Week 15 Predictions – 2019

Last Week:  Make it eight wins in as Ohio State once again defeats the Wolverines. The 56-27 victory clearly cemented the Buckeyes 1st place ranking in the college football playoff poll. Both Justin Fields and JK Dobbins had 4 TD’s each as the offense continues to shine.  In fact, in the past two years Ohio State has had 24 offensive drives, in which they have scored 15 touchdowns.  Enough said. As for our staff predictions, going into this last week, Steven and Pat our tied on top the leaderboard at 57-14. We will see if this week who finishes with the crown. Brent, John and Trout are right on their heels so championship week could be exciting for Buckeye 50 as well as the Buckeyes.  

This Week’s Games It is championship week, and a lot of the games we are reviewing this week will look familiar. That is for two main reasons. First, four of Ohio State’s opponents are now playing in conference championships, so we should be somewhat used to those clubs by now. Second, three of the five games we are reviewing are actual rematches from earlier this season. Playoff implications are on the line, who will EARN the right to football’s final four?

Buckeye Greats:  As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the fifth straight year.

Here we go with our Week 15 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg 

(1)Ohio State  vs.  (8)Wisconsin

Andy:  We had the fortune of already seeing this match up earlier in the season. That game was in the worst conditions Ohio State played in all season. Despite that, the Buckeyes found a way to not only control the lines of scrimmage, but they also dominated the Badgers on the perimeter. I think the receivers have only played better for Ohio State down the stretch here. I do think it is not wise to underestimate the Wisconsin coaching staff, defensive coordinator Jim Leonard is a stud, but Wisconsin actually has a capable quarterback this season in Jack Coan. Both teams boast top 10 defenses, the difference is Ohio State also has a top 10 offense and two of the best offensive play makers in the country right now with quarterback Justin Fields and running back J.K. Dobbins. I see a similar fate to the last game, possibly even more high scoring considering this game will be played in doors and the weather will not be a factor for either team.   Ohio State 45 – Wisconsin 17

Bbaver:  Pick: Ohio State – I think the Bucks are in for another similar game with Wisconsin with the Badgers holding their own early, while OSU exploits them late. The fast track indoors in Indy should allow Ohio St to show off their athleticism a bit more this time around. I have it Ohio St 42 Wisconsin 21. 

Coach Rick:  I really do not think this is going to be a good game, as OSU needs a big win and will get it.  This game is for placement and Coach Day will make a statement.  I have OSU winning by 28 points.

Cory:  It would be easy to look at the score of the game when Ohio State beat Wisconsin 38-7 on Oct. 26 and say the Buckeyes will roll the Badgers again, but you have to think there will be more fight in them this time. Wisconsin is a good team. The Badgers controlled the game start to finish against Minnesota last week, and similar to Ohio State they dominated Michigan. The key to this game will be the ability to run the football. In the previous meeting Ohio State rushed for 264 yards and three touchdowns to Wisconsin’s 83 yards and no scores. J.K Dobbins had two of his biggest games of the season in the last two weeks, going for 211 yards and four touchdowns against Michigan and 157 yards and two touchdowns against Penn State. Also, he put up 163 yards and two scores against Wisconsin in October. Expect more of a fight from Wisconsin this time around, but the result will remain the same.   Ohio State 35, Wisconsin 17

Dr. MarkOSU 38-20 I think Dobbins and the O Line will be angry that JK didn’t get mentioned as one of the best RB’s in the Big Ten. If the Bucks get out to an early lead I think the win will be assured – if Wisconsin keeps it close for 3 quarters- then it all rests on the D and the pass rush.     

