game but that was when they were getting away with paying players.  Now that they have been exposed and punished, don’t expect to see the Rebels challenge the Crimson any time soon. Tua will have another great game and we will pretend there is still a quarterback controversy.  Roll Tide     Alabama 48  Ole Miss 13     

Jason:  For a team with no postseason ahead due to sanctions, this game will be the closest Ole Miss has to a bowl game this season so they have nothing to lose.  Both the Rebels and the Tide are 2-0 and riding high coming into this game.  The Rebel back 7 has been porous to put it lightly, giving up well over 300 yards through the air in both of their first two games.  That plays right into the hands of the young Heisman candidate QB for the Tide, Tua Tagovailoa.  Tagovailoa leads the country in yards per throw through two games and should have his way with the Rebel secondary, and if he does, it could get very ugly for the Ole Miss faithful.  Ole Miss has a very good QB of their own in Jordan Ta’amu, who leads a potent offense along with RB Scottie Phillips who has rushed for over 300 yards and four TD’s in his first two games.  The difference is Bama has a defensive front like nothing the Rebs have seen thus far.  Where Ole Miss may be able to exploit Alabama is through the air.  The Tide secondary has surrendered over 200 yards in each of the first two games and Ta’amu has hit on nearly 70% of his passes with seven TD’s thus far.  I expect Ole Miss to try to air it out and take some chances.  The Rebels may be able to hang early, but only early, as the Bama front on both sides of the ball will wear on the Rebels and the explosive Bama offense will pull away in the 2nd quarter for a comfortable win.     Alabama 45 Ole Miss 17

Joe-S-U:  Alabama over Mississippi – Ole Miss will give other teams a bit of a blueprint for how to attack ‘Bama’s back seven, but the Reb “D” is a sieve.   

John:  Wake me up when Alabama actually plays a team that might win more than 8 games this year.  Alabama 42  Mississippi 17

Josh:  Ole Miss has shown they have an offense that can compete with almost anyone, and AJ Brown is a candidate for the wide receiver of the year. Unfortunately, the Rebels (or is it Land Sharks now?) defense is not championship caliber. I expect this one to be a higher scoring game. Too will put up good numbers, and the duo of Harris running backs will eat their yardage, but don’t be surprised if the young Crimson Tide secondary is finally challenged. I think this one could be an upset watch, as Ole Miss beat Alabama a few years ago, but I think Alabama will win this one, if the refs don’t do it for them.     Alabama 42 – Ole Miss 38

Dr. Mark:  Not much to say here, Bama 41 Ole Miss 14

Pia Pete:   Alabama over Mississippi

PJSBuck:  Could be a tough game – for a quarter, then Bama takes over and wins by 14 or more.  

Coach Rick: For some odd reason I think this game is a coin flip. This is a game that Ole Miss seems to play their best. But, in this case, their best will not be good enough. I see Alabama winning by 17 this year.

Steven:  Alabama quarterback Tua Tagavaiola is special.  For the SEC, and their dearth of decent quarterbacks, he could almost be called transcendent.  It is not that he does anything innovative, but he does everything so well.  Much like what Dwayne Haskins has meant to the Buckeyes, Tua’s arrival has been transformative to an offense that had been stuck in bit of a rut.  It was a good, steady, effective rut to be sure, but Tua’s emergence in the National Championship game has taken the Tide to another level.  Likewise, Mississippi has a QB that’s been lighting it up.  Jordan Ta’amu has thrown for close to 800 yards in only 2 games and the Rebels have been scoring a ton.  The defense, (or lack thereof in Mississippi’s case) will be the measure for this one.  Alabama can control the ball enough to keep it out of the Rebels’ hands, reducing the opportunities to turn the game into a track meet.  If Mississippi has given up and an average of 34 points to the likes of SIU and Texas Tech, it doesn’t matter how much they score, they won’t be able to crack the Tide defense.      ‘Bama 42-31. 

Trout:  The Rebels have shown that they can score points, but I don’t think it will be enough to stop the Tide. Alabama is the crown jewel of the SEC, and it will take a flawless game from Ole Miss to beat them . I don’t believe they have what it takes. Ole Miss will score on them early, and keep the game close. And much like in recent years, the Rebels wont be able to maintain that pace and the Crimson Tide will take advantage. I see the game getting out of hand during the second half. Alabama wins big.    (Alabama, 49-21)   

Vaughn:  Ole Miss is hosting an Alabama team that has all of the weapons intact to win another National Championship. Unfortunately, Ole Miss does not.  Alabama smothers Mississippi 42-10.  

