Game 8 Recap: AlABAMA 52 – Ohio State 24


Alabama was the better team on Monday night, and earned the National Championship. It was not the ending Ohio State expected, or the score projected based on how well they did against Clemson, but the Buckeyes with a limited roster was out coached by one of if not the greatest college football coach. There is no shame in losing to Nick Saban, or Alabama, but the separation between these two teams was displayed for this season, and Ohio State will need to do a lot of work to close that gap. They have done it before and have the talent coming in to help them for the next opportunity.

Normally we would go into the break down of the drives of the game, and the stats, but with this being the last game, I am changing this part a little bit. You have to give credit to both teams for making it to this point. 2020 was a weird and strange season, and they fact that this game got to be played at all should be celebrated. Teams across the country made sacrifices. and fought for a season to be played. The best thing now is that the players can get a chance to go home to their families, enjoy the moment, and not think about football for a little bit before they get back to training for the next season.

Great news for Ohio State fans is that they are still favored to make it to the playoffs again, even though the names and faces on the team will look a little different. I want to thank all of the seniors who came back for one more chance and showed their leadership which helps foster a culture of a brotherhood at Ohio State. Without their efforts, this team would not have been able to focus and make it to this point of the season. 

Another great bit of news is that the National Championship game will be played in Indianapolis, IN in 2022, so if the Buckeyes make it, it will be less than a 3 hour drive to play and take the trophy home. There is a lot to work on but a lot to be thankful for. I am hoping that 2021, we are able to see fans ins the stands, and the band back out there on the field and forming Script Ohio. It was a year unlike any other, but a season was played, a champion was crowned, and the Buckeyes are still here to fight through the end. Go Bucks.

Turning Point

Ohio State put together a great first quarter even without having Sermon, who was most likely a large part of the game plan, but the point it became clear Ohio State was not going to close the gap was in the third quarter, after holding Alabama to a field goal, the Buckeyes were able to score and make it 24-38, but the Crimson Tide responded with a TD of their on to make it 45-24. The time left in the game did not look favorable for Ohio State to earn enough possessions to close the gap.

Star of the Game

DeVonta Smith was clearly the best player on the field, even only having played a half, and there is a reason why he won the Heisman. Alabama put Smith in a position to make catches in space, and attacked the soft zone that the Ohio State secondary was giving the Alabama offense. Mac Jones deserves credit too for a great game, breaking records along the way, but the success of the Crimson Tide offense was showcased through Smith. 

Playoff Picture

Alabama proved why they are the best team this season, and why they are near the top every year with Nick Saban coaching. Until they are beaten, they are on a level on their own, and the tier below is Ohio State and Clemson. The college football landscape so far does not offer a lot of parity, but Ohio State should still be in the playoff hunt next season, and if they make it to the championship game, will only have to travel to Indianapolis.

Looking Ahead

Ohio State (7-1) finishes the season as the second best team, and will open up their season on the road against Minnesota on September 2nd. 

Alabama (13-0) wins the National Championship, and will begin to defend their title against Miami (FL) on September 4th. 

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  • That was not the best OSU team on the field but Bama was the better squad for 2020. Congrats on the season to this year’s Buckeyes. Thanks for going through so much to bring us fans so much joy. Gregg

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