B50 Exclusives

At Buckeye50, we pride ourselves in our unique and historical content for the home team. Here are our exclusives for our website.


Our staff predictions is one of our cherished and longest running exclusive. Each week in the football season, we look ahead to the best games, and have a competition to see who will come out on top as best prediction record. We also compare our results with the national media, notably the College Football Gameday Crew.

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College Football Playoff

Since 2014, the College Football Playoff has taken over the discussion all year long for the FBS level schools. Ohio State won the inaugural  College Football Playoff, and has been in the hunt every year since. This page is dedicated to the College Football Playoff and our own rankings in unison with the College Football Playoff Committee.

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Buckeye50 Fantasy Football

Our staff continues the College Fantasy Football League in Fantrax, drafting players from all D-1 schools to make the game more interesting.

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Greatest Drives

One of the greatest under-the-radar talents at Buckeye50 is Joe-S-U, who is our staff’s Jack Park. What started as a passion project turned into one of our sites greatest features. Joe-S-U explored what he felt were the greatest drives in OSU history.

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We at Buckeye50 pride ourselves in our journalistic endeavors, with insights and talents all across or staff. Here is our collection of our special stories!

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