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2022 Heisman Winner

Tonight they awarded the 2022 Heisman trophy award, and the winner was Caleb Williams. He was the 8th player from USC to win the award (one awarded to Reggie Bush was revoked) and the only finalist to not have his team in the playoffs.  Williams had a total of 544 first place votes and 2,031 points.  Max Duggan came in

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EDITORIAL: Heisman High’s and Low’s

Archie Griffin Heisman

Devonta Smith(Alabama) was awarded the 2020 Heisman Trophy. Congratulations to him and his success this season. The fact that Ohio State will face the Tide in the National Championship game reminded me of an Editorial from Joe-S-U detailing the Buckeyes history against Heisman winners.  Since his article, the Buckeyes have also faced Heisman trophy owners Baker Mayfield (2017), Derrick Henry (2015)

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