Week 14 Predictions – 2019

Last Week:  Ohio State proved they deserve to be the #1 team in the country last week. They had a solid win over a top ten team defeating Penn State 28-17. It was not their cleanest game, giving up a couple of fumbles, including one that erased a touchdown. Yet like championship teams, they found a way to win when they were not at their best. Let’s hope they get that cleaned up before this week’s game. As for our staff predictions, we were on our game, most of us going 5-0 and a handful of 4-1 records. Steven still clings to a slight lead, with maybe 6 people that still are in striking range of the the lead. Will see how it shakes out these final two weeks.

This Week’s Games It is finally Xichigan week. This year will be the 116 meeting of between these two teams and the Buckeyes have controlled the series this century. As with many years, there is a lot on the line. A win for Ohio State and they likely hold on to the #1 spot in the playoff poll and go into Indy with momentum. A win for the Wolverines and maybe Coach Harbaugh may get to stay around a few more years. Can the Buckeyes finish what they have started in 2019?  ….  In Virginia, the rivalry is the Cavaliers and the Hokies. The winner goes the ACC championship. Can Tech send of Coach Foster with a win in his final regular conference game?  ….  In the AAC, Cincinnati continues to help the Buckeyes by winning but they will be playing a Memphis team that is actually ranked above the Bearcats. Can Coach Fickell win one more for the OSU cause?  ….  In Alabama, the rivalry is the Tide and the Tigers.  Auburn has to win so the SEC can pretend a win over them is a quality win.  Alabama has to win to still keep hopes alive for the playoffs. Or is a two lose Tide team still in the playoff hunt?  ….  In Oklahoma, the rivalry is the Sooners and the Cowboys.  Oklahoma still holds a slight hope for the playoffs but OSU will not go down easy. Can Oklahoma State pull off the upset?

Buckeye Greats:  As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the fifth straight year.

Here we go with our Week 14 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg

(1)Ohio State  @  (13)Xichigan

Andy:  This is the game every year. If you’ve been following these two teams, Ohio State has had big momentum all year and Michigan has just recently found theirs in the past five games. Michigan has quietly assembled the number four overall defense in the country, allowing just 267 yards per game by opposing offenses. And in case anybody doesn’t know Ohio State is a top 10 offense and the number 1 overall defense. I think this game will be close, I expect this will be close because of how tough this rivalry game is every year and add to that how badly Jim Harbaugh needs this one win. He beat Notre Dame and Michigan State this season.. can he beat the one team that has escaped him so far? What to look for in this game, what should you the fan watch for? I think there are two key match ups to watch. When Michigan rolls out their offense, how well can their offensive line stop or slow down the Buckeyes front seven and Chase Young? Michigan should have one of the best offensive lines in the country this year, but at times they’ve struggled and other times they’ve been really tough. The other match up to watch is Justin Fields and his receivers against the Michigan defensive backs. Defensive coordinator Don Brown recently changed the coverage schemes around to suit his current personnel and it has helped Michigan a lot the past five games. They’ve given up just 6 passing touchdowns in 5 games and haven’t allowed a single quarterback to throw for over 200 yards in those games. If Ohio State can’t establish a big running game, Justin Fields and his receivers are going to have to play great to move the Buckeye offense. I ultimately think this game will be close like the Penn State game, but Ohio State should prevail.   Ohio State 31 – Michigan 21

Bbaver:  Pick: Ohio State  

Coach Rick:  I biggest thing you cannot coach against is emotions.  This game will be full of emotions on both sides of the ball.  I think that TTUN has come a long way sense the middle of the season but Coach Day will be full of surprises.  I have OSU winning by 14 points.

