Week 10 Predictions – 2020

Last Week:  The Buckeyes game on the road with Penn State was supposed to be the biggest game of the season, the toughest game of the season.  We do not want to get ahead of the process but the Nittany Lions were never in the game, even though the graphic on the TV coverage had PSU up 14-0 at the opening kickoff.  If any other team comes close to the Buckeyes this year, then this team is not who we thought and hoped they were.  Coach Day might as well spend the next 7 games getting ready for the playoffs. With our staff picks, we were almost as strong with 6 individuals going 5-0 and 5 more going 4-1. Are we already in playoff shape too?

This Week’s Games:  There should plenty of opportunity to see the full Buckeye bench this week as Rutgers comes to Columbus.  But this is an improved Rutgers squad, will it be enough to challenge Ohio State?  ….  The bigger match-up in the Big Ten this week is Michigan at Indiana, will the real Wolverine team please stand up. Can the Hoosiers out power a team that will be coming into Bloomington with the future of the program riding on the tame?  ….  In the SEC the annual ‘Cocktail Party’ between Georgia and Florida will be played but is it really a party with limited fans? How far does the loser drop in the polls?  …. The Pac-12 return to play finally and one of the bigger games will be Oregon and Stanford. Can the Ducks show enough in a limited season to impress the playoff committee?  …. The big game of the day will be Clemson in South Bend to take on Notre Dame. Will the luck of the Irish be enough to pull off the upset?

Buckeye Greats: As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the sixth straight year. 

Here we go with our Week 10 Picks – Good Luck to AllGregg

 Rutgers  (3)Ohio State

Andy:  I do believe for whatever reason Greg Schiano is destined to be Rutgers head coach. This Rutgers team looks much more impressive on defense in particular than they did any time the past four or five seasons. They’ve also been productive on offense with Senior Noah Vedral completing over 61% of his passes this season, the Scarlet Knights have matched their passing game in terms of yardage so far going nearly 1 for 1 in terms of yards through the air vs yards on the ground. That said Ohio State’s defensive line has really come along despite losing four of it’s top contributors from last season. We’ve got depth issues now at corner after losing Cam Brown to an Achilles injury. Despite that I expect the Scarlet Knights to be over-matched on the lines in particular.   Ohio State 45 – Rutgers 17

Coach Rick:  I really do not see this as being much of a game. I have OSU by 28 points.

Cory: After an impressive win at Penn State last week, the schedule for Ohio State remains relatively easy until the Michigan game. With that said, the two big questions facing the team right now are: 1 – Can the Buckeyes stay focused? and 2 – Can the Buckeyes stay healthy? The defense was very improved in the first half last week, and we are starting to see the defensive line come into its own. The secondary, on the other hand, still has a bit of work to do but shows promise. Rutgers has already improved under head coach Greg Schiano with an impressive win over Michigan State in the opener, and giving Indiana a scare last week. The key will be to slow down Rutgers running back Isiah Pacheco. Though his stats look pretty average on paper, Pacheco is a talented back that is used in both the run and pass game. He already has nine receptions this year, which is a stark contrast to 2019 when he had 13 for the entire season. Still, it’s hard to see a Rutgers victory here. The Scarlet Knights still struggle to throw the ball and seems unlikely they will be able to stop Justin Fields enough to keep it competitive.   Ohio State 42, Rutgers 14

Dave:  Ohio State 52  Rutgers 7

Dr. MarkOhio State

Gregg First an observation, is it just me or is Shaun Wade just mailing it in right now?  I know he first left, then came back but if he is going play in needs to be there 100%. Otherwise he might as well start his NFL combine workouts. I am expecting to see even more growth and domination from the offensive line again this week.  Expect the running back committee to go at least one more player deep and we should find out for sure who the second string QB is at this time. Coach Day needs to continue to remind the Buckeyes this game is just as important as the PSU game. Focus is their only enemy. This season is already shaping up to be one where you need that #1 playoff seed to have an easy game in the first round just like last year.  Rutgers is better this year but a lot of their win over Michigan State to start the season was the 7 turnovers by the Spartans. You will not see that out of Ohio State.  Win big, and advance is the name of the game.   Ohio State 58  Rutgers 6  

