Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – December 8, 2020

Week 3: Playoff Rankings

Good News and Bad News.

Good News: Ohio State, despite not having 23 players and coaches travel for the game against Michigan State this weekend had their best game of the season, winning 52-12, and looked in control the entire game.

Bad News: This weeks game against Michigan has been cancelled. That means the Buckeyes have 5 regular season games at the moment, and the Big Ten will either need to schedule a game for Ohio State so that they meet the 6 game threshold, or allow Ohio State to make it to the Big Ten Championship as the conferences only undefeated team, and the ability to compete for the CFP. 

For the committee’s sake, nothing from the top 7 changed, and their was no shake ups at the top, so there really should not be any changes on their poll, and in reality there is not any one ours, other than the debate about Texas A&M vs Florida for the 6th spot. 

We did get to see BYU get eliminated from contention thanks to a last minute scheduled game between the Cougars and Coastal Carolina, which the Chanticleers won in a grind it out game that make have ignited a cross country rivalry. 

So to skip some of the drama, here is how we voted!

How We Voted

Buckeye50 Playoff Poll – Alabama steamrolled over LSU, as expected, and locked the SEC West, so they will play Florida for the SEC Championship on December 19. This could be an interesting storyline if Florida wins.

Notre Dame had a slow start but won big once more, solidifying their number 2 spot. They do not play again until their match up with Clemson for the ACC Championship Game.

With a game played, Ohio State remains at the third spot, and looked the best they have so far this season. it takes some times for teams to get into a rhythm and the Buckeyes are finally looking like they are in mid-season form. 

Clemson also had a slow start against Virginia Tech, but took control and won big in Blacksburg. They will face Notre Dame in 2 weeks for the ACC Championship and can keep their playoff hopes alive with a win.

Cincinnati stays at our 5th spot, despite not playing, but they again have looked solid on both sides of the ball. They has to cancel their game this week, but will play Tulsa next week for the AAC Championship. 

Florida remains at the 6th spot,  and locked up the SEC East. Their one loss to Texas A&M is keeping them lower in the committee’s eyes, but they have a chance to beat Alabama and play themselves into the playoff. 

AndyAlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiTexas A&M
Cory AlabamaNotre DameClemsonOhio StateFloridaTexas A&M
Dr. Mark AlabamaNotre DameClemsonOhio StateFloridaTexas A&M
Gregg AlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiTexas A&M
John AlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiFlorida
Josh AlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiFlorida
Steven AlabamaNotre DameOhio StateClemsonCincinnatiFlorida

Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 4?

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