GreggIt is never easy to beat a team a second time but the Buckeyes need to do that if the want to head to the playoffs on the right foot AND win the Big Ten title. Everyone knows who the big players are in this game. I think it comes down to which team has matured and grown the most since the last contest. The score in October was lopsided but it was actually close into the third quarter.  I think both teams look good but OSU once again comes out on top, just not 59-0.   Ohio State 41  Wisconsin 21

John:  I have struggled a lot with this pick, as I don’t see this being as one-sided a game as may do.  I’ve done a little research;  rematches in college football in the same season aren’t all that common – it looks like under thirty.  About half the time, the team that lost the first game wins the rematch.  Ohio State has only a rematch once previous to this.  In 1975 the Bucks went to LA and beat UCLA.  The #1 Buckeyes faced the Bruins again in the 1976 Rose Bowl, and lost, costing Woody a national title.  Many thought at the time that Hayes would have retired had OSU won that game.  My biggest concern going into this one is Justin Fields knee and how the sprained MCL will limit him in the running game.  In the first meeting, Fields carried the ball 13 times for 28 yards and a score.  That’s not a lot of yards, but it was enough to force the UW defense to respect him as a runner, which helped open up holes for Dobbins.  If that threat is gone, then UW can just focus on stopping Dobbins and Ohio State’s explosive offense becomes rather one dimensional.  It is also doubtful that Ohio State duplicates the feat of holding Jonathan Taylor to 52 yards a no scores.  Coupled with an improved Badger passing attack, I think this one will be close.  I learned long ago that in picking games my Buckeye fandom limits my objectivity.  I still picking the Bucks to win, but absolute would not be stunned in Wisconsin pulls the upset.  Ohio State 24  Wisconsin 21

Josh:   This game will be one of three rematches for championship weekend. This first game was played in Columbus under wet and cold conditions. This second game should favor the Buckeyes despite this one not being played at home. This will be Ohio States 5th trip to Indy, and Wisconsin’s 6th. I like the Buckeyes still in this rematch without the issues of the weather, and this will allow the Buckeye speed to show. This is a real talent discrepancy between these two teams, and Ohio State will show that with their skill positions. Justin Fields will have a great game, and Dobbins will prove once more why he is the best running back in the Big Ten. Ohio State 52 – Wisconsin 17.

Pia Pete Can the Bucks beat the Badgers twice in a single season?   OSU 44 – UW 34

PJSBuckIF there is anyone I want to beat-down twice in the same year it is the slimy badgers.  I think OSU uses this as a pound-your-chest game and rip the idiots to shreds.  Final score is OSU 53 Badger 13

Steven:   As long as Chase Young doesn’t try that crawling over the opposing line attempting to block a kick garbage, incurring a penalty and extending Badger drives this one should go according to Hoyle. Wisconsin’s stellar running back Jonathan Taylor will be tough to contain, but that should really be job number one as QB Jack Coan is less scary than Shea Patterson. It may not be 59-0, but it could be close. OSU goes up early and calls off the dogs in the 4th.  OSU 49-24

Trout:  Ohio State should win this game. I don’t see it being the blow out that it was earlier in the year, but I do think the Buckeyes in by double digits. I mainly think that because its hard to beat a team twice in 1 year. I think Wisconsin is going to have a better game plan on how to handle Ohio State. But, it won’t be enough. The talent gap is just too wide. Even with Johnathan Taylor, Wisconsin just can hang with the Buckeyes for 4 quarters. It may be a bit if a struggle for a while, but Dobbins and Fields will be able to wear down the Badger defense and put up some points. I also see Chase Young getting back to his normal routine and cause problems for Coan. I see the Badgers putting up a better fight than what they did in October, but it wont be enough to topple Ohio State. The Buckeyes remain unbeaten as the enter the playoffs. (Ohio State, 38-20)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83): It’s tough to beat the same team twice in the same season. Especially when Wisconsin has a chance to make adjustments. However, the Buckeyes also have a chance to improve upon their earlier performance. While I don’t see them holding Jonathan Taylor to a season low rushing yards again, I do see them containing him. Another thing I see is Ryan Day wearing a lead boot and keeping that foot on the accelerator. The Buckeyes defeat the Badgers 48-10.