Final Score:  Alabama 62   Mississippi 7

(12)LSU @ (7)Auburn


Bbaver:  Pick: Auburn – Tend to think we see a low scoring game here and I think Burrow and LSU keep this one somewhat close, but I can’t pick a Ed Orgeron coached team to beat a top 10 team on the road.

Cory:  It’s always awesome to have a big conference game early in the season. Let’s just hope the game this week between LSU and Auburn doesn’t disappoint. LSU has put itself in the discussion with an impressive win over Miami in the first week of the season. The Tigers feature former Buckeye Joe Burrow at quarterback. Though it would seem to be an upgrade at the position for the Tigers, Burrow so far is completing just 47.7 percent of his passes. That’s not going to cut it against the elite defenses of the SEC, such as Auburn. Auburn has a standout quarterback of their own in Jarrett Stidham, but where they shine on offense is in the running game. Through two games Auburn’s put up 576 rushing yards and scored seven touchdowns on the ground. LSU and Burrow will face a reality check this week, as Auburn looks to establish themselves among the nation’s elite.     Auburn 28, LSU 13 

Dave:  Joe’s team

Gregg:  With the storms off the coast I wonder if weather will play a factor in this one. In any case, Auburn has already proven they can beat a quality opponent in Washington and LSU is not as good as the Huskies.  I fear that Joe Borrow may have some growing pains in this one and probably will set the barometer of how far the Bayou Tigers can go this season.  Auburn entertains with offense but wins this one on the defensive side of the ball.     Auburn 27  LSU 13  

Jason:  Perhaps the biggest game in college football this week occurs in the SEC where seventh ranked Auburn hosts 12th ranked LSU.  LSU brings in a dominant pass rush that has been able to get the QB in their first two games, especially impressive in the Miami game.  Protecting QB Jarret Stidham will be a major challenge for the Auburn front.  LSU is struggling through the air however, and former Ohio State QB, Joe Burrow has only hit 47% of his pass attempts while the LSU offense is converting just 26% of their third down attempts.  Auburn’s defense has been very good in such situations, which will provide the biggest challenge for the Burrow led offense so far this season.  Offensively, Auburn has the better QB and it will show.  The home crowd will show up and LSU will be exposed by the talented Auburn D.  Burrow will be pressured into mistakes and Auburn will send the home fans home happy.     Auburn 27 LSU 14

Joe-S-U:  Auburn over LSU – Auburn just has more mojo right now, although mo’ of Joe might put the Bayou boys over the top. 

John:  As much as I like Joe Burrow, I just don’t think LSU has enough talent around him to win this one, although I think this one will be closer than Vegas does.    Auburn 28  LSU 24

Josh:  LSU passed their first test against Miami, and Auburn took down the potential PAC-12 champion. I think if there is a team that can compete against Alabama for the SEC West at the moment, it would be Auburn. LSU still needs to work out a few issues with their offense, but I think that will continue to develop with Joe Burrow, who is given a little more of the offense at a time. LSU has talent on both sides of the ball and will need to contain Stidham if it wants to challenge in this game, and I expect this to be a low scoring affair. I think as big as the win against Miami was, this one will really put LSU on the map. LSU wins on the road.     LSU 24 – Auburn 21

Dr. Mark: Auburn QB highly touted, needs to grab a big win to make their game against Bama relevant.     Auburn 35-27

Pia Pete:   Auburn over LSU

PJSBuck:  Joe Burrow looked much better last Saturday than in his debut. I think this will be a really good game and down to the wire. Auburn by 3 because they are home.

Coach Rick:   I think that this will be a good game and I am not sure what the odds makers are thinking on this game to have one of the teams at a double digit favorite. The only advantage Auburn has is that they are playing at home. I think LSU is playing great right now and think that LSU will come out with the win.

Steven:  While LSU has seen a definite improvement with Joe Burrow at the helm, their offense is still very much a work in progress.  Despite the influx of talent, they have not established a legitimate downfield passing game, or an offense as a whole.  Using OSU as a comparison, LSU has passed for 340 and run for 291, (pretty well balanced right?) while OSU has Passed for 700 and run for 600 in 2 games.  Auburn is a little better with close to a thousand yards of total offense.  This will be a grinder, with both defenses ranking nationally between 30 and 35, giving up about 300 yards a game.  Who’s offense breaks out?  Auburn has so far shown a little bit more, and considering they’re at home should win a low scoring game.      Auburn 24-21.

