Week 12 Predictions – 2021

Last Week:  Ohio State took care of business and dominated a ranked Purdue squad 59-31, a team that had already taken down two top 5 teams. The victory continues to impress the playoff committee, but not yet enough to move them above an Oregon team that beat the Buckeyes on the field.  Maybe that will change this week as both the Bucks and the Ducks face ranked opponents this week.  Stay tuned.  As for our staff predictions, Trout, Vaughn, John and Cory all were 4-1.  That success helped move Trout just two games behind our leader Joe-S-U, with just three weeks to go.

This Week’s Games The rubber truly hits the road for the Buckeyes this week. They begin a schedule that will certainly impress the voters as they face Michigan State in the ‘Shoe.  Can Sparty keep their own playoff hopes alive with an upset win in Columbus?  …. Oregon will have it’s own challenge this week as they face the first team with a pulse since they came to Columbus. Utah has the team that can beat them but will they earn the home victory in what will likely be the first of two matches versus the Ducks?  ….  Cincinnati also has a big game this week as SMU travels to Ohio. Will SMU be the team that plays spoiler for the Bearcats?  ….  Alabama will play Arkansas but Saban has owned the Razorbacks is getting the head coach job for the Tide.  Will this year be any different?  ….  Oklahoma State is now the only team that can carry the flag for the Big 12. They play Texas Tech has been very inconsistent this year.  Can the Cowboys stay on top the conference and slide into a playoff spot? 

Buckeye Greats:   As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the seventh straight year.

Here we go with our Week 12 PicksGood Luck to All – Gregg

(7)Michigan State  @  (4)Ohio State

Andy:  College football is awesome in November. Where else do we get huge matchups the further in a season? No other sport does this, in the NFL you see teams sitting their players once they have earned a playoff spot or once the team realizes they’re not in contention any longer they will sometimes pull their starters from games. Not in college football, things are heating up, and they will heat up for OSU and MSU this weekend in the Horseshoe. Michigan State and Ohio State are fairly similar on defense, OSU is ranked 29th in defensive efficiency nationally and MSU is ranked 28th. The difference is between the offenses, which Ohio State has the #2 most efficient offense in the country behind only Alabama. The Buckeyes have been a pass heavy team this year with their fleet of elite receivers and tight end Jeremy Ruckert, using backs Miyan Williams and Treyveon Henderson to keep defenses from committing to stopping just the pass. Michigan State is different, their offense runs through running back Kenneth Walker who leads the nation in rushing. Quarterback Peyton Thorne does an excellent job of hitting just enough deep passes per game to keep teams from loading up the box against them to stop Walker from running so well. This should be a high scoring game with both offenses showing balance and having playmakers at key positions.   Ohio State  48  Michigan State 31

Coach Rick:  Ohio State 

Cory:  There are just two regular-season games left on the schedule for Ohio State, and they are big ones. This week Ohio State plays host to Michigan State, the No. 7 team in the country. It would be easy to say the Spartans have been punching above their weight and some people would point to their loss to Purdue a few weeks ago as evidence to that. The fact remains that Michigan State is an elite team this season, and the Buckeyes will need to be at their best to beat them. Slowing down running back Kenneth Walker will be the challenge for Ohio State. The nation’s leading rusher has 1,473 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns. However, if you focus only on Walker then the Spartans have a decent passing attack, as well. I think the Buckeyes will be able to simply outscore Michigan State, with the key being to get some timely turnovers similar to what the team did against Purdue last week.   Ohio State 45, Michigan State 31 

GreggOhio State can still achieve all their 2021 goals but they are going to have to beat three solid teams over the next three weeks to do it.  I was in south stands in 1998 when the Spartans ruined a trip to Arizona for the first BCS championship. I was in A deck in 2015 as Bosa jumped offsides keeping the hopes alive for MSU and allowing them to kick a game winning field goal in 2015. (anyone else tired of seeing their kicker run down the field swingning his arm)  I was in Indy for the Big Ten Championship in 2013 when Urban decided to abandon the running game in the 4th quarter, preventing the Bucks from going to the championship game.  I refuse to sit in the cold and watch them blow it again.  Ohio State wins with a balanced offense.   Ohio State 49  Michigan State 31