John:  Rutgers may be the most improved team in the Big Ten this year, but that’s more of an indictment on how bad Rutgers was in 2019 than good they look in 2020.  Greg Schiano has made strides, but the Scarlet Knights still have a long way to go to be competitive with the elites.  If OSU comes out flat, the Scarlet Knights might be able to keep this close for the first half.  Then again, Kanye West may win the Presidential Election.   Ohio State 60  Rutgers 10

Josh:   Even with the turnaround for the Scarlet Knights, this game shouldn’t be close, and there is a reason the spread continues to increase. Ohio State has too much talent on their side, and even though Rutgers was able to score 21 points against the Buckeyes last year, the offense, especially in the passing game, should keep the score distanced, and the defense should be able to regroup after a rougher second half from the Penn State game, and show their dominance. Fields should have another 300 yard passing game, and not need to rely on his legs once more, and I anticipate we will see more depth and rotation at the wide receiver position once the second half kicks off. Buckeyes cruise to improve to 3-0. Ohio State 56 – Rutgers 10

Pia PeteOSU 54 – RU 10

PJSBuckThis may be a better test than some people think. Not sure what to expect but we will need some new looks and plays since Schiano knows our system. I am STILL looking for our bruising running game – this will be the biggest thing I will be watching. Ohio State 45 Rutgers 28

Steven: I’m pretty sure that Rutgers isn’t exactly the Sisters of the Poor, but in the Big Ten, they’re pretty close.  Give new coach Greg Schiano some credit for getting a win against Michigan State.  It may be the only one coming this year… although, in the tepid Big Ten, anyone can beat anyone this year.  It isn’t going to happen this week.  Save the entire starting 11 on both offense and defense coming down with Covid-19, Rutgers will be a mere speedbump on the road to Indy and beyond for the Buckeyes.  The Bucks can name their score, and I’m thinking they’re gonna look for a shutout this week.  OSU 49-0.

Trout:   Rutgers has looked better in their last 2 games, than they ever have in their time with the BIg Ten. I do believe that Greg Schiano will do good things with that program. But not this Saturday. Ohio State is too great for the Scarlet Knights to handle. Besides Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields is the best college football player in the country. I don’t see the Buckeye offense have any trouble moving the football down the field. Rutgers might get a score or 2, just because the Buckeye defense is still working out the kinks, but it won’t be enough. Ohio state wins this one big.  (Ohio State, 55-10) 

Vaughn Broadnax (Ohio State 1980-83): OSU beats Rutgers 49-13

Final Score:  Ohio State 49   Rutgers 27

 (25)Michigan  @  (13)Indiana

Andy:  After opening the season with a big win, Michigan stumbled last week at home against little brother Michigan State. In a surprise upset, Michigan State was the more efficient team and frankly they out played Michigan. If Michigan’s offense can return to the form we saw against Minnesota, they should be able to beat Indiana. If Indiana’s defense can set the edge on the Michigan offensive line and Michigan can’t roll out their quarterback Joe Milton and he is forced to beat them throwing downfield from the pocket, I think it could be another long day for Michigan. I believe Michigan’s offensive line will set the edge and beat Indiana’s defensive line.   Michigan 28 – Indiana 21

Coach Rick:  After last week I really have to think about this game. I would have thought that Indiana would not have much of a chance, but they are playing real well. I am going with Michigan to win by 6 points in what I think is going to be a good game.

Cory:  Indiana is 2-0 and ranked No. 13 in the country. In the year of 2020 with all the weird things that have happened, Indiana being close to a top-10 team seems to be going under the radar. The Hoosiers are a motivated team under head coach Tom Allen. They now go into games thinking they can win, and that hasn’t been the case for a long time. They are improved on defense and boast some serious talent on offense, led by sophomore quarterback Michael Penix Jr. The Hoosiers will need every edge they can get this week to beat Michigan. The Wolverines are coming off a disappointing loss to rival Michigan State, and are hungry to get back on the winning side this week. Michigan will need more balance on offense to do that. Quarterback Joe Milton attempted 51 passes last week, and led the team in rushing attempts with 12. He needs help. Additionally, Michigan was flagged 10 times last week, which is a bit uncharacteristic for them. Despite all that, Indiana has traditionally struggled a lot against Michigan and there is still a talent gap between the two teams.   Michigan 28, Indiana 21

