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Week 4 Predictions – 2023

Last Week:  The Buckeyes did exactly what they needed to do against the Hilltoppers, too bad the pollsters were not paying enough attention.  Kyle McCord had a great showing in his first formal game as the QB starter as the 3-0 Buckeyes remained steady in the polls.  In our staff predictions, everyone is still all-together in the standings, either 8-1

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Week 3 Predictions – 2023

Last Week:  The Buckeyes won the game over Penguins as expected but  more important, they have a starting quarterback established with Kyle McCord.  He can use WKU as his warm-up for South Bend.  As for our predictions, Steven Smith was bold enough to correctly call the Longhorn win over Alabama. Six others are tied with him on top our early

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