Final Score:  Ohio State 34   Wisconsin 21

(5)Utah  vs.  (13)Oregon 

Andy:  Utah has been one of my favorite teams to watch all season. They remind me some of the old Jim Tressel teams, having an elite defense and an offense with a good mobile quarterback and a quick running back. Utah currently has the 3rd overall defense in the country, they’re only giving up on average 4.2 yards per play on offense, but boast the nations 3rd best overall scoring defense only allowing on average 11.30 points scored against per game. I do think that quarterback Tyler Huntley and running back Zack Moss will need big games here if this becomes any kind of offensive shootout with Oregon. The Ducks boast the 10th best scoring defense in the country and 27th best overall offense in the country. Oregon has played against one elite defense this year when they faced off against Auburn and lost in the last 9 seconds of regulation. I expect this game to be a similar affair as Utah is built somewhat similar to Auburn on offense, they have a mobile quarterback and solid run offense that moves behind a physical line. How well will Ducks quarterback Justin Herbert be able to play? Lately he shows up to games in the 2nd half with most of his production. I expect to see Utah jump out to an early lead and hold it for a close game.  Utah 27 – Oregon 24

Bbaver:  Pick: Utah

Coach Rick: I think this game is is going to be a real close with Utah coming out on top. Being it is a close game, Utah will drop in the polls to 5th and take themselves out of the Championship Series. I have Utah winning by 3.

Cory:  Right now, Utah is on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs, but that could change this week with a big win over Oregon. The Ducks did the Utes no favors losing to Arizona State two weeks ago, but Utah still is in a good position assuming they can actually win this week. Though Oregon may not be as elite as advertised the Ducks still pose a great challenge for Utah. Quarterback Justin Herbert is considered to be a top-10 draft pick next April, and the Ducks have a good defense as well. The problem is that while Herbert is very talented he has not played well the last two weeks. In the loss to the Sun Devils he completed just 55 percent of his passes and had two interceptions, and against a bad Oregon State defense last week he managed just 174 yards and one touchdown. Utah has a good defense as well, as the Utes have given up just 10.7 points per game this season.   Utah 24, Oregon 14

Dr. MarkUtah 42-35  Utah is a complete team but this is the Biggest game they may have ever played – How will they respond on Friday night with the whole country watching?     

GreggUtah is very under-rated, Oregon is playing for pride only.  Kyle knows what is at stake and will take care of business.   Utah 24  Oregon 17

John:   For the Pac 12 to have any shot at having a team in the playoff, Utah needs to win this one.  The Ute’s have been fairly stout on D.   With the exception of the lone loss at USC early in the year, their only close game was a win at Washington, which is historically a tough place for visiting teams to get a win at.  Oregon’s O is not the prolific scoring offense of recent years, but they can still put points on the board, scoring 30+ in 8 games this year.  Should be a good one.  I like Utah to keep the slim CFP hopes of the Pac12 alive.  Utah 38  Oregon 31

Josh:   This will be the best test for the Utes this season, as they have not had to play an offense as good as the Ducks this season, but Utah has the best chance for the PAC-12 to make the playoff after being left out for the last two seasons. Utah has one of the best defenses in the country. At best, Oregon can win to make a trip to the Rose Bowl to play potentially Minnesota or Penn State if Wisconsin loses. I like Utah in this one though as Huntley and Moss are playing at a high level. Utah 28 – Oregon 21.

Pia Pete:  Utah’s offense looked lethargic and Oregon is pretty good.   Utes 21 – Ducks 20

PJSBuckGood game to tape!   I think Oregon wins this due to home field but otherwise is toss-up game.  Oregon by a hair.  

Steven:  Utah’s defense is statistically top 10 in the country, but they split the two games they have played against top 20 offenses, beating Washington and losing to USC. Oregon currently sits 27th in overall offense gaining 452 yards and 36 points per game. Utah can score with the Ducks but are stingier on defense. This is not the high-flying (pun not-really intended) Ducks of the Chip Kelly era. They are much more traditional and don’t seem to pressure and leverage opposing defenses like those past teams. As such, they could be bottled up by the Utes defense. This one should be close. Utah pulls it out 35-33.

