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Week 3 Predictions – 2023

Last Week:  The Buckeyes won the game over Penguins as expected but  more important, they have a starting quarterback established with Kyle McCord.  He can use WKU as his warm-up for South Bend.  As for our predictions, Steven Smith was bold enough to correctly call the Longhorn win over Alabama. Six others are tied with him on top our early

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Week 14 Predictions – 2022

Last Week:  Anyone want to revisit last week?  Didn’t think so. This Week’s Games:  It is possible the Buckeyes will know their playoff fate Friday night.  The conference championship weekend starts with USC and Utah playing in Vegas. If the Utes walk away with the win, Ohio State strolls into the playoffs  …   Clemson and North Carolina limp into the ACC

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Week 9 Predictions – 2021

Last Week:  The Buckeyes continued to roll with their very convincing 54-7 win over Indiana. The Hoosiers are now 2-6 since they were bragging they were the best team in the East. How you feeling about that statement now Coach Allen?  Plenty to brag about with our weekly staff predictions though. Once again 6 members were 4-1 for the week

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