Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – November 19, 2019

Week 3: Playoff Rankings

As expected, LSU took the top spot after their win against Alabama, and the committee admitted that it was based on their resume. This week, LSU still won big, but gave up 37 points and 613 yards. I dont think that will be enough to drop them this week, but that does seem concerning for a team trying to win a national championship. The defense is what kept Ohio State out of the playoffs last year. 

Ohio State and Clemson won convincingly, so they should remain the top 3 in the committees pool. Georgia added a big win to their resume with a win aainst Auburn, and that should keep them above most of the other 1 loss teams. They were ranked 4th in last weeks rankings, and should still head steady to that spot this week. Minnesota losing didnt hurt them, because they can still win out, but the margin is very thin.

Alabama hoping they have the same success as the 2014 edition of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Tua went out with a hip injury, and we wish him a speedy recovery. Mac Jones will be the starter the rest of the season, and Alabama hoping for some help, and they they do not miss a beat without him. 

Once more, this weeks rankings wont matter other than talking points, but this week, with the exception of championship week, will really be a separator for the playoff hopeful teams. 

How We Voted

The separation between LSU and Ohio State is very thin, however LSU has the nod for the third straight week. A win this week by Ohio State might get them a edge in our poll, and you get the sense that the real playoff committee might have a lot of discussion between these two teams. 

Clemson is a solid third place team, capturing all of the votes. They dominated against Wake Forest, but the ACC is still a weak conference, and despite how good Clemson has look, they are the lowest ranked remaining undefeated team because of their schedule. 

Oregon ranks at number 4 again, and rounds out our playoff 4. Both the Ducks and Utah will still be cheering for each other to keep the 1 in the loss column until they play each other for the PAC-12 Championship game.

Georgia makes their way into our top 6 for the first time, a win over Auburn helped their resume, and they have locked as the SEC East representative, and will most likely play LSU is the Tigers win this week. 

Alabama stays at 6, but the loss of Tua might max them out at this spot, and the fact that they do not control their fate hurts their potential playoff spot.

AndyLSUOhio StateClemsonOregonGeorgiaUtah
BrentLSUOhio StateClemsonOregonAlabamaGeorgia
CoryLSUOhio StateClemsonOregonGeorgiaUtah
GreggOhio StateLSUClemsonUtahGeorgiaOregon
JasonOhio StateLSUClemsonGeorgiaOregonAlabama
JoeOhio StateLSUClemsonOregonUtahGeorgia
JohnLSUOhio StateClemsonOregonGeorgiaAlabama
JoshOhio StateLSUClemsonGeorgiaOregonAlabama
MarkLSUOhio StateClemsonGeorgiaAlabamaUtah
PatLSUOhio StateClemsonGeorgiaPenn StateOregon
RickOhio StateLSUClemsonOregonOklahomaAlabama
StevenLSUOhio StateClemsonOregonOklahomaGeorgia
VaughnOhio StateLSUClemsonOregonGeorgiaPenn State

Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 4?


  • I think there is a great chance that solid wins over Penn State, Michigan and the West champion, they could find themselves as the #1 seed.

  • I’m with big on this one Win out with them three ranked team Ohio State has to be #1 in final polls.

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