Trout:   I think this game will be close. Auburn has the advantage offensively, but I don’t think they have put it together completely just yet. I think by the end of the year, they could compete with Alabama for the SEC West. In regards to LSU, . Joe Burrow us definitely a step up at quarterback, but they far from a finished product. I see this game being a low scoring, sloppy game with the winner being decided in the last few minutes of the game. With the offensive advantage to the Auburn Tigers, I see them coming out as the victors. Auburn in a close one.    (Auburn, 20-17) 

Vaughn:  LSU has benefited from the Ohio State coffers when Joe Burrow transferred to find a place to call home. Joe will be successful, but until his line and other support step up they will be challenged offensively. Again, I will not bet against my nephew and Auburn.  Auburn roughs up LSU 35-17.

Final Score:  LSU 22   Auburn 21

(17)Boise State  @  (24)Oklahoma State


Bbaver:  Pick: Oklahoma St – Tough call here. One of Boise’s better teams in the last 5 yrs or so, but I gotta go with the Cowboys at home.

Cory:  Hoping to put themselves in the playoff discussion with a win this week, Boise State faces a tough challenge in Stillwater when the Huskies take on Oklahoma State. The Cowboys have played two cupcakes thus far – Missouri State and South Alabama – so it’s difficult to tell just how good they are. Boise State had an impressive week one win at Troy, before dismantling Connecticut last week. The Broncos, as usual, feature a prolific offense led by quarterback Brett Rypien, who’s completing 73.2 percent of passes with seven touchdowns and no interceptions. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the nephew of former Washington Redskins star Mark Rypien. Both teams can score a lot of points so expect a lot of offense in this game. That said, the Cowboys have yet to be challenged and their quarterback, Taylor Cornelius, is prone to making mistakes. Boise State should be able to take advantage of any mistakes by Cornerlius, giving the Broncos the edge in this game.     Boise State 45, Oklahoma State 35  

Dave:  Oklahoma State    

Gregg:  The Mountain West may be able to beat up conferences like the Pac-12 (but who doesn’t) but they will always have a tough challenge getting the needed support to make the playoffs. This week will be Boise State’s only chance to get a signature win. If they can dominate their league AND have a solid road win over the Cowboys AND Oklahoma State can make it to the Big-12 championship AND multiple conferences have 2-loss champions, just maybe the Broncos will get a sniff of the good life in post season.  Coach Harsin has done a nice job taking over the program together a 42-112 record in his first four years on the blue turf. This is the time for him to shine.  I think BSU wins but there will too many other things that will not go their way on the road tot he playoffs to make that a reality.     BSU  42  OSU 35    

Jason:  The 17th ranked Boise State Broncos invade Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma for a matchup of a pair of top 25 teams as the Broncos take on #24 Oklahoma State.  Boise has looked unstoppable thus far with dominant wins over Troy and UConn.  Led by QB Brett Rypien, the Bronco offense is averaging over 600 yards per game.  While Oklahoma State, who has yet to face a challenge in easy wins over SW Missouri State and South Alabama so it’s hard to judge the Cowboys, who own the nation’s top ranked offense.  This game will either legitimize Oklahoma State as a contender for the College Football Playoff or prove Boise State belongs in the conversation as the representative of the Group of Five in a New Year’s Six Bowl.  The Poke’s will rely on star RB Justice Hill, who in limited touches through the first two games is averaging over 8 yards per carry, to establish a solid ground game.  If they struggle to run the football, it could be a tough night for the home faithful.  This game is looking like a pick ‘em type of game and whichever defense comes up with a big stop late will come out victorious.  Look for the Cowboys to be that team as they have a handful of NFL caliber players on defense and playing at home will give them the extra momentum they need to make a play late and escape at home.     Oklahoma State 35 Boise State 31  

Joe-S-U:  Oklahoma State over Boise State – I can’t for the life of me figure out why Gameday didn’t go to this one.

John:  I really don’t know anything about either of these two teams, so when in doubt go with the gamblers.     BSU 35  OSU 31

Josh:  I wonder if Boise State will bring their turnover throne with them, or keep it back in Idaho. If Boise State wants any true hope for a playoff, they will need to win these type of games. I think Oklahoma State has a groove on offense, and doesn’t appear to have much of a fall off from losing Rudolph and James Washington, but they have not had a challenging opponent to date. I think the Cowboys take down the Broncos in this won, and diminish some of the hope for a group fo 5 team to bust into the playoff this year. Oklahoma State 56 – Boise State 49

Dr. Mark:  Toss up game, both QBs with 7 TD passes in two games. Game hinges on Boise D making some stops -Duh     Boise State 41-38 

Pia Pete:  BSU over OSU 

PJSBuck:  I have had to travel to Oklahoma on business the last year and have gained a slight appreciation for the OU and OSU fans there – great people.  I think Oklahoma State wins by 10 in a wide open game.

