Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – December 3, 2019

Week 5: Playoff Rankings

In a surprise turn from the committee, they moved Ohio State back to first place after their win against Penn State. Rob Mullens, the chair, indicated that the Buckeyes moved back up to the top spot with equal amounts of ranked wins as LSU, but they have been complete every week, and beating teams in double digits. The question I would like to know, and what I think everyone would like to know is how close are Ohio State and LSU in the committees eyes? That will be the question again this week. Ohio State was able to record another top 25 win in an emphatic way by beating Michigan 56-27.

LSU, who moved to 2nd, had a big win too this week against Texas A&M. Even though the Aggies are not ranked, LSU played its most complete game by winning 50-7 and holding the Aggies under 200 yards of total offense. They will get a chance to notch another top 10 win this week as they play Georgia in the SEC Championship game, Georgia, was ranked 4th and has a chance to secure a spot in the college football playoff with a win this weekend. They will be without 3 of their key players on offense.

Clemson dominated once more, winning 38-3 over rival South Carolina. They have also looked like one of the best teams, and Trevor Lawerence has passed for 17 touchdowns and 0 touchdowns in the last 7 games. Their only weakness is their resume, and they do not have a top 25 win this season. However, this is a year that having the number 1 seed will be important because whoever gets the 2nd seed is most likely going to have to face Clemson, who has a good chance to beat Virginia in the ACC Championship game. 

There are a few things that will make things for the committee a little clearer though. Alabama lost to Auburn in the Iron Bowl, which clears them out of any debate if they could make the playoff over a 1 loss PAC-12 or Big 12 Champion. Minnesota’s season also ended in a bad note, with the loss to Wisconsin, they are eliminated from any playoff discussion. We will post an article about the playoff later this week about potential scenarios. With Alabama and Minnesota losing, it would be easy to see the committee keeping the top 4 the same, and moving up Utah, Oklahoma, and Baylor as the next three teams fighting for the final playoff spot.

How We Voted

Buckeye50 Playoff Poll – For the first time, and like the College Football Playoff Committee, we moved Ohio State up to first place, but LSU is still getting a few votes. LSU moved down to the second spot, and has a chance to move back up depending on how they play this weekend against Georgia. Clemson remains at 3 based on being undefeated, but playing one of the weaker schedules of the top 6 teams. Georgia moves up the the 4th spot, and if they beat LSU this week, con make a claim for 3rd place. 

Oklahoma and Utah are the bubble teams that have a chance to win their respective conferences. If they win, and Georgia loses to LSU, the debate for the committee will be who will be the 4th place team. 

AndyLSUOhio StateClemsonGeorgiaUtahOklahoma
BrentOhio StateLSU ClemsonGeorgiaOklahomaUtah
CoryLSUOhio StateClemsonGeorgiaUtahOklahoma
GreggOhio StateLSUClemsonUtahGeorgiaOklahoma
JasonOhio StateLSUClemsonGeorgiaUtahOklahoma
JohnOhio StateLSUClemsonOklahomaGeorgiaBaylor
JoshOhio StateLSUClemsonGeorgiaUtahOklahoma
MarkLSUOhio StateClemsonUtahOklahomaBaylor
PatOhio StateLSUGeorgiaOklahomaClemsonUtah
RickOhio StateLSUClemsonOklahomaUtahBaylor
StevenOhio StateLSUClemsonOklahomaGeorgiaUtah
VaughnOhio StateLSUClemsonUtahOklahomaGeorgia

Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 4?

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