Jason:  The Spartans come in with a tremendous pass rush that could give QB CJ Stroud problems.  The Ohio State offensive line has kept a clean pocket for Stroud to sit back and pick apart defenses but they haven’t seen a pass rush like the one the Spartans have.  If Michigan State struggles to get pressure, it will be a long day for Michigan State as they have the worst pass defense in all of college football. Defensively, Ohio State has improved until last week, giving up 477 yards to Purdue, however, most of those yards were well after the game was in hand. The Spartans will need to control the time of possession with their run game, led by Heisman Trophy candidate Kenneth Walker and he will need to have a monster day to pull the upset in Columbus. The Ohio State offense is the story….they are really, really good, leading the nation in scoring and yards. They can hit you in so many ways, whether it’s Stroud finding one of his myriad of playmakers at WR or the run game led by the best freshman RB in college football, TreVeyon Henderson, Ohio State has so many ways to attack. The Spartans might be playing well, but the defense has been awful. They have nation’s worst pass defense, allowing over 1,300 yards over the last three games and it’s not going to get better in this game. This one has the potential to be over early if Michigan State can’t play ball control or get pressure on Stroud. Bottom line, the Spartans will hang around for a quarter or so, before Ohio State gains control.  Michigan State will grab a late score to make it look a bit closer than the game, but Ohio State will roll into The Game next week with the Big Ten East title on the line.   Ohio State 41 Michigan State 20

Joe-S-U:  If this game’s played right out of the chute in the league slate and Sparty’s pass D sucks, you take heed but don’t read that much into it.  When it’s this deep in and your pass D sucks, you’re in for a long day.  OSU over MSU

John:  Sparty is giving up 329 passing yards per game.  That’s dead last in Division 1 football.  I think it is apparent that Ryan Day has a pass first view on offense, so it could be a long day for the Spartan D.  On the flip side, if the OSU back 4 can limit the MSU passing attach so the front 7 can focus on keeping Walker in check this game could get ugly in a hurry.  OSU should be able to basically score at will.  While I’m skeptical about OSU’s ability to consistently stop Sparty’s offense, I don’t see any way MSU will be able to keep pace with the Bucks.   Ohio State 52  Michigan State 31

Josh: If Ohio States offense rolls like they did last week against Purdue, this game should not be even close, and the 19 point spread is justified. The Buckeyes will need to extend their lead, and make sure to not let Kenneth Walker break tackles, or else it will turn into a shoot out. Depending on the health of TreVeyon Henderson, we might see a balanced dose of Henderson and Miyan Williams to keep the Spartan defense honest, but the Buckeyes have too many weapons at receiver and will be facing the worst pass defense in the country. With the Big Ten Eats and College Football Playoff stakes on the line, this one could be a great one, but it is hard to see the Spartans keeping up scoring wise. Ohio State 52 – Michigan State 21

Steven:  Ohio State’s secondary is statistically not good.  They give up a ton of yards.  A bit of that is scheme, they like to keep things in front of themselves so their coverages are soft.  Also, most teams play from behind, so they’re forced to pass, and pass a lot.  This being said, y’all think we’re bad, (108th out of 130)?  Michigan State is DEAD LAST in the nation in pass defense, giving up 329 yards per game, (about 70 more than OSU).  Sparty may be able to score with this offense against the Buckeye defense, but it won’t be able to keep up with the top (total) offense in the nation. This has the makings of a blowout.  Unfortunately, we’ve all been through this one too many times.  Sparty not only looks like Kryptonite, they give the Buckeyes fits like it too. It’ll be closer than we’d like, but the Bucks cover and win 49-29. 