Dave:  Michigan 28  Indiana 24 

Dr. Mark Michigan

GreggMy one miss on a pick this year was the first week in the UM-Minn game. Either I over valued PJ or under appreciated what Michigan had left to play with. Now we find out Minnesota has no punter and it cost them two straight weeks.  But then the Wolverines laid a egg against Sparty so how good is this team.  Indiana is playing solid ball and I WANT them to win.  But I think there will be a level of focus, panic and despiration coming from the Maize and Blue that will help them steal a road win.   Michigan 23  Indiana 21

John:  Last week, we highlighted the Tom Herman farewell tour.  The heat under “Show bar Tom” has dialed back from raging boil to full simmer after the Horns “big” win last week.  Now up on the fare well tour cavalcade of stars is ‘ol Capt. Khaki himself.  Yes, the Quarterback Whisper is now hearing the winds of discontent up in Ann Arbor.  As a Buckeye fan, I’m torn.  While I was raised to hope that that Team Up North loses every game, let’s be honest…Jim Harbaugh as a coach is the gift that keeps on giving for Ohio State fans.  Personally, I’m hoping the Earle Bruce of the North keeps doing just enough to keep his job.  It not like UM can do better, right?  As for Indiana, they caught a sloppy Penn State looking ahead to OSU and a mediocre Rutgers.  This week, they get an angry Michigan.  Assuming Harbaugh hasn’t lost the team, I think they win this one.  But as your bus goes through downtown Indy, take a good look at Lucas Oil Stadium.  That’s as close as you’re going to get to playing there this year.   Michigan 24  Indiana 17

JoshHas Indiana turned a corner, and are they the second best team in the Big 10? BY transitive property, Indiana should be able to win this game, beating Rutgers, who beat Michigan State, who just beat Michigan, but this is 2020 and strange things are bound to happen. The Hoosiers are favored to win this game, and if the Wolverines lose, you can expect there to be a lot of cries from the Maize and Blue faithful for a coaching change. The Spartans exploited the weakness in the Wolverine defense with a passing attack, and we will see if Michael Penix Jr is able to take advantage. In order for Michigan to win this game, they will need to establish the run game, which is the weakness in the Indiana defense. I think Indiana continues to roll, and beats the Wolverines at home.  Indiana 31 – Michigan 24

Pia PeteUM 44 – IU 17

PJSBuck This is my Big Ten Game of the Week. IU is the Rocky Balboa of the Big Ten right now. Somehow they are finding ways to win. They (IU) are playing with confidence and energy and that is dangerous. I am going with TBGUN (by 3) in a very close game

Steven:  Schizophrenia, thy name is Wolverine.  I have no idea what this team is up to.  They played lights out against what we thought was a good team in Minnesota, and then laid a huge egg against their in state rival MSU.  All the world-beaters on the 24th looked like they were sleepwalking zombies on Halloween.  Meanwhile, Indiana has looked better than anyone had expected.  QB Michael Penix Jr. is leading a solid effort from the Hoosiers, but may be asked to do too much as the run game is sputtering to a 75 yard per game mark.  Unless Penix can pick apart the Wolverine secondary, Don Brown’s defense of “blitz early, blitz often, hell, blitz on every down” might actually work against the Hoosiers who are showing little to keep the defense honest.  This screams shootout, more than a few turnovers and a barn burner to watch.  Michigan rights the ship, but not without taking everything Indiana can throw at them.  UM 41-39, maybe even in OT.

TroutAs much as I would like to see it, I don’t think the Hoosiers win this game. Despite losing to Sparty last week, I do still think that Michigan has the potential to be a better team. I think the game will be close. Indiana is clearly an improving team, and with them on a 2 game win streak, they will have all the confidence in the world. It should be a fun back and forth between the team, with the lead going changing several times. But in the end, I think the Wolverines pull out the victory, and restore some credibility to their program. (Michigan, 27-24)

Vaughn Broadnax (Ohio State 1980-83):  Indiana upsets Michigan 31-28

Final Score:  Indiana 38   Michigan 21

(5)Georgia  vs.  (8)Florida

Andy:  One of the best matchups of the week, the winner of this game will very likely represent the SEC East in the SEC championship game. Georgia has the best roster on paper in all of college football. Since Kirby Smart took over, the Bulldogs have consistently been one of the best defenses in all of college football. The problem has been their offense, for whatever reason they’re about four or five years behind the curve on offense and they’re trying to beat teams being more physical and committing less penalties and turnovers. Right now in college football the legitimate contenders all have offenses that can score 30-40 points on good defenses. I also feel the limiting factor on offense for Georgia will be quarterback Stetson Bennett. This is a walk on who is starting at Georgia. Bennett is completing just over 58% of his passes this season and has a meager touchdown to interception ratio of 7-5 in 5 games. Florida has one of the best quarterbacks this year and their offense has had no problems getting yards or points this season. Kyle Trask is completing nearly 69% of his passes and has a touchdown to interception ratio of 18-2 in 4 games this season. I believe Florida guts out an ugly win on the road.   Florida 28 – Georgia 20 

Coach Rick:  Should be the best game of the weekend. They say defenses win games and if this is true, Georgia wins as Florida has the better offense but may not score enough to win the game. I will have to go with Georgia for being at home and their defense.