Trout:  On paper, these teams are very similar. I wouldn’t be surprised with either team winning this game. But, if I have to choose a winner, I think I have to go with the Utes. Besides a weird blip against USC, Ute has been playing consistently well. They are flashy like the Buckeyes or LSU, but they have been able to handle themselves through the topsy-turvy PAC-12 conference. Oregon has done well, but they also recently lost to a middling Arizona State team. I think it will be a tight game, with both teams putting up a decent amount of points. However, I think the Utah does just a little more, and defeat the Ducks. Utah wins the PAC-12 and helps embolden their campaign for the College Football Playoff. (Utah, 36-28)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83): I am not convinced Utah’s defense is as elite as some make it out to be. Oregon’s offense is clearly not performing to the level that an overhyped quarterback would warrant either. I do know that Utah is hungry and they have opportunity to prove they are worthy of such a lofty ranking. I am taking the Utes over the Ducks 28-24.

Final Score:  Utah 15   Oregon 37 

(4)Georgia  vs.  (2)LSU

Andy:  Georgia has played clumsy on offense most of the year. The Bulldogs have one of the best tail backs in the nation in D’Andre Swift and hardly utilize him to his full potential. On top of that they lost their most productive and big play threat receiver Lawrence Cager due to an ankle injury. If you’ve watched Georgia play much this season, quarterback Jake Fromm has played very underwhelming football this year. He has consistently struggled throwing the deep ball and struggles greatly in the red zone. Georgia does boast the 4th best overall defense in the country and 2nd best scoring defense in the country and that is the only reason this team is ranked in the top 5 right now, because their offense aside from their offensive line stinks. LSU on the other hand the other hand boast the nations 2nd overall offense lead by quarterback Joe Burrow who is having a banner year for all quarterbacks. If you haven’t read any of my previous write ups, Joe Burrow is the engine driving LSU this season. He has thrown for over 4,300 yards and 44 passing touchdowns, only throwing 6 interceptions. Most crazy of all is his completion percentage which is over 78% for the entire season. He has a chance to break the former season record held by Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. If you’ve watched LSU’s close games this season, the reason they’ve won those games is because Joe Burrow has been able to lead the 2 minute offense both on the road and at home against top 10, top 15 defenses. With the recent emergence of tail back Clyde Edwards-Helaire who has been on an absolute tear since the middle of October is the reason why LSU’s offense has been so well balanced. You can’t just hope to stop or slow down the pass, now you have Edwards-Helaire gashing defense and racking up touchdowns. I think LSU just has too much firepower here and Georgia in no way shape or form can afford to get into any kind of offensive shoot out with any team. If Georgia can’t keep LSU under three scores, they have NO CHANCE in this game.   LSU 38 – Georgia 17

Bbaver:  Pick: LSU

Coach Rick:  I do not see this as a game and LSU wins big.  

Cory:  Everybody knows about how good LSU is offensively this year considering quarterback Joe Burrow is the Heisman front-runner, but what about the defense? The Tigers have been criticized at times due to giving up 38 points to Vanderbilt, 37 to Ole Miss, and 20 to Arkansas so let’s give the Tigers a little bit of credit for last week where they held Texas A&M to just seven points. Georgia has some good wins, however, they are still searching for consistency on offense. The Bulldogs have scored more than 30 points just four times this season, and of those four only one game – Tennessee – came against a conference opponent. Georgia is good at keeping it close, but ultimately LSU’s ability to move the ball consistently gives the Tigers the edge in this game.   LSU 38, Georgia 28

Dr. Mark LSU 28-20 – This should be a great game- Georgia may pull the upset- Kind of a home game for the Bulldogs.  Burrow primed for the big stage- every good performance puts him closer to being the #1 pick.     