Trout This will be a tough one for Ohio State. Although I think the Buckeyes ar better, Sparty is a good team. You don’t get to 9-1 by accident. I think it’ll be a tough, hard fought battle between these teams. Walker will be able to move the ball on the Ohio State defense. He is a great talent, and the Buckeyes’ average defense will have trouble stopping him. However, on the opposite side, I think Sparty will have a hard time stopping the Buckeyes offense. Stroud is really coming into his own as a quarterback, and I believe Henderson will continue to play well. I could see  him get over 100 yards in this game. Also, Ohio State has the best wide receivers in college football. Olave, Wilson, and Njigba are all first round NFL talents and have the ability to make big plays when they get the ball in their hands. Both teams will score some points and the game will be very close going into the fourth. However, I just think Ohio State’s superior talent will allow them to pull ahead of the Spartans. The Buckeyes will be able to get up by a couple scores and hang on until the clock hits zero. Bucks  get past their toughest test and move on to MIchigan.  (Ohio State, 38-28)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  Michigan State will find ways to score against the Buckeyes, but it will not be enough as OSU rolls MSU 49-27. 

Final Score:  Ohio State 56   Michigan State 7 


(3)Oregon  @  (23)Utah

Andy:  Oregon is one of the most confusing teams in the top 5 this season, just when you think they’re not good they beat up on teams like they did against Washington State and Colorado. The Ducks have had to change their offensive identity a little bit after losing star running back CJ Verdell to a season ending leg injury, quarterback Anthony Brown has had to take on more rushing attempts per game to help pick up the slack alongside running back Travis Dye who has been extremely productive for Oregon rushing for 12 touchdowns after Verdell was lost for the season. The Ducks defense has been consistently good particularly in the front seven, the Ducks rush defense is only giving up an average of 122 yards per game on the ground and 12 rushing touchdowns.. that is the matchup to watch this weekend as Utah’s offense while balanced gets most of their scores by way of rushing touchdowns with 27 rushing touchdowns to 17 passing touchdowns. The Utes have three running backs with over 400 yards of rushing or more combining for 21 rushing touchdowns. Vegas has Utah as the favorites right now by 3 points, which is essentially a pick’em or toss up. I feel like Oregon is on a higher level of talent, not only that when you look at scoring offense and scoring defense the two units for Oregon are out performing Utah’s.   Oregon  38  Utah  34

Coach Rick:  Oregon

Cory:  After losing two of its first three games Utah has rallied to win six of its last seven, including wins over USC, UCLA, and Arizona State. The name of the game for Utah is a balanced offense and limiting turnovers. They just play sound football, and they’ll need to be very sound this week against Oregon. The No. 3 Ducks don’t blow teams out, rather, they suffocate opposing teams with a terrific running game behind quarterback Anthony Brown and running backs C.J. Verdell and Travis Dye. Brown is a decent passer, not a great one, so if Utah can slow down the running game their window to the upset is there, however, Ohio State fans can attest to just how hard it is to stop the Ducks on the ground.   Oregon 31, Utah 21 

GreggIs there any head coaches left for any Pac-12 teams are all they all fired.  Both Mario Cristobal and Kyle Whittingham will be on short lists for all the good teams around the country.  But this week they have to play each other in what will likely be the first of two matches.  I think the Utes help out the Bucks and get the win this week but lose in the conference championship.  Once again helping the Bucks.  Or is that just wishful thinking?   Utah 35  Oregon 31

Jason:  After a few rough games and mediocre performances, the Ducks ran for 123 yards against Washington State.  The offense will need to continue to play a physical, tough style to be ready for a defense like Utah’s. The running game has hit 200 yards in five of the last six games with close to 1,000 yards in the last three. Utah’s defense is their strength but they did give up over 200 yards to Oregon State, BYU and San Diego State in losses. The Ute offense has been tremendous up front, running for just under 200 in a win over Arizona, rolled Stanford with nearly 450 on the ground and hit UCLA for 290 rushing yards. Defensively, Utah leads the Pac 12 in both sacks and TFL’s and will make Duck QB Anthony Brown very uncomfortable. At the end of the day, it will be the physical fronts of the Utes that is the difference, forcing Brown into a pick or two as Utah gets the big win, effectively ending Oregon’s playoff hopes.   Utah 38 Oregon 28

Joe-S-U:  I may give up first place rolling these dice, but you can only hold a volleyball underwater for so long.   Utah over Oregon

