Arrest Warrant

I have just decided the one last act I want to see before the complete end of the Jim Tressel era is to perform a citizen’s arrest of Jim Bollman for defrauding taxpayers of the state of Ohio for his salary and any bonus monies received.  My basis for this arrest:

•As far as I can tell he has done nothing whatsoever to fulfill his job the entire time he has been at Ohio State.  And this year with him standing all alone is mute testimony to this fact.  Yet, he has consistently taken his salary for the last 11 years.  No work while taking taxpayer dollars seems like “fraud” to me
•Throughout his cushy time at OSU he has “allegedly” had responsibility to coach the offensive line but:
+  Very few ever progressed from their freshman year on
+  Few went to the NFL and only a couple have seen any real playing time
+  The offensive line is unofficially regarded as always underperforming by most media and independent coaching observers
+  Opposing coaches repeatedly pointed to this weakness over the Tressel years

•No taxpayer dollars have been returned to the coffers, nor is there any public record of an attempt at restitution
•Record quantities of No Doze have been consumed by players sitting in offensive team meetings led by Bollman – OK while not material to the warrant, it is still fact
•I will seek to also recover any funds paid into state-funded retirement plans on behalf of Jim Bollman during his contentious employment

No doubt recoveries of funds will be very difficult.  I suspect the prosecution will try an aggressive defense by pointing to the team’s records.  However, I will assert that this is a diversion from the real issue of incompetence and lack of effort.
Pat (PJSBuck)

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