Cory: What are we to think about both of these teams? Are both overrated? Florida’s first two wins came over Ole Miss and South Carolina before losing to Texas A&M last week. It should be said the Gators did have a layoff after their game with LSU was canceled due to COVID-19. Georgia, on the other hand, has been tested more but the Bulldogs lost big to Alabama and unenthusiastically beat Kentucky 14-3 last week. While I like Georgia’s schedule so far the Bulldogs have not really passed the eye test. The struggle to move the ball with consistency – the only time they scored more than 27 points was in the opener against Arkansas when they had 37. It seems odd to predict a Florida upset being on the road and having a weak schedule so far but I like that the Gators can score a lot of points. That gives them the edge this week.  Florida 35, Georgia 27

Dave:  Florida 38   Georgia 28

Dr. MarkFlorida

GreggPersonally I think both teams are over rated and neither is a match for the class of the SEC, Alabama. But they may be the next two best teams the conference has, and yes I am not a believer in the Aggies either.  For this game however, I will say the difference is the team the Gators have had to prepare.   Florida 28  Georgia 24

John:  Having watched both these teams play this year, neither strike me as great.  But since they are in the SEC, they both rate a top 10 ranking because, well, SEC!!!  They call this game the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party”.  Not necessarily a good look in today’s Covid world, but, hey, it’s Georgia and Florida!  I’m sure that a lot of points will be scored, and Gary Danielson will have multiple on air verbal orgasms, but at the end of the day all this games means is that the winner takes the front seat to go to Atlanta to get whacked by Alabama in the SEC title game.   Georgia 27  Florida 21

Josh Dan Mullens has turned himself into the Heel of the SEC, and maybe that is what the Gators need to get motivated after having 3 weeks off, and the game against Missouri breaking into a mini brawl. Georgia faced a good defensive team with Kentucky, and left Lexington with a 14-3 win, but showed once more that the Bulldogs are not elite yet on offense, but they are on defense. I think this game will be close, and I think Florida will find a way to win this year’s match up after losing last year 24-17. I think Kyle Trask will be the key, and will help the Gators take the top spot in the SEC East.    Florida 24 – Georgia 21

Pia PeteUGA 34 – UF 27

PJSBuckBecause there is no in-person fan base, where are they going to hold the Cocktail Party?? I think Florida will win this by 7 or less

Steven:  Georgia’s defense is legit but their offense is sub-par.  The game will be decided by Florida’s defense and if it can stop Georgia running back Zamir White who is averaging 4.5 yards per carry and already has 6 touchdowns this season.  I think Florida is up to the task.  Georgia’s passing attack shouldn’t scare anyone, so stacking the line against the run will be the order of the day.  On the other side of the ball, I like Florida QB Kyle Trask.  He’s solid, calm in the pocket and should be able to make some noise against the Georgia defense.  Gators 38-31.  

Trout: I don’t really think either team is that great. If I have to pick one, I will go with Georgia. Since Urban’s departcher, the Gators have not been the same. They usually start off with a lot of unwarranted hype, and then fizzle out during the season. And I think we will see it again this year. Georgia usually fairs better every year, but they always find a way to lose to Alabama. Not to mention, they only scored 14 on Kentucky last week. I see this game being somewhat low scoring. With neither team showing anything spectacular. I just think the Bulldogs do just enough to beat the Gators, and keep their playoff hopes alive. (Georgia, 17-10)

Vaughn Broadnax (Ohio State 1980-83): Florida upset Georgia 28-14

Final Score:  Florida 44  Georgia 28


Stanford  @  (14)Oregon

Andy:  We don’t really have much to go on other than how each team performed last year and how well each team has been recruiting the past few seasons. Oregon has been surprisingly good at recruiting the state of California the past three or four years and they have a lot of young talent on this roster. The big question is how is Oregon going to replace former four year starter at Quarterback Justin Herbert and left Tackle Penei Sewell. Truth be told I don’t know, but they have much better overall talent and depth than Stanford. I expect the Ducks to win.   Oregon 32 – Stanford 17 

Coach Rick:  The big question mark game.  For no reason whatsoever I am going with Oregon.