John:  How good are the Ducks, really?  I think we’ll know a lot more about this question after Saturday.  If Oregon goes on the road and beats Utah, then I think that are legit top 4 team.  I find it interesting that Vegas doesn’t believe yet, as the Ducks are 3 point dogs at Utah.  While Oregon beat Ohio State in week 2, the haven’t exactly passed the eye test since: losing to a bad Stanford and struggling to beat Cal and UCLA.  I think it’s Duck season in Ogden.   Utah  42   Oregon 38

JoshI think Utah has the best chance to beat Oregon, and they are favored at home for this game. With a loss, Oregon would be all but eliminated from the playoff, no long elevated by their Ohio State win. Utah though needs to play physical and control the game at the line of scrimmage. Utah’s best win is probably the San Diego State. Oregon does not look like a normal top 4 team, and relys on the run game. I anticipate this being a close game, with Utah finding a way at the end. Utah 27 – Oregon 24.

Steven:  This one looks like it could go a bit like the Oregon-UCLA game.  Oregon has to be sure that there’s no let up in their game or they quickly will be on the outside looking in.  Oregon has been playing with the thinnest of margins lately and they look like they are ripe for an upset.  I like Utah’s defense in this.   Utah 28-21.

TroutIt seems that Utah is actually the favorite in this game. I actually think the Ducks have a good chance to win this game. I don’t believe that there is an outstanding team in the PAC-12. I think they are all mostly around the same level of talent. So in picking a winner for this game, I think I might go with the Oregon Ducks. I feel like the game should be close. Both teams average about the same amount of points per game and also have around the same points against average. It should be a hard fought contest from beginning to end. I think the game will be relatively low scoring, with both teams making a few mistakes. However, I see the Ducks doing just enough to pull off the victory. Oregon wins and remains a playoff contender.   (Oregon, 24-21) 

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Somehow Utah is a slight favorite over Oregon this week. Oregon has been playing okay but seem to come together in the fourth quarter to seal victories. Utah struggled with Arizona last week. Maybe they were looking ahead. I just think Oregon is just simply more talented.   Oregon over Utah 38-31.

Final Score:  Utah 38  Oregon 7


SMU  @  (5)Cincinnati

Andy:  If there is a team left on Cincinnati’s schedule who can beat the Bearcats it is SMU. SMU has quietly put together some successful seasons with two transfer quarterbacks the past two seasons. This year it is Tanner Mordecai who transferred from Oklahoma, he has been on a rampage this season completing 70% of his passes and throwing for 37 touchdowns. Despite being an efficient team running the ball SMU is a pass first offense. That said Cincinnati is a top 10 scoring defense and a top 5 pass defense in yards allowed by way of passing. Not only that, but Cincinnati has been playing some of it’s best offensive football behind quarterback Desmond Ritter who has combined for 27 touchdowns along side top running back Jerome Ford who has rushed for 15 touchdowns himself. If this game turns into a high scoring affair, Cincinnati can run the ball or throw it, SMU however is heavily predicated on the pass which plays into Cincinnati’s strengths on defense.   Cincinnati  45  SMU  41

Coach Rick:  Cincinnati 

Cory:  Cincinnati still finds itself on the outside looking in when it comes to the College Football Playoff. At this juncture they need style points, and they have a good chance to get some this week against a good SMU team. Not surprisingly, SMU is led by its explosive offense behind quarterback Tanner Mordecai. Mordecai has over 3,200 passing yards with 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, and yes those are all real numbers. The problem with SMU is the Mustangs have not played a tough schedule and so it’s easy to put up those kind of numbers. The Bearcats have been tested more than SMU, and will ultimately come out on top in this one.   Cincinnati 42, SMU 31

Dave:  xxx  

GreggCincinnati finally gets the chance to play a team with a nice record.  But they are going to have to step up their game sa bit to win this one.  Somehow I think they find a way to win.   Cincinnati 24  SMU 17