Cory:  It’s easy to look at Michigan’s two losses and their narrow win over Army and say that the Wolverines are a mediocre football team. They’re not. Since losing to Penn State, the Wolverines have reeled off four blowout wins, including over Notre Dame and in-state rival Michigan State. Quarterback Shea Patterson has been playing much better recently, which is a big part of why the Wolverines are finding that success. Early on Patterson dealt with multiple injuries and inconsistency, but the turnaround in his game must be noted. If Ohio State is to remain unbeaten the Buckeyes need to do their damage on the ground. Michigan gave 359 rushing yards to Wisconsin and 200 to Army, however, they did hold Indiana under 100 rushing yards last week. Ohio State’s emphasis on running the ball on a great Penn State rush defense last week should be prelude of what’s to come this week. Hand it to J.K. Dobbins early and often, and sprinkle in a bit more Master Teague on top.   Ohio State 28, Michigan 14

Dr. Mark: OSU 34-17 over Blue team.

GreggSo much has been said about this game, just like every year. It really comes down to execution. Top to bottom Michigan is a really good team, but Ohio State is superior in almost every single position.  Both teams prepare all year for this, it comes down to execution. Coach Harbaugh is 0-4, and Ryan Day is 14-0 as a head coach.  If Ohio State fans wants both of those trends to continue, it will come down to execution.  The weather could be a factor, but OSU has proven they can execute if it becomes a running game, comes down to execution.  Both teams have a lot on the line, the Buckeyes just have more at stake.   Ohio State 31  Michigan 17

Jason: I expect Bucks to win by 3 TD’s plus.

Joe-S-U:  xxx

John: Similar to last week against Penn State, the only way I see this being closed is if Ohio State helps out xichigan by turning the ball over.  If they play a clean game, the Bucks should win big.  I’ve watched a lot of TTUN’s games this year, and the talent gap is as big as I think I’ve ever seen it in this rivalry.  This is still college football, not the NFL, so sometimes emotion can offset talent and lead to upsets, but that generally happens when the lesser team catches the superior napping.  Not gonna happen in this game, even with OSU having already locking up the Big Ten East.  I expect Ohio State to shot themselves in the foot with a turnover or two to keep xichigan in the game, but in the end, talent will win out.  Ohio State 28  Michigan 20  

Josh:   Michigan seems to be hitting their stride at the right time, and their two losses are to two teams Ohio State beat by a combined score of 66 – 24. Offensively, the Wolverines have started to roll, and Shea Patterson has thrown for 9 touchdowns in the last 2 games against Michigan State and Indiana. Harbaugh desperately needs a win, but I think the Buckeyes are too much for the Wolverines, and win this game convincingly. Ohio State 42 – Michigan 10.

Pia PeteOSU gets everything TBGUN can dish out but it won’t be enough.   OSU 35 – UM 28

PJSBuckOSU over TBGUN by 8

Steven:  Y’all remember how Don Brown brought his number one ranked defense to Columbus last year, stocked with 2 future first round NFL draft picks?  How’d that turn out?  This year’s Wolverine defense may not be chock full of stars, but they are talented, and may be a better cohesive unit than last year’s squad.  They are currently 13th in pass defense, 5th in rushing defense which is good for 4th in total and 10th in scoring D.  (OSU is 1, 5, 1 & 1 in those same categories). Their defense is statistically better than Penn State’s, so this might end up being another grind it out for points kinda game.  If we are limited in our abilty to score, we better sure as shinloa eliminate turnovers and do our best to keep them out the end zone, which the Bucks can do. I think we’re all in agreement that with our front seven Shea Patterson doesn’t scare us much. That being said, let’s look at our “weakness”, the run defense. Can TTUN hurt us running the ball? This year the Wolverines are rushing for 155 yards per contest with their leading rusher carving it up to the tune of 58 yards per game. HMMM, queue Richard Dawson… “Survey says!”  “X”.  As past participants are fond of saying, this will be the hardest fought, most hard-hitting match of the regular season (Chase Young shall provide the measuring stick in the hard-hitting category).  What will tilt the contest in the Buckeyes favor will be the depth at the skill positions. After a steady diet of JK Dobbins, a Master Teague chaser is just the palate cleanser to salt away a win in the 4th quarter.  On to Indy. OSU 38-15.   

