Game 1 Recap: Ohio State 77 – Oregon State 31


Not to many coaches lead a team to 77 points in their first game but that is just what Coach Day accomplished today against the Oregon State Beavers, on their way to a 77-31 home victory.

Ohio State kicked off to Oregon State to start the game, and Oregon State managed to get past the 50 yard line. But Nick Bosa recovered a fumble to give Dwayne Haskins and the high-powered offense their first possession of the game. There was a lot of hype surrounding Dwayne Haskins heading into this game, and he delivered. Ohio State was able to scored on their first 7 drives.

At running back, Ryan Day alternated J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber, a dangerous combination at running back, with each series. Dobbins had a good game, but Weber was a man on a mission, breaking his career rushing yards this game with 186 yards on 20 carries and 3 touchdowns.

Terry McLaurin was the leading receiver for the Buckeyes, with 4 receptions, 121 yards, and 2 touchdowns, with 75 of those yards coming off of the first offensive play of the third quarter, extending the lead at the time 49 – 14.

Offensively, Ohio State was able to move as they wanted, gaining 35 first downs, and converting 12-15 third down conversions, and their lone 4th down conversion, which was a touchdown run by Master Teague.

The defense allowed Oregon State to drive over 100 yards in the first quarter, but slowed them down up unto half time. The biggest opponent for Ohio State this game wasn’t the Beavers, who have flashed a better offense than anticipated, and a credit to first year head coach Jonathan Smith, but the rain delay. Oregon State made some adjustments in their running game, and broke off two long runs in the third quarter, and were able convert a field goal after a long interception return from an errant Haskins pass. The defense was able to stop them after the third quarter, and both teams rotated their 2nd and 3rd string players after Ohio State extended its lead from 56 points to end the 3rd quarter, to 77 points.

It wasn’t the start you expected for the team after a long offseason and last real action after the Buckeyes held a high-powered USC offense to 7 points in the Cotton Bowl, but it was a nice win to start the 2018 campaign, and as the adage goes, the best thing about being 1-0 is the chance to go 2-0.

Turning Point

It wasn’t truly a close game, but the rain delay didn’t help Ohio State on the defensive side of the ball. Oregon State scored long yardage drives in quick succession at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, and brought the score closer than predicted. The defense will spend some time in the film room this week, and you can be sure Urban, who will be able to work at practices starting September 2nd, will get them focused for the next game.

Star of the Game

Dwayne Haskins. He looked sharp in his debut as the starter, and was very polished with his release and throwing motion. He is the first quarterback in Ohio State history to throw for over 300 yards and 5 touchdowns in their first career start. Honorable mention on defense would have to be Nick Bosa who had 2 fumble recoveries, 2 tackles for a loss and a touchdown.

Playoff Picture

This game won’t effect the playoff picture much, Ohio State was expected to win this one, and at times, it was closer than anticipated, but a top 4 team wins the ones they are supposed to win, and that’s all that mattered today.

Looking Ahead

Ohio State (1-0) will play Big Ten East opponent Rutgers (1-0) at home on September 8th. Kickoff time is 3:30pm.

Oregon State (0-1) will return back home to host Southern Utah (0-0) on September 8th. Kickoff time is 8pm.

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