Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – November 16, 2021


Week 3: Playoff Rankings


This weekend, Oklahoma lost to Baylor, and opened the door for Cincinnati and helped out Ohio State. With only three teams undefeated remaining with 2 weeks to go in the regular season, things could get interesting for all potential playoff teams. 

The only talking point from the Committee’s rankings last week was they had placed Michigan over Michigan State, even though they had played the week before and Michigan State won. This could be a sign of things to come with Oregon and Ohio State, who both play top 25 opponents with Utah and Michigan State respectively. 


How We Voted

Buckeye50 Playoff Poll

Georgia defeated Tennessee after a slow start, and are undefeated in SEC play. With their next two games against teams they are projected to defeat by double digits, their next competition will be whoever they face in the SEC Championship game, which looks to be more and more like Alabama. 

Oregon remains second this week even though they were tied at halftime with Washington State before pulling away. This weeks matchup against Utah will be their toughest challenge yet outside of the Ohio State game, and the Utes are favored at home to win.

Ohio State moves up into the third spot after defeating Purdue handedly at home. They now have Michigan State and Michigan left to play, both top 7 teams, and could easily climb up even more to 2 in our poll and the committees poll if they win out. 

Cincinnati drops one spot, but won big this weekend. They host SMU this week who will be the second toughest game of their schedule.

Alabama moves up one due in part to Oklahoma losing, and their remaining games against teams they are favored to beat. If they win this week, they will clinch a spot in the SEC Championship game. 

Michigan State is at 6 this week after a big win against Maryland. They have their toughest challenge of the year with Ohio State this weekend on the road, and have the worst passing defense in the country. 


AndyGeorgiaAlabamaOregonOhio StateCincinnatiMichigan
CoryGeorgiaCincinnatiOregonAlabamaOhio StateMichigan State
GreggGeorgiaOhio StateOregonCincinnatiAlabamaMichigan State
JasonGeorgiaOhio StateAlabamaOregonMichigan StateMichigan
John GeorgiaOregon Ohio State Alabama Oklahoma State Cincinnati
JoshGeorgiaOregonOhio StateCincinnatiAlabamaMichigan State
StevenGeorgiaOhio StateOregonCincinnatiAlabamaMichigan State
TroutGeorgiaCincinnatiOregonOhio StateAlabamaMichigan State
VaughnGeorgiaCincinnatiOregonOhio StateAlabamaMichigan


Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 43

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  • Andy nailed the playoff committee’s pick with his submission. Here is hoping the Buckeye’s win out and fans will not care where they are ranked.

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