Trout: I believe Ohio State will win this game. However, I don’t think it will be an easy victory. I’m not really believing the hype with Michigan. They are clearly better than they were in the early parts of the season, but I still don’t think they are on the level of Ohio State. Their biggest win is from a lackluster Notre Dame team. And their 3 victories since then, are a horrible Maryland team, and dreadful Sparty team, and a surprisingly decent, but not great Indiana team. When facing the other good teams in the conference, they have lost. One being a complete dismantling from Wisconsin.  The only reason I see this game being close, is because of the rivalry. This is the biggest rivalry in sports, and both teams usually put out all the stops. Granted, there are times, when Ohio State has completely dominated the Wolverines, but most of the time in recent memory, the games have been dangerously close. And it also doesn’t help that its in the Big House this year. having said all that, I still think Justin Fields and JK Dobbins are going to have big days offensively. And I can see Chase young disrupting Shea Patterson all day. Look for him to add a few more sacks to his record. In the end, the game will be close with both teams giving it their all. However, Ohio State is more talented and they will find a way win this game, and end the regular season at 12-0.  (Ohio State, 35-27)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83) Michigan fans have been making references to 1969 when Bo Schembechler’s response to a 1968 butt-kicking was a 24-12 upset of the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor during his first year at the helm. Two big differences: This is Ryan Day’s first year and getting your Hope’s up after yesterday’s slight falter is futile. Our DBs will be tested by Michigan’s receiver, but that opens the door for Chase Young and company. I suspect Ryan Day will bring the offense back from its 1-game suspension and unleash the hounds. Ohio State dashes the hopes of many a Wolverine fan 48-10

Final Score: Ohio State 56   Michigan 27

(24)Virginia Tech  @  Virginia 

Andy:  I really like Virginia in this game for a few reasons. Number one is they have a very solid defense (number 22 overall in the country) allowing just over 5 yards per play. The area of concern for the Cavaliers defense is that their scoring defense is 38th best in the country, allowing 33 TDS by their opponents in 11 games so far. Virginia Tech is only 5 spots better for scoring defense at the 33rd spot. Typically in these end of season games during rivalry week I like the team will allow less touchdowns. Both teams sit at the same record on the year of 8-3 however Virginia Tech right now is the hotter of the two, coming off of a shut out over Pitt just last week. I expect this game to be close.   Virginia Tech 28 – Virginia 24

Bbaver:  Pick: Virginia

Coach Rick: I think that these two teams are pretty equal. I a game like this, I would give the home team the edge, but I think that Virginia Tech is just a little better. The have Virginia Tech winning by 10.

Cory:  After a 4-0 start Virginia then lost three of its next four games and things looked bleak for the Cavaliers. Luckily, a light schedule allowed them to rebound with three consecutive wins heading in this week’s game with Virginia Tech. The Cavaliers will need all the momentum they can get to take down their rival in the Commonwealth Cup this week. Virginia Tech has won 19 of the last 20 meetings between the two teams, with Virginia’s only win during that span coming in 2003. The Hokies enter this game on a three-game winning streak of their own wins over Wake Forest and a shutout of Pitt. This game will be close as both teams play good defense, but the Hokies should edge by in the end.  Virginia Tech 17, Virginia 13

Dr. Mark: Virginia Tech. 35-31

GreggIn week 1 of the season, I picked the Cavaliers to win the Coastal division and I am sticking with them in the final week. It has been 15 years since Virginia has beat the Hokies and they are hungry to break that streak this year in front of the home crowd. If they can get the in it will be the seventh team to win the division is as many years. It will be the final regular season ACC game for Defensive genius Bud Foster who I think has been at Virginia Tech since two years before the school was founded. That may give them some emotion but I don’t think it will be enough to get the win.  Virginia goes on to be a three score underdog to Clemson next week for the ACC title.   Virginia 28  Virginia 24