Cory:  It will be nice to have the PAC 12 back this week, meaning all teams are now playing college football. It would seem Oregon is the conference’s best hope at getting a team into the playoff, and though the Ducks return an impressive team this year they have to find a way to replace Justin Herbert at quarterback. First up is Tyler Shough, who has drawn comparisons to former Cal quarterback Jared Goff. I’m sure Oregon fans would be alright if that comparison holds true. Their opponent this week is Stanford, which is coming off a disappointing 4-9 season. It was the worst performance by a David Shaw-coached team at Stanford, having previously never lost more than five games in a season under his tenure. You can expect Stanford to rebound, however, Oregon is on a different level right now and that will show on Saturday.   Oregon 38  Stanford 20

Dave:  Oregon 28  Stanford 14

Dr. MarkOregon

GreggThe Pac-12 joins the party this week which overshadows the story line that the MAC also joins the party. But it is very likely that neither conference will get a team into the playoff. It also reminds me I missed out on going to Oregon in September for the Bucks-Ducks game.  I was looking forward to going to Faber cafeteria and yelling ‘Food Fight’!  As for this game, I am not expecting a lot of fight from the Cardinal.  Oregon will be playing to make a statement every week, Stanford will just be their first victim. Offense has been the name of the game in the early games around the country and that is what Oregon prides itself for being elite.  Expect a lot of points but not a lot of poll votes.   Oregon 55  Stanford 35

John:  If the PAC 12 holds a football game, and no one watches, does it still count?  Going against Clemson-Notre Dame on NBC, this may be the lowest rated ABC Saturday night game of all time.  Oregon in a snoozer.   Oregon 34  Stanford 17

Josh It is hard to determine what to expect from either team, as both sides lost a lot of talent due to the draft or due to graduation. Oregon though has brought back some key skill players, and with this game being at home, I will give them that edge. Stanford has not been the elite PAC-12 team ever since Christian McCaffrey graduated.   Oregon 42 – Stanford 24

Pia PeteDucks 27 – Trees 21

PJSBuck THIS, will be a fun game to watch. Who knows what to expect so I will go with Stanford by 6

Steven:  Oregon sports a great offensive line anchored by tackle Penei Sewell who should be a top 10 pick in next year’s NFL draft.  For Oregon as a whole, a strong showing against Stanford will go a long way into putting the Pac-12 back in the conversation for a College Football Playoff slot, now that the Big 12 has virtually eliminated themselves with Oklahoma State’s loss last weekend. Going chalk on this one, Oregon 44-31.

Trout It’s nice to finally have all 5 power conferences back playing. I don’t know how the Ducks will fare when it comes to the playoff, but they are probably the Pac-12’s best shot. I don’t think they are anywhere close to where they were under Chip Kelly, but they seem to be getting back to respectability. I don’t believe they will have much trouble with Stanford. Stanford  hasn’t been good in years. I just don’t see them keeping up with the Ducks for all 4 quarters. It’ll be a close game for a while, but I think Oregon’s superior talent will win the day. (Oregon, 34-20) 

Vaughn Broadnax (Ohio State 1980-83):  Oregon beats Stanford 42-21

Final Score:  Oregon 35   Stanford 14

(1)Clemson  @  (4)Notre Dame

Andy:  The best match-up of the week. Clemson is without star player Trevor Lawrence for the 2nd consecutive week. Notre Dame has looked really good the past few weeks on offense and defense, outscoring their opponents 130-49 over the past four games. Ian book has been incredibly efficient and Notre Dame’s defense has only allowed three offensive touchdowns in the past three total games. Clemson on the other hand struggled last week to overcome Boston College behind true freshman quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei who completed over 73% of his passes and threw for two touchdowns and no interceptions. Clemson’s defense has looked more suspect this season than in the past two of three years, giving up 14 touchdowns so far this season to their opponents. With this being a home game for Notre Dame, I feel they have a chance here to play the spoiler and will do so on Saturday.   Notre Dame 28 – Clemson 24 

Coach Rick:  After this game who will be the new number 1 team? Due to missing players, I have to go with Notre Dame in this game.