Jason:  The Bearcats have been struggling.  There is no secret to that, but they are still unbeaten and still sit in prime playoff position.  They won their biggest game and deserve credit for it, but they have looked pedestrian since and therein lies the problem when trying to evaluate Cincinnati. Do they deserve to get in the playoff based on the big win in South Bend? Maybe, but this isn’t about the most deserving, it’s about the four best and Cincinnati is simply not among the four best teams based on their performances of late and they need to go above and beyond to impress as a Group of Five.  The running game has struggled and the turnovers have become an issue. SMU has an offense that will turn mistakes into points, leading the AAC in total offense and this will be the best passing offense the Bearcats have seen all year. For Cincinnati, it’s now in front of them.  They control what they control and this will be their biggest test since Notre Dame.  If they win this week and next, they get their shot at presumably Houston in the AAC Championship and let the chips fall where they may if they win that game. QB Desmond Ridder is the key to the machine.  He is making up for the lack of a running game by getting out of the pocket and making things happen with his legs. If the Bearcats can avoid the turnover, they survive yet another week.  SMU will score, but can they score enough if given long fields to work? In addition, the SMU secondary allowed big passing numbers to both Houston and Memphis so opportunities will be there for Ridder to fling it around.  Cincinnati will have to play a cleaner game, but at home, they will do just that. It will be a four-quarter game, but in the end, Cincinnati will do just enough to survive and advance.   Cincinnati 31 SMU 24

Joe-S-U:  Where would UC be without Desmond Ridder and why isn’t he getting any Heisman run?  Crying out loud, if he played for any of the multitude of SEC also-rans, he’d be making the trip to NYC.  Cincy over SMU

John:  Cincinnati is kind of the mid-major version of Oregon.  A nice road win over a top 10 team early, followed by a whole lot of meh since.  The best chance for a regular season loss is probably this week against SMU, but honestly the Mustangs don’t really have the horses (see what I did there?) to hang with UC.  I fully expect the Bearcats to end the regular season 12-0, but unless they get a lot of outside help in the way of other teams losing I don’t see them making the playoffs.   Cincinnati  35  SMU 21

Josh: Cincinnati has a prime game this week against their second toughest opponent on their schedule SMU has a strong passing attack and will challenge what could be the best corner back duo in the country. Cincinnati will have to score, and look good still to prevent a Power 5 team from jumping them. I think SMU pulls the upset in Cincinnati in a high scoring game. SMU 45 – Cincinnati 37.

Steven:  The Bearcats have not given the Playoff Committee much eye candy over the past few weeks.  They have played down to their competition, and generally looked like they were trying not to lose, than to win convincingly. Of course, head coach Luke Fickell is fruit from the Jim Tressel coaching tree , the master of field position, the punt and dominating defenses. It doesn’t always have to look pretty, but the Bearcats will need some style points to assure they are in the mix if anyone falls out of the top four.  This week provides them that chance. Alas, Cinci will probably play it close to the vest and win by a touchdown.   UC 31-24 

TroutThis should be a good test for the Bearcats. SMU is a good team in the AAC and they should be able to challenge Cincinnati on both sides of the ball. However, I think the Bearcats will win this game. Luke Fickell knows what’s on the line. He knows that for CIncinnati to get into the playoffs, they have to be perfect. Potentially more than perfect. He will have his team ready to play.  I think the game remains close for a while, but Ridder will get the offense going for the Bearcats and they are able to pull away towards the end of the game. I do think the Mustangs keep it interesting. I could even see them leading the game at some point. But in the end, the Bearcats, knowing what is at stake for this game, gets it done. Cincinnati remains  undefeated and keeps their playoff hopes alive.   (Cincinnati, 34-21) 

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)SMU has been lighting up the scoreboard this year, but recent losses have made them less of a threat. UC’s secondary and offensive prowess should help them win this game.   UC downs SMU 42-27.