JohnSo which team wants to be teed up as the sacrificial lamb for Clemson in the ACC title game next week?  Tech is a three point favorite, but the game is at UVa.  I’ve pretty much given up watching ACC football – outside of Clemson there is just no one compelling enough to hold my interest.  For no reason in particular I’m going with the Cav’s in a mild upset.  Try not to take your beatdown next week too personally.  Virginia 31  Virginia Tech 28

Josh Virginia Tech now sits as the only other ACC team in the CFP top 25 not not named Clemson. The winner of this rivalry will have the chance to face Clemson for the ACC Championship. Virginia Tech has turned a corner, and their defense has been playing lights out. I think they can force  the Cavaliers to become one dimensional, and score enough on offense to punch their ticket. Plus I think they are the best team to challenge the Tigers at this point in their conference.  Virginia Tech 28 – Virginia 21

Pia PeteFlip a coin.  Cavs 17 – Hokies 14

PJSBuckVirginia over V. Tech

Steven:  If you watch this game, you a) are an alum of either school, b) can’t find anything else better to watch.  What, Dr. Pimple Popper not on?  VT 31-21.

Trout: Looking at the stat line for both teams, they seem pretty even. Both score a little over 30 a game, while only giving up around 22. Both average about 381 yards in offense. This game is a toss up if I’ve ever seen one. So, if I have to pick a team, I will go with the Cavaliers of Virginia. Statistically, their defense is slightly better than the Hokies. This game will be a close, low scoring affair. Neither team is a really powerhouse. I see the difference in the final score being less than a touchdown, potentially with Virginia winning it on a last second field goal. The Cavaliers score just enough points to sneak by Virginia Tech, and move on to the ACC Championship. In which the will be destroyed by Clemson. (Virginia, 17-14)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Virginia Tech has been playing really well in recent game while Virginia has struggled at times. Bud Foster retires as a win in this regional rivalry and the VA Tech beats Virginia 31-28.

Final Score:  Virginia 39   Virginia Tech 30

(19)Cincinnati  @  (17)Memphis

Andy:  The Bearcats have only lost one game all season, that is to number 1 Ohio State in the second game of the season. These two teams are only separated by three spots for total defense, with Memphis at # 42 and Cincinnati at # 45. The HUGE difference in this game is the difference between overall offense with Cincinnati as the 92 best (or worst overall offense) and Memphis as the 10th best overall offense in the country. With a difference that large, I believe there are going to be many more scoring opportunities for Memphis in this game unless Cincinnati manages to snag a lot of turnovers in this game.   Memphis 31 – Cincinnati 21

Bbaver:  Pick: Memphis

Coach Rick: This is going to be a great and a lot closer than the odds makers have it. Memphis only loss is to Temple and Cincinnati’s is to then number 1 team in the country. Cincinnati beat Temple in a great game. I personally think the Cincinnati will pull off the upset and beat Memphis and is one of the most underrated teams this season. I have Cincinnati winning by 7.

Cory:  A meeting between two AAC teams is normally not a game worth watching, however, this week’s game between Cincinnati and Memphis should be highly entertaining. Statistically, it should even be close. The Tigers offense is putting up massive numbers, with quarterback Brady White already over 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns, and the team combining for over 2,000 rushing yards. But there is something about this Cincinnati team that is hard to measure in numbers, and that’s toughness. The Bearcats have been in four one-score games and so far their only loss came to unbeaten Ohio State. This is one of those games you’ll need to watch until the end as it should be very exciting, but Cincinnati’s experience in close games gives them the edge.