GreggGeorgia is good but LSU is better, and their defense is improving and as healthy as they have been all year.  See you in New Orleans Joe.  LSU 48  Georgia 27

John: The Bulldogs have a chance to crash the CFP party with a win.  They have the defense to slow down Joe Burrow and the Tigers.  I’m just not convinced that they can keep up offensively.  Fromm is not the passer that Burrow is, and Swift is banged up.  In what will feel like a road game for the Tigers in Atlanta, I like LSU to get the W and keep the SEC from having two bites at the playoff apple.  LSU  35  Georgia 21

Josh Georgia will come into this game with a lot of things working against it. They will be without their top 2 receivers, one with an injury, and the other who will be suspended for a half due to a fight during the Georgia Tech game. The other element is Swift, who left las game early as well, and could be hurt. That is the key to the Bulldog offense is being able to run the ball, and Fromm is a game manager. Their defense has been solid and will be the best challenge for Tigers this year. If anything has show the threat of the Bulldogs, they have made the SEC Championship Game twice now already under Kirby Smart, and they have threatened the West winner both time, and outright winning it in 2017. LSU though has played its most complete game last week, holding Texas A&M under 200 yards, and holding them to 7 points, the same team that Georgia allowed to score 13 points the week before. I think LSU is focused this year, and will come into this game with a chip on their shoulder. LSU 45 – Georgia 28.

Pia Pete:  LSU grabs the #1 spot in the CFP.   LSU 54 – Georgia 48

PJSBuckGeorgia gets a beat-down it finally deserves.  LSU by 28 or more

Steven:  For the first time in quite a while it may be enjoyable to watch the SEC Championship game. Without Grumpy Cat Saban roaming the sidelines this one could be fun. LSU QB Joe Burreaux has been rewriting the SEC record books and shows no hint of stopping. He can pass, scramble if necessary and is a tremendous leader. With all due respect to the outstanding trio from Ohio State, just give Joe the Heisman now. LSU’s defense may be a bit suspect, but no one is going to mistake Georgia’s offense for the juggernaut the Tigers outpaced in Tuscaloosa. This will likely become a track meet early and Georgia’s offense hasn’t shown enough lately to make you think they can keep up. LSU 42-31.

Trout:  The Tigers win this game. However, it will a very close game. LSU has a terrible defense. The only reason that LSU undefeated, is because Joe Burrow is putting up video game numbers each week. They have remained unbeaten despite their defenses best efforts. Even though Georgia has a very vanilla offense, I think they should be able to consistently move down the field and continue to make it a game well into the 4th quarter. However, Joe Burrow will do what Joe Burrow does, and he will throw TD passes and Keep the Tigers ahead. Although talented, Jake Fromm will not be able to keep up. LSU wins another close game due to Joe Burrow. (LSU, 45-38) 

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83): Georgia is overrated and to eliminate any confusion for the CFP committee I am picking LSU to beat Georgia 38-27.

Final Score:  LSU 37   Georgia 10

(7)Baylor  vs.  (6)Oklahoma

Andy:  We saw this matchup take place in Waco Texas a few weeks ago. That was probably the best chance Baylor had to upset Oklahoma because the game was at home and Oklahoma was still reeling from an upset loss a few weeks prior. This match up could be a lot closer this time around, for whatever reason Oklahoma was averaging over 50 points scored per game the first 6 or 7 games of the season. Since their loss to Kansas State they’re averaging just over 34 points scored per game the past four games. Why is this important? Baylor currently has the the nations 13th best scoring defense in the country. I just think the mis match here is Baylor’s offense against Oklahoma’s offense. If this game turns into an offensive shoot out I would side with Oklahoma every time. Jalen Hurts has had a heisman type season both passing and running the football and Sooners coach Lincoln Riley is probably the best offensive minded coach in all of college football. I see Baylor losing this one again, but by more than last time.   Oklahoma 38 – Baylor 24

Bbaver:  Pick: Oklahoma

Coach Rick:  Oklahoma will not get into a hole this time and will come out fast. I believe it will be a close game in the beginning and then Oklahoma will pull away. I have the Sooners winning by 10, but being it is close, it allows Baylor to move up to 6th in the rankings.