Final Score:  Cincinnati 48   SMU 14


(21)Arkansas  @  (2)Alabama

Andy:  Arkansas started the season as a fan favorite as they looked to have the potential to play spoiler to some of the big name SEC teams such as Alabama and Georgia. They got off to an impressive start going 4-0 and beating Texas and Texas A&M in the process, before getting thrashed by Georgia 37-0 and then losing their next two games to Ole Miss and Auburn. Alabama has done what Alabama does, which is play great football and get consistently better throughout the season. The Tide have one of the best offenses in the country and quarterback Bryce Young is a legit hesiman contender. Arkansas despite a hot start is ranked 47th in the country in scoring defense, I don’t think this matchup plays well into Arkansas’s strengths and favors Alabama.   Alabama 41  Arkansas 21

Coach Rick:  Alabama 

Cory:  It’s good to see Alabama schedule the tough teams in the middle of the season. The Crimson Tide are coming off a dominating 59-3 win over New Mexico State last week. Hey – at least it’s not Citadel, right? Arkansas enters and the win condition for the Razorbacks is quite small. In order to pull off the upset they need to run the ball effectively, not turn the ball over, score early, and find a way to slow down Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young. It’s a lot to ask. The Razorbacks are tough but there is no way they can compete with Alabama over a full game.   Alabama 45, Arkansas 17

Dave:  xxx  

GreggArkansas is ranked, really? What will they do next, keep a four loss Mississippi State team in the rankings too?  Wait, I guess they did that. The playoff committee will do anything to make sure the Tide is in the playoffs.  Alabama slows down the powerful Razorback running attack for the win.   Alabama 27  Arkansas 17

Jason:  The Hogs head to Tuscaloosa playing with nothing to lose.  They have locked up their bowl spot and they will play loose and relaxed.  The defense has been good especially on third down and the offense has done a good job taking care of the football and can score in bunches if needed. Bama has really struggled on the ground and the Arkansas defense doesn’t give up much in that department. It will be tight for a while as Arkansas gets a few stops and turns them into points, but Bama will get the offense going thanks to a big time passing game and the Alabama defense will be up to the challenge, making things very difficult for the Hogs to do much of anything, wearing down the Arkansas offensive front.  It will be close for a half before Alabama rips off a couple big drives and coasts to a home win.   Alabama 42 Arkansas 21

Joe-S-U:  Nick wants everyone off his back for playing this brutally tough conference opponent before next week’s brutally tough Auburn tilt.  Hey he switched the high school scrimmage up a week, what do you want him to do next?  Play an actual road game in week one?  Please…..   ‘Bama over Arkansas

John:  I’ll be rooting for the Hogs, but the Death Star rolls merrily along.   Alabama 35  Arkansas  17

Josh: Alabama finished the season with Arkansas and then the Iron Bowl at Auburn. Alabama struggles when teams are physcial this year, and Arkansas as a big quarterback who likes to run the ball. I think Georgia though laid out the blue-print to how to beat the Razerbacks, and the talent on the Crimson Tide sideline will be too much. Alabama 35 – Arkansas 14.

Steven:  I’m not sure Arkansas has the same offense that Texas A&M has, and I doubt they can tie up the Alabama defense quite like the Aggies did.  It won’t be pretty, but when you’re Alabama, you don’t need style points.  Luckily for the Tide, they have Ohio State transfer Jameson WIlliams who is tearing it up in Tuscaloosa.  He’s all the style points they need.  If he gets QB Bryce Young the Heisman Trophy… I mean that’s just wrong.  ‘Bama wins a close one 44-38.

TroutThe Razorbacks have been a good story this year, but they don’t stand a chance against Alabama. Granted Alabama isn’t as good as they were last year. That is clear since they lost to  an overrated A&M, and looked pedestrian against a bad LSU team. However, they are still head and shoulders above Arkansas. I don’t see this game being close. Bryce Young should be able to throw 300+ yards on this team with no problem. I think potentially the Razorbacks get a few scores early to make it seem closer than it is, but once the Tide put on the jets, there is no stopping them.   (Alabama, 42-17)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  Arkansas will lose and lose badly, but because they lost to Alabama, they will continue to be in the rankings to help validate a subpar Alabama team.  The Tide rolls 42-20 over the Razorbacks.