Cincinnati 35, Memphis 31

Dr. MarkCincy 38-35, this should be fun game

Gregg It has been a great season for Coach Fickell and the Bearcats. It has really been a streak that started last season, as this is the second year in a row Cincinnati rattled off 10 wins. They have also already clinched a spot in the AAC championship game. However, they are playing this week the second best team they have faced all year. At the beginning of the season, there only were seven teams that Vegas had favored to win EVERY game. Memphis was one of those teams. The Tigers have lived up to the hype as they are a two point loss to Temple from being unbeaten on the year. I love what the win would mean for Coach Fickell and his program but I think their bubble bursts this week. Memphis comes out will a close win to set up the rematch between these two teams next week.  Memphis 41  Cincinnati 38 

John: I would really like to see Cincinnati get the “W” here because 1) Coach Fickle and 2) it helps the national narrative with regard to OSU v. LSU. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it.  While I’ll be rooting for the Bearcats, I think the Tigers at home are just too much.  Memphis 35  Cincinnati 21

Josh:  Memphis will have the home field advantage and has been one of the better offenses this season. Cincinnati has clinched their division for the AAC, and if they don’t want to play Memphis twice in a row, they need to win this game, which emend they will need to find some offense. I think they have the defense to slow down the Tigers, and win a close one this week, to move to 11-1.   Cincinnati 21 – Memphis 17

Pia PeteThe Bearcats make it to 11 wins.  Nati 21 – Memphis 17

PJSBuck: Memphis over Cincinnati

Steven:  Like most Buckeye fans, I have enjoyed the heck out of coach Fickell’s tremendous year coaching the Bearcats.  Every win where they squeak by lesser opponents and by proxy bolster Ohio State’s resume just warms the heart.  The Bearcats really  have been living quite the charmed life.  This week, their luck runs out.  Against a real team squeaking by ain’t gonna cut it. They cannot play down to the competition and just get by.  Memphis is too good.  If they do pull it off and eventually go on win the AAC, put Luke up for coach if the year.  He and PJ Fleck can wrestle for it.  Memphis 27-24.

Trout: It may be because a Buckeye fan and and a UC alum, I want them to do well, but I see the Bearcats pulling off this upset. Memphis is clearly the better team offensively, but I have a feeling the Cincinnati can hang with them. It will be close. I don’t see the Bearcats winning this game by a huge margin. If they win, it will be by dome heroics in the fourth quarter, to get them a few points ahead. I see the game being a relatively low scoring game, with both teams scoring in the 20s. However, the Bearcats score some late points, and upset the Tigers. (Cincinnati, 28-27)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83) I have enjoyed  watching Luke win this season even when it seemed all hope was lost. I can’t go against him now either. Cincinnati beats Memphis 27-24.

Final Score: Memphis 34   Cincinnati 24

(5)Alabama  @  (15)Auburn

Andy:  The good ole Iron Bowl. I love this game, it is one of my favorite rivalries in the south. Earlier in the season I think most people would have scored this one a blow out. However with star Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa going down with a bad hip injury this game is looking more competitive each day. I think the other thing to consider is not just that Tua isn’t healthy, but that Alabama has had health issues all season. They have 4 true freshman starting in their front seven on defense, something Nick Saban hardly ever has to deal with. With so many younger players starting and this game being on the road, could there be a chance for War Eagle to win this one? Auburn true freshman Bo Nix has played well for a freshman, but ultimately he doesn’t look that comfortable throwing the football yet. These teams are literally tied for the 11th best scoring defense in the country, but the difference between their offenses is night and day. Auburn is currently ranked as the 55th best overall offense in the country, averaging over 5.6 yards per play. Alabama on the other hand is currently ranked as 7th best overall offense in the country averaging just under 8 yards per play on offense. I also believe they have the best receiving corps in college football lead by Jerry Juedy, Henry Ruggs, Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith. I think the Alabama receivers vs the Auburn secondary is the matchup to watch on Saturday. I have this game being close seeing as how Auburn is at home.   Alabama 24 – Auburn 17

Bbaver:  Pick: Alabama

Coach Rick: I think the odds makers have done their homework in this game and is a coin flip game. I think Auburn will win in a game that will be defensive battle. I have Auburn winning by 3.

