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Welcome to Buckeye 50 Yard Line!  If you are a long time visitor to our site, we appreciate your continued support.  If you are new to our site, we have designed this page to tell you a little bit about our format and hope that you will not only return on a regular basis but tell your Buckeye friends about us too.


Established December 19th, 2000, the goal of our staff is to provide you with the best possible coverage of Ohio State football.  In addition, we also have Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball coverage.  With this page, you can learn about our site, find out what is new and how to use the features we provide.  For those of you that have come to know, love and trust Buckeye 50, we still have the same objectives, but we are always looking for ways to make this better for you. We hope you enjoy our ever evolving site and invite your input for further improvement.


  • Timely coverage of OSU football
  • Banner-styled headlines for quick capture of the latest news being reported
  • Easy access to the information you use often
  • Accurate, unbiased reporting
  • Quality, no-frills analysis
  • Updated rosters, line-ups and depth charts
  • Maintain the spirited rivalry with Michigan (a.k.a., TBGUN – The Bad Guys Up North)
  • Direct links to the highest quality prints and OSU-related merchandise available
  • Direct links to OSU statistics and athletics site
  • Direct access to all game times and locations
  • Direct link to OSU Traffic/Parking
  • Direct link to the Big Ten’s home page
  • Direct link to the NCAA home page
  • Real-time access to all other Big Ten opponent popular web-sites
  • Real-time access to weather in every Big Ten home town for travelers


  •  A great source for Recruiting Information (link)
  • “Greatest Drives” in OSU history (link)
  • Staff Predictions on key college games, including input from site readers (link)
  • Game Day Photos, bringing you the complete football experience (link)
  • ‘THE’ Game coverage, past and present, including our favorite UM related photos (link)
  • Buckeye Bowl coverage and activities around the game
  • Archive of past news items, editorials and other Buckeye stories (link)
  • The personal touches, by Buckeyes, just for other Buckeyes



  • Coverage of the Cheerleaders, one of the many components that make up the football game day experience
  • Direct links to the Ohio State University Marching Band (TBDBITL) home-site including free audio downloads of all music Scarlet & Gray related
  • Increasing coverage of OSU Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball
  • Direct links to real-time OSU web cams
  • Direct links to accident and construction information for major highways in Ohio, particularly in and out of Columbus
  • Direct links to various media that the Buckeye 50 Yard Line has determined meets or exceeds our high standards for fair, accurate and complete coverage of Ohio State football
  • Direct links to other current events happening on OSU’s campus
  • Direct links to our roots – read and hear about all traditions associated with the Ohio State University

We are essentially trying to move in the direction of making the Buckeye 50 Yard Line a complete OSU Football portal.  Like all other projects, it will continue to improve and evolve over time.  Feel free to offer your opinions, thoughts and suggestions as this is THE Buckeye site for all fans of the Scarlet & Gray.


  • Hey Bucks, great to see so much activity on the site now. I was one of your original patrons way back and have checked in from time to time. Exchanged a few msgs with Brent or Bret Baver?? Right around Tressel’s hiring If my memory is correct.

    Hopefully Im in the right place, I’ll be back regularly and send yr link out now. The new arrangement looks great Always a fan, Go Bucks and B50.

    D Rose (olbuzz)

    • OLBUZZ,

      Glad you found the new site, hope you enjoy, Yes, we are in the transition from the original host (Homestead) but expect when the transition is complete, the new site will be better than ever. Yes this is the same Buckeye50 that started in December of 2000. Brent is still involved, just not as much day to day as he was in the beginning. Without his efforts and energy, we would not be where we are today.

      Go Bucks!

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