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Week 4 Predictions – 2023

Last Week:  The Buckeyes did exactly what they needed to do against the Hilltoppers, too bad the pollsters were not paying enough attention.  Kyle McCord had a great showing in his first formal game as the QB starter as the 3-0 Buckeyes remained steady in the polls.  In our staff predictions, everyone is still all-together in the standings, either 8-1

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Week 1 Predictions – 2023

License - One Nut

Last Year:  I know that everyone Buckeye fan has replayed that Georgia loss in their head for the past eight months.  This weekend we can finally put that behind us and start fresh again. Hopefully the 2024 Bucks don’t play in games that come down to a last second field goal. This Week’s Games:  Not a lot of big match-ups this weekend. In

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Is Four Enough?

Our first ever semi-final games for the College Football Playoff are in the books, and the champion will be crowned on January 12, between (4)Ohio State and (2)Oregon. Both teams looked great in their victories, and showed the nation why they deserve to be in the championship game, with Oregon blasting the defending national champions Florida State in the Rose

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