Cory:  Normally I would not put much though behind Auburn winning this game, however, the devastating hip injury to Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has changed that. Sure, Mac Jones looked good last week throwing for 275 yards and three touchdowns but that came against a three-win Western Carolina team. Playing at Auburn is going to be a much tougher test. The thing with Auburn is, the offense has struggled to get first downs when it matters. Look at the team’s losses to Florida, Georgia and LSU and you’ll see the Tigers struggled to move the ball with consistency. Regardless of the quarterback situation at Alabama, the Crimson Tide still have an elite defense and one that shouldn’t have much trouble shutting Auburn down.   Alabama 24, Auburn 14

Dr. Mark Alabama 28-21 but want Auburn

GreggIf defense win championships, defense can win Iron Bowls. With the injuries that Alabama has on that side of the ball, playing so many young players, Auburn may have the better defense.  Add to the fact that Tua is out, Mac is in, I think the Tigers win this one.  It will not be the popular pick but I just don’t thing the Tide will win.  But even if they do win, they do not deserve to be in the playoffs.   Auburn 14  Alabama 13

John: I would love to be able to find some reason to like Auburn in this one.  The fact that ‘Bama is without Tua helps, and the game is at The Plaines, but Auburn’s offense is, well, offensive, and while Alabama’s D isn’t a typical Alabama D, it’s still pretty darn good.  Alabama 24  Auburn 17

JoshThis will be Alabama’s last chance to impress the playoff committee as they will not have a chance to compete for a conference championship. With Mac Jones, he can be serviceable, but Auburn has a good defense. I think the Tigers will challenge the Crimson Tide, but I think Alabama finds a way to win, but not impressive enough to be on the bubble for the 5th spot in the playoff.  Alabama 35 – Auburn 28 

Pia PeteAlabama edges Auburn   Bama 42 – Tigers 37

PJSBuck: Alabama over Auburn

Steven:  It sucks to say it, but Alabama really is one of the best teams in college football right now, even without Tua.  Even so, they are far from the most deserving with their embrace of a non-conference schedule that would embarrass the Girl Scouts.  To the players, though, it doesn’t matter who you play, just how you play ’em.  Those kids don’t get to choose who they face each week.  They just go to work and maul the competition.  Too bad Alabama doesn’t have the chance to meet Georgia this year.  I’m pretty sure they’d crush them too.  Oh well, they can sit back and watch LSU do it for them. This week all Alabama has to worry about is the Iron Bowl. Tide QB Mac Jones can play well enough for a win throwing less than 20 passes. Alabama’s D bottles up Bo Nix and gives the Playoff Committee a lot to think about.   Tide 48-19.

Trout: I am going to with the Tide in this game. It will be a close one. With Tua out, it limits the explosiveness of the Alabama offense. But, the backs and receivers around Mac Jones are still better than what Auburn currently has. I don’t understand why people are still high on Auburn. They are a 3 loss football team, and their signature win against Oregon is now not looking so great, due to the Ducks getting embarrassed by ASU last week. All Mac Jones has to is run the offense and not make mistakes. the Crimson Tide, with all they’re play makes should still be able to move the ball effectively. Auburn will score some points, but I think Alabama’s defense will be able to limit the damage. it may be closer than most Tide fans would want, but Alabama wins this game and keeps their slim playoff hopes alive. (Alabama, 26-19)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83) I know weird things happen in this game, but I don’t see Auburn bringing punch to the fight this year. Alabama downs Auburn 45-21.

Final Score:  Auburn 48   Alabama 45 

(7)Oklahoma  @  (21)Oklahoma State

Andy:  This game has been close in the past. I don’t foresee this being a close game this year. Sooners quarterback Jalen Hurts is having a Heisman like season throwing and running the football. He has completed nearly 63% of his passes for just under 2,800 yards and 23 passing touchdowns, while also rushing for 1,156 yards and 17 touchdowns. He has been a walking highlight reel this season for Oklahoma. On the Cowboys side of the ball, they have their own stud in running back Chubba Hubbard who is the leading rusher in the nation with 1,832 yards on 285 carries and 20 rushing touchdowns. The good news for Oklahoma State is that the Sooners are currently ranked as the 45th best rush defense in the country, allowing an average of 4.21 yards per carry to opposing runners and surrendering 17 rushing touchdowns on the season. If Hubbard and the Cowboys can slowly grind down the clock and keep Oklahoma’s offense on the bench as long as possible that is their path to victory. But I don’t see them winning. Oklahoma has the #1 overall offense in the country and has shown the ability to move the ball almost at will when needed.   Oklahoma 31 – Oklahoma State 24  

