Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – November 24, 2020

Week 1: Playoff Rankings

It was a long time to get to this point, but finally, we have made to the biggest debate for the sport we love, and the first rankings will be revealed at 7pm on ESPN on November 24. The playoff committee revealed on Sunday that they do not plan on expanding the playoffs this year, and will keep it at the 4 teams. The also will not have a minimum number of games as a requirement for the playoff selection, so what will most likely factor into this years selection is the “eye test.”

How We Voted

Buckeye50 Playoff Poll – Alabama returns after missing out on last years playoff as the top team in our poll. They have done things well in their games, minus a bad showing against Ole Miss, but have been able to finish games, and have a Heisman candidate in Mac Jones, who lost the top receiver in the middle of the year, but Saban has the Tide looking ready for a deep run and claim SEC Champions after missing out on last years game.

Notre Dame is our number 2 team, although they are tied with votes with Ohio State, they get the nod based on resume, and best win. They dont look as complete as Ohio State, but they have done something this year that the Buckeyes have not been able to do, and that is beat Clemson. They come back from a bye week, and may have benefited from Ohio State’s game against Indiana being closer than the 21 point spread.

Ohio State third spot, although they are tied for votes with Notre Dame as the number 2 seed, but held off a pesky Hoosier team in a 42-35 win. They have a national title caliber offense, they just need to get their secondary ready, and have the benefit or having 4 games against teams to work out those issues.

Clemson takes the 4th spot, their only loss to Notre Dame, but they lost in overtime, and were without Trevor Lawrence. If this were vote based on head coaches, Clemson might not be in the top 4 after Dabo Swinney has been accusing Florida State of bailing out on the game this past weekend even though Clemson knowingly had COVID positive players traveling with them for the game, and the medical personnel did not feel comfortable playing. The loss to ND sort of gives Clemson a mulligan, but their strength of schedule is not great, and will need to beat Notre Dame potentially in the ACC championship to have a chance of making the playoff.

Cincinnati is a team that is in our 5th spot, so first team out, and can use some chaos to try and be the first Group of 5 school to make the College Football Playoff, and are rooting for the top 3 teams to win out. They have dominated their conference, but had a mini-struggle against UCF this past weekend. Luke Fickell has been one of the hot names in the coaching circles. The Bearcats have one of the best defenses, and have looked strong all year.

Florida rounds out the 6th spot, our second team out. They do have the loss to Texas A&M, which was the other team to get a vote, but Kyle Trask has been putting up impressive numbers which mirror what Joe Burrow was able to do last year. The Gator defense will need some help, but their offense has been able to keep them in games, and they got out of Nashville with a win after a slight scare from Vanderbilt. 

GreggAlabamaOhio StateNotre DameCincinnatiClemsonFlorida
JohnAlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonFloridaCincinnati
JoshAlabamaOhio StateNotre DameClemsonCincinnatiFlorida
MarkAlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiTexas A&M
StevenAlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiFlorida

Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 4?

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