Cory: It seems unlikely that the winner of the Big 12 Championship game will make it into the playoffs unless absolute chaos were to happen, but at the very least the game between Baylor and Oklahoma should be very entertaining. These two teams met less than a month ago and Oklahoma emerged with a three-point win by dramatic fashion. The Sooners scored the last four times in the game – including the game-winning field goal with 1:45 left – to pull of the epic comeback over Baylor. To Baylor’s credit, the Bears bounced back the next week with a good win over Texas before smashing Kansas last week. Oklahoma has a problem with defense. The Sooners gave up 48 points to Kansas State, and 41 to Iowa State and those are not teams with fast-paced offenses. Oklahoma did hold Oklahoma State to just 16 points last week but the Cowboys were on their backup quarterback. I am betting that Baylor’s offense won’t go ice cold in the fourth quarter this time. Baylor 41, Oklahoma 35

Dr. Mark:  Baylor 42-38 – I picked Baylor for the playoff this week even tho the committee wouldn’t have them in without the right combination of wins and loses after this weekend- Jalen Hurts is a fine player but I feel OK may run out of gas. 

GreggBaylor finishes the job they started a couple weeks ago.  Bears finish all four quarters this time.  Baylor 31  Oklahoma 24

John: If LSU beats Georgia, as I expect, then I think this is basically a play off game.  Rematches are tough (see my OSU/UW analysis), but even though the Sooners won the first meeting, I like them in this one.  While Oklahoma won the game in Waco, they took Baylor’s best shot and came out on top.  Baylor dominated for most of the game, but really took advantage of OU’s best receiver (Lamb) being in concussion protocol and out for that game.  Lamb will play in this one, and it’s on a neutral field.  I think OU rolls and punches their ticket to the playoff.  Oklahoma  38  Baylor 20

Josh This is the second rematch game this weekend. Oklahoma came from behind to beat Baylor at Baylor a few weeks ago to ruin their perfect season. Oklahoma has had a lot of issues on defense and turnover this year. The players on the Sooners team have experience in championship games, including Jalen Hurts who was on the Crimson Tide last year. I think this game will not be as close as the first game, and the Sooners will win their third straight Big 12 Championship. Oklahoma 35 – Baylor 31.

Pia Pete:  Oklahoma makes a final push for the CFP.   Sooners 27 – Bears 20

PJSBuck: Another great game to tape.  Sooners have too much in the tank.  Oklahoma by 12

Steven:   Do you trust an Alex Grinch defense? Neither do I, but I do trust the Oklahoma offense and Jalen Hurts to put on a show. Oklahoma runs away with it 38-27.

Trout:  I feel like this will be a repeat of the last time they played. Oklahoma will be down early, and have to claw their way back. Luckily for them Baylor doesn’t know how to play defense. The game will be the normal Big 12 shootout, with both teams scoring 40+ points. And I see the Bear potentially keep a lead into the 4th quarter. But  in the end, the Sooners will storm back with Jalen Hurts at the helm and claim the victory. It won’t be pretty by Oklahoma beats Baylor and keeps their playoff hopes alive. (Oklahoma, 49-48) 

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83): Baylor has had an incredible season and they should cherish it. Matt Rhule has done a great job and will be rewarded for taking on that reclamation project. Oklahoma made a whole bunch of mistakes when they played a few weeks ago and was still able to come back. I don’t anticipate that level of mistakes by the Sooners this time around. Sooners beat the Bears 35-21.