Bbaver:  Pick: Oklahoma 

Coach Rick: I do not think that this will be much of a game. Oklahoma will win with ease. I have Oklahoma winning by 17.

Cory:  For some teams on the outside of the playoff bubble, style points matter and that’s the case for Oklahoma. The Sooners not only need to win their next two games but they need to look good doing it. That shouldn’t be much of an issue this week against Oklahoma State. The Cowboys are 8-3 and ranked, however, if you look at their schedule their best win was over Iowa State. Running back Chuba Hubbard is a monster and will need to be contained, but that shouldn’t be too difficult since Oklahoma can focus on him. Cowboys quarterback Spencer Sanders has a big arm but is very inconsistent as he’s got just 16 touchdowns against 11 interceptions. This Oklahoma State team can’t quite put points on the board like their teams in recent years could. Expect the Sooners to remain in the playoff hunt.   Oklahoma 42, Oklahoma State 28

Dr. Mark Sooners 42-31

Gregg I want Oklahoma to win, as I think they are the better team, but i think Baylor beats either one in the championship Jalen Hurts has a huge game, maybe gives the Heisman voters something to think about besides Joe Burrow. If the Cowboys are going to have a chance, Chuba Hubbard needs his own Heisman showcase game.   Oklahoma 45  Okahoma State 35

John: –  Big favorites on the road in a rivalry game.  Kind of a theme this week.  Similar to Ohio State, Oklahoma has already wrapped up a spot in their conference championship game.  Unlike Ohio State, OU has no margin for error if they still dream of a playoff spot.  No one has really  been able to slow down Jalen Hurt this year.  This game should be no different.  Oklahoma 42  Oklahoma State 31

Josh:  Oklahoma clinched their spot in the Big 12 Championship in a rematch with Baylor, but this game is for pride. Chuba Hubbard for the Cowboys leads the country in rushing yards, and has been a change of pace to a traditionally pass happy offense. Even after coming back to beat Baylor Oklahoma has had issues with turnovers, and their defense is giving up yardage in chunks. I think this game will be one of the close games of the day, and I like the Cowboys to beat Oklahoma in an upset.   Oklahoma State 24 – Oklahoma 21

Pia Pete: OU gets a scare but makes a final push for the playoffs.  OU 24 – OSU 17

PJSBuckOklahoma over Oklahoma State

Steven:  Jalen Hurts is playing at such a high level right now it is tough to comprehend how Oklahoma lost to Kansas State.  Oh yeah, Hurts (and Oklahoma for that matter) doesn’t play defense.  No worries this week.  Okie State will have trouble keeping up with the Sooner offense.  OU 44-28.

Trout: The Sooners should win this game. On paper they are the better team. But, I know they will make it extra complicated for themselves. They will make dumb mistakes and turn the ball over, and allow the Cowboys to stay in this game longer than they should. It should be your standard Big 12 shootout, with both teams scoring 40+ points. I can even see a scenario where the Cowboys take the lead, and Oklahoma has to claw their way back to get the lead, much like they did with Baylor. Oklahoma wins this game, but it is done is a bad, mistake filled performance. (Oklahoma, 49-48)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Bedlam is another regional rivalry game featuring Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma is playing well, but they face the Cowboys on their field. While I am not going for the upset it will be a  close, whoever has the ball last,  game. Oklahoma prevails over Oklahoma State 45-42. 

Final Score:  Oklahoma 34   Oklahoma State 16 

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