Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – November 9, 2021

Week 2: Playoff Rankings


This weekend offered some insight and cleared a few things up with the race down the stretch, but several top teams struggled in their victories against inferior opponents. Michigan State, which was 2nd in our poll, and 3rd in the playoff committee’s poll, lost to unranked Purdue on the road, and stumbled out of the top 6 in the coaches and AP poll. 

Based on the results, there might be little movement for the top teams as they might just shift one, but the debate will be about Alabama, and their number 2 ranking where they barely beat LSU, who is a shell of itself with a lame duck coach. Will Oregon’s win at Ohio State look even better and move them up into the 2 spot? We will find out tonight. 


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As stated, Georgia has looked like the best defense in the country, and has not really been challenged. Their best wins are starting to look less shiny, but they have already clinched a spot in the SEC Championship game, and remain at the top spot

Oregon fills in the hole that Michigan State left with having the most impressive win this year, but the loss to Stanford could still weigh them down in the official poll. They beat Washington by 10 points in the rain, and wont really be challenged until their game against Utah in 2 weeks.

Despite hanging on to beat Tulsa thanks to a slide before the goal line, the Bearcats are getting credit for remaining undefeated and with one of the best defenses. With Notre Dame still with 1 loss, that win for them is looking better every week.

After a bye week, Oklahoma moves to the top spot thanks in part to their undefeated record. They have the toughest part of their schedule coming up though with Baylor this week, followed by Iowa State and then Oklahoma State.

Ohio State remains in the 5th spot with a closer than expected win against Nebraska on the road. The red zone offense still has struggled these last two week to score touchdowns, but their defense can officially say it is in the right direction. They have their best challenges ahead of them and a chance to hold off upset minded Purdue. This week could be a 2018 revenge game after the Purdue lost ended up keeping them out of the Playoffs that year.

Alabama falls to 6th, which matches their rushing yard total against LSU. Bryce Young has been good, but the offensive line and run game gives the Tide some big concerns as they prepare to finish their season. Their wins are starting to lose some luster too with Mississippi State losing this weekend. 

AndyGeorgiaOklahomaAlabamaCincinnatiOregonOhio State
Cory GeorgiaCincinnati AlabamaOregonOhio StateOklahoma
GreggGeorgiaOregonOhio StateOklahomaAlabamaCincinnati
JasonGeorgiaOregonAlabamaOhio StateOklahomaCincinnati
JoshGeorgiaOregonOhio StateCincinnatiOklahomaAlabama
StevenGeorgiaOregonCincinnatiOklahomaOhio StateAlabama
TroutGeorgiaCincinnatiOklahomaOhio StateOregonAlabama

Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 4

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  • Cincinnati’s schedule may be under some scrutiny but they still have the second best win this season, after Oregon’s victory in Columbus

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