Coach Rick:  This is going to be one of the better games this weekend to watch and I am thinking that the home team will win. I have OSU winning by 10 points.

Steven:   So you’ve watched the slugfest that was LSU at Auburn… now you’re worn out and just want to relax and watch teams light it up as the undercard to the OSU game.  Well kids, this is it.  The number 4 team in total offense Boise State goes up against number 1 in that category.  Both Okie and Boise State have had their collective ways with lesser opponents over the past couple weeks.  Now it’s time to put the defenses to the test against a real opponent.  This one’s as much a toss-up as Auburn and LSU.  Both teams are incredibly balanced on offense with equal/nearly equal touchdowns coming on the ground and through the air, (7 each for OSU and 6 on the ground and 8 receiving for BSU).  Over a thousand yards of total offense should be a given.  It will be fun to watch.  Oklahoma State is statistically a little better on defense, but that is most likely a product of their opposition.  Even so, I’ve got to go with the ‘Pokes at home.     OSU 44-38. 

Trout:  I see this being a toss up. From the previous two weeks, its pretty clear that both teams can score a lot of points. Granted, both teams have played bad teams. Not really knowing how capable either team is, I will have to give the advantage to Boise State. They have allowed for few points against them that the Cowboys have. I think it will be a shootout, with the point total reaching 100+  between the two teams. In the end, it will come down to who has the ball last. And I think the Boise State Broncos will do just enough to get by the Oklahoma State Cowboys.     (Boise State, 56-49) 

Vaughn:  Boise State is playing very well and are continuing what they started last year. Brett Rypien in finally experience the stability of an offensive coordinator on consecutive years. Oklahoma State is finished clubbing baby seals and must step up their game to compete. Home field advantage will not be enough for them to overcome the potency of Boise State’s offense.  The Broncos outscore the Cowboys 49-35.

Final Score:  Oklahoma State 44   Boise State 21



#21 Miami (-10) @ Toledo

Jason:  In a rare home game for the MAC conference against a power 5 opponent, the Miami Hurricanes invade the Glass Bowl in Toledo, Ohio for a non-conference matchup against the Toledo Rockets.  Miami got back on the winning track a week ago, blasting Savannah State, after losing their opener to LSU. Toledo, who did not play a week ago, crushed VMI in week 1.  A year ago in Miami, the Rockets led the Hurricanes by a TD at the half before ultimately falling 52-30.  Having the extra week to prepare and getting this game at home, the Rockets hope that this year will have a different outcome.  Miami is dealing with a QB controversy as both Malik Rosier and N’Kosi Perry played significant time last week and Coach Mark Richt has been non-committal as to who gets the majority of the playing time on Saturday.  Toledo will utilize two QB’s as well, and they combined for over 300 yards in the opener to 11 different receivers and both will play against the Hurricanes.  Where the Canes have an advantage is on the defensive front, if Toledo can give their QB’s some time, the secondary could have trouble with the number of targets the Rockets can utilize.  Look for Toledo to use all of their playmakers at their disposal and make just enough plays to pull the upset and behind a sold out, rocking crowd in Toledo.     Toledo 38 Miami 31

Josh:  Toledo over Miami – Miami will head play at Toledo for a noon kick off in a MAC game. This has some of the makings for a good upset. I think Toledo will surprise Miami as this is their toughest game on the schedule, and will want to make a statement. Miami does not have a great offense under Rosier and I think the Rockets will be able to capitalize on his mistakes.      Toledo 38 – Miami 35


#22 USC  @ Texas

Bbaver:  Texas over USC. Alright…this was low hanging fruit I know…put I am 0-2 on these picks, I believe, and need the best shot at getting one right.

Gregg: I don’t really want to support Herman Munster in any way, shape or form but I do think the home field will be a huge difference for the Longhorns this week.  USC did not even crack the endzone against Stanford last week and although they may have the quarterback of their future in JT Daniels, but this is the present.  Texas 21 USC 13   

Pia Pete:  Texas over USC

Coach Rick:  I see Texas coming in the top 25 next week as 24 with a win over USC.  

Steven:  Tom Herman has to win sometime.  It might as well be against an (over?) ranked USC team.

Trout:  I think USC was ranked high because of their name. It was clear that they are not the powerhouse they used to be. Granted, neither is Texas. This game should be pretty low scoring, with neither team reaching 20 points. I think the Longhorns will get enough of an offensive push to get ahead of the Trojans, and USC, will not be able to respond in kind. It will be sloppy, mistake-ridden game, with the Longhorns pulling off the slight upset.      (Texas, 17-14)


 #10 Washington @ Utah

Dr. Mark – Utah over Huskies by 3


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