Final Score:  Alabama 42   Arkansas 35


(9)Oklahoma State  @  Texas Tech

Andy:  Oklahoma State has been one of the best teams in the country this season quietly going 9-1 and beating three teams that were once ranked in the top 25. Cowboys quarterback Spencer Sanders has been efficient this season throwing for nearly 1,800 yards and 14 touchdowns while running back Jaylen Warren has rushed the ball for over 1,000 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns. Those numbers indicate balance, when you have a balanced offense it puts tension on opposing defense because they can’t just focus on one or two things. Texas Tech is 6-4 for a reason, their scoring defense is dreadful they’re allowing an average of nearly 34 points to each opponent they play ranked 111th in the country. I just don’t see how they’re going to win against Oklahoma State with that kind of performance.   Oklahoma State  54  Texas Tech 34

Coach Rick:  Oklahoma State 

Cory:  The Big 12’s playoff hopes came to crashing down with Oklahoma’s loss to Baylor last week. Now, the Sooners, the Bears, and Oklahoma State all have their eyes on it but all three need to do serious work and get help. The Cowboys have a chance to pick up a decent win this week against a 6-4 Texas Tech team. The Red Raiders can move the ball – that is not a shock – but the problem is how inconsistent they are. Texas Tech has not won consecutive games since their out of conference schedule at the beginning of the season, and they are coming off a last-second win over Iowa State last week. Expect Oklahoma State to win and keep sliver of its playoff hopes alive.   Oklahoma State 31, Texas Tech 24

Dave:  xxx  

GreggOklahoma State can secure a spot in the Big12 championship this week with a win over Texas Tech. They can earn a spot in the playoffs possibly if they win out, which may require them to win back to back games against the Sooners.  Texas Tech opened the season with a HUGE win over Houston, the only loss of the season for the Cougars. But the Red Raiders have been up and down since then, including lose to Texas, a team that has fallen off the face of the college football landscape this year. I see the Cowboys taking care of business and setting up a big match for next week with the Sooners.   Oklahoma State 44  Texas Teach 35

Jason:  Oklahoma State has something unique this season in the Big 12, defense. It’s the best in the nation at getting into the backfield and does a great job getting off the field on third down as a result. Texas Tech’s offense is solid, but this will be a whole different animal.  Oklahoma State hasn’t really seen anything like this offense yet. Texas Tech has the balance with a ground attack and freshman QB Donovan Smith has been extremely efficient at moving the football. That Poke defense however will be the story of the day, getting just enough pressure to make Smith uncomfortable and the Pokes will pull away in the second half, setting up the big one at home next week against Oklahoma for a chance to play for the Big 12 title and keep the Cowboys alive for a playoff appearance.   Oklahoma State 45  Texas Tech 28

Joe-S-U:  One of the committee’s last hopes for screwing Cincy.   Ok State over Tech

John: Strange, a game in the Big XII with playoff implications, and it doesn’t involve the Sooners.  So longs as the other OSU isn’t looking ahead to the Bedlam game next week, they should take care of business.   Oklahoma State  49   Texas Tech  41

JoshOutside of Baylor, Oklahoma State has been playing the best defense in the Big 12, and has a strong run game to control the line of scrimmage. I think Oklahoma has their sites on the the their Big 12 title game, and knows they cant over look a team who fired their coach. Oklahoma State 42 – Texas Tech 14.

Steven:  I like Okie State to win out and win the Big 12.   OSU 35-24

TroutAlthough I don’t think the Cowboys are a great team, I don’t see them losing to Texas Tech. Strangely enough, I think it’ll be Oklahoma State’s defense that is the key factor in this game. They only allow 16 points per game on average. That is a really good number, especially i n an offensive heavy conference like the Big 12. I could see the Cowboys defense shutting down what the Red Raiders tried to do offensively. And all the Cowboy offense will have to do is just score enough to remain ahead on the scoreboard. I see Oklahoma State getting up by a few scores, and maintaining that lead throughout the game. The only way I see Texas Tech staying in this game, is if the Cowboys are looking past them, to their game against the Sooners next week. However, I don’t think that’ll be likely. The Cowboys win this game by a few scores.   (Oklahoma State, 38-14)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  Oklahoma State outscores Texas Tech 42-21.

Final Score:  Oklahoma State 23   Texas Tech 0

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