Cory:  The one game this week that is going to hold everybody’s attention will be Clemson at Notre Dame. Clemson enters with a 31-game regular season unbeaten streak. The last time Clemson lost in the regular season was in 2017, in a three-point loss to Syracuse. The other reason this game will hold everybody’s attention is the absence of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is out because of COVID-19. Getting the start in his place is D.J. Uiagalelei, and so far he’s been impressive. He helped the Tigers come from behind to beat Boston College last week, throwing for 342 yards and two touchdowns. Notre Dame is unbeaten and a top-5 team, however, the Irish have not impressed in those wins. Their toughest opponent so far was Louisville and the Irish held on for a very uninspired 12-7 win in that one. A lot of people are hoping Notre Dame can pull the upset with Lawrence, but the Tigers keep cruising regardless.   Clemson 42 Notre Dame 28

Dave:  Notre Dame 24  Clemson 21

Dr. Mark ND – taking a big leap here- but worth a shot

Gregg This game should remain close enough to keep it a good game, too bad I will be watching the Buckeyes. It does not matter who the quarterback is for Clemson, the offense is just too solid and experienced. The Irish will play with a lot of pride and have won outright the last 4 games they were ‘dogs at home. But I have watched both of these teams play several times and I believe Notre Dame is overrated, and the Tigers are not. My only question out of this game will be since Trevor is out for a second straight week, will he lose ground in the Heisman race that he has been the favorite the entire season?   Clemson 27  Notre Dame 17

John:  Even with Trevor Lawrence down with the ‘Vid, Vegas likes the Tigers over the Domers, with Clemson being anywhere from a 2 ½ to 6 point favorite as I type this, depending on which sports book you prefer.  Clemson played an almost perfect type of game last week to prepare for this one.  They got smacked in the mouth in the first half by an inferior B.C. team, them roared back in the second half on both sides of the ball.  This should give the freshman QB all kinds of confidence going into South Bend.  Meanwhile, Notre Dame has yet to be tested this week.  I think that catches up with them Saturday night.   Clemson 30  Notre Dame 24

JoshThis week’s game of the week, and this one more have more of an impact on the playoff race than the Florida-Georgia game. The game loses some luster with Trevor Lawrence being sidelined a second week due to COVID 19, but the back up quarterback DJ Uiagalelei was able to fill in quite well, and rallied the Tigers from a 28-10 deficit against Boston College to win 34-28. They are going against a very solid Notre Dame team, who hosts the Tigers, and will be playing in colder temperatures. The Fighting Irish defense is also very solid, but their offense still does not have a passing game. I think despite the weather equalizer, Clemson finds a way to win this game on the road, and sets up for another match-up against the Irish in the ACC Championship game.  Clemson 31 – Notre Dame – 21

Pia PeteND 28 – Tigers 24

PJSBuck Easily the National Game of the Week. I look for an explosive offensive show by both teams. In the end, the Catholics prevail by 3.

Steven:  While Clemson was able to squeak by Boston College last week playing a backup QB, this week should be a much tougher test.  That being said, I get the feeling that Notre Dame has been quite overrated this season, making hay against outmatched opponents such as USF, Georgia Tech and and Pitt, (ick).  All told, Notre Dame’s 5 previous opponents are 10-23.  This is not surprising, though, as most of the ACC, and really the majority of college football is garbage outside of the top 10.  If Clemson gets some of their defensive starters back it shouldn’t matter much.  The Clemson defense is still one of the best in the nation. Notre Dame QB Ian Book will probably be sacked 3 or 4 times and the Clemson offense will do just enough to come out on top.  Tigers 35-28. 

Trout: Even without Trevor Lawrence, I think the Tigers will win this game. I don’t believe that Notre Dame is that good. They’ve been able to get their wins, by beating weak teams in the ACC> Granted, so has Clemson. But we have seen them the last few years, competing with the other college powerhouses as well.  It will be close, especially because this is only the second game for Clemson’s backup quarterback. He’ll make mistakes. But with superior playmakers, like Etienne around him, the Clemson Tigers should be able to squeeze by the Irish.  (Clemson, 28-16)

Vaughn Broadnax (Ohio State 1980-83):  Clemson beats Notre Dame 35-28

Final Score:  Notre Dame 47  Clemson 40 2OT

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