Final Score:  Baylor 30   Oklahoma 23  OT 

(20)Cincinnati  vs.  (17)Memphis

Andy:  Well in a bizarre turn of events, Cincinnati played Memphis at Memphis this past Saturday only to lose the game by 9 points. It was a higher scoring game than I anticipated, but I still predicted Memphis to win because their offense is a mis match for Cincinnati’s defense. If this was Cincinnati’s defense from last season when they were a legitimate top 10 defense overall I would expect this game to go their way. This is a different younger defense that gave up almost 40 points in a rivalry game to the same team they’re playing this Saturday. I expect a similar game to last week, maybe a slightly lower score.  Memphis 35 – Cincinnati 24

Bbaver:  Pick: Memphis

Coach Rick:  Neither team gains anything by winning this game. With that being said, I have Cincinnati winning because they want revenge for the loss last week. I have Cincinnati winning by 10 this time.

Cory:  While there are a lot of rematches this week, the one between Cincinnati and Memphis is unique in that the two teams literally just played last week. In that game Memphis edged Cincinnati 34-24. A bad first quarter that saw Memphis put up 17 points ultimately doomed the Bearcats. To say in it this week Cincinnati must limit the big plays that Memphis thrives on. Two different receivers had receptions over 40 yards, and three running backs had runs longer than 10 yards. Cincinnati is a good team and one that can definitely beat Memphis, but in order to do that they cannot fall behind so much so early. Unfortunately, the win last week for Memphis allows the Tigers to host the game again this week so it’s hard to see the result changing too much.   Memphis 31, Cincinnati 24

Dr. Mark:  Memphis 44-35 – Another close game – Memphis won last game Both teams with a few injuries- Cincy QB with a bum shoulder they say

Gregg I don’t really think it will happen but I will pick Cincinnati hoping for some karma.  Bearcats 21  Memphis 17

John: While it is hard to win a rematch, it is even harder to beat the same team in back to back games.  Last week the Bearcats went on the road and, with their backup QB, kept the game close.  Their normal starter should be back for this one.  I like UC to get revenge in a close on.  Cincinnati 27  Memphis 24

Josh:   This is the third rematch matchup this weekend. After a 10 point loss last week, Cincinnati plays Memphis for the second week in a row. This will be one of those games were I agree in the adage of tough to be the same team twice. Both teams can look at the game film and correct any errors as they get a second chance. Cincinnati found themselves in the hole early when Memphis opened the game with a kickoff return for a touchdown. Cincinnati also had a new quarterback in this game who does not have a lot of experience. I like Fickell and the Bearcats to get the win in this rematch. Cincinnati 34 – Memphis 31.

Pia PeteThe Fighting Luke Fickles don’t lose two weeks in a row.   Bearcats 21 – Tigers 17

PJSBuck: Who cares???  Memphis by 7 or more

Steven:  Despite losing.last.week to the Tigers, I’ll give UC coach the nod in being able to get his kids ready for the AAC Championship and a New Year’s bowl berth. If Bearcat QB Desmond Ridder is good to go after suffering an injury last week, the Cats could have the edge. Their defense needs to improve from last week when they gave up 432 yards to this same Tiger team. Putting my faith in Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell and defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman to do just that. UC rights the ship 35-28.

Trout:  Last week I picked the Bearcats to beat the Memphis Tigers. However, that did not turn out very well. And Unfortunately I think it will happen again this week. I just think the Memphis Offense will be a little too much for Cincinnati to handle. It will be closer than last week. Like with the Buckeyes and Wisconsin, its tough to beat a team twice in a year, let alone in back to back weeks, but I just think Memphis is the better team. Fickell  will have his team ready to go, and he will keep them in this game, but in the end, the Memphis Tigers will do just enough offensively to give the Bearcats their 3rd loss of the season. (Memphis, 31-21


Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83) As I stated earlier it’s hard to beat a team twice in the same season, but when you’re playing that team on your home field and that team may not have its starting quarterback it gets a lot easier. At this point, because Cincinnati’s quarterback situation is unclear, I am going with Memphis over Cincy 27-21.

Final Score:  Memphis 29  Cincinnati 24


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