Buckeye50 Playoff Picks – November 23, 2021

Week 4: Playoff Rankings


This past weekend provided some clarity and shake up to the polls with a few key games. Oregon losing to Utah should move them out of the rankings, and helped Cincinnati and the Big 12. It also appears that the ACC will be left out of the College Football Playoff for the first time, after sending at least one representative since its inception, and sending 2* teams last year. (Notre Dame joined the ACC temporarily due to the impacts of COVID).

Georgia and Ohio State all made statements with their wins by winning with the same score and margin with the scores of 56-7. The biggest difference was Georgia did it against an FCS school, and Ohio State did it against the #7 team in the country in Michigan State. Alabama needed a record setting game from Bryce Young to hold off Arkansas, and that close of a game might have opened the discussion for Ohio State to move ahead of the Crimson Tide in this weeks rankings.

Michigan defeated Maryland handedly, and Cincinnati probably played their best game since the Notre Dame win earlier in the season. Notre Dame shut out Goergia Tech, and Oklahoma State might be the best team in the Big 12, which a chance to enter the discussion.

This week and next week are all that is left with the season before the final standings come out. In the spirit of “The Game” week, we gave crossed out the M’s in our graphics. 


How We Voted



Buckeye50 Playoff Poll

Georgia rolled against FCS opponent Charleston Southern, and rested their first team by halftime. They will play Georgia Tech this week, who was just demolished by Notre Dame, and can begin to prepare for Alabama in the SEC Championship game. This is the Bulldogs best start since 1982. 

Ohio State moves up after destroying Michigan State at home, with a 49-0 score at halftime before Ryan Day started to play conservative to rest up the starters for The Game. Oregon losing also opened up the spot, and the Buckeyes body of work, with this weeks performance, finally was enough to put them ahead of Alabama.

Alabama needed everything they could get from Bryce Young to beat Arkansas, the same team Georgia shut out earlier in the year. With shaky games against Florida (who now has 6 losses), LSU, and Arkansas, this Alabama team is not the same team that they have been in the past. They still have everything in front of them though with the Iron Bowl this week, and a chance to knock off Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.

Cincinnati benefited the most from the Oregon loss, and at this point just needs to focus on winning these next two weeks. They have ECU this week, and then a game against Houston for the AAC championship game. Going undefeated will keep them in the top 4, but a loss will knock them out completely.

Michigan moves up with everything in front of them as well. They committee saw them as the more complete team compared to Michigan State, who they lost to a few weeks ago, and with Ohio State defeating the Spartans, they will face Ohio State for a chance to go to Indianapolis for the first time ever.  

Notre Dame slides into the 6th spot after rolling to a big win. They have found some balance now with their offense, and have improved since their loss to Cincinnati this year, They will need 2 teams ahead of them to have a shot at making it it, and will be rooting for Georgia to beat Alabama, and maybe Cincinnati to lose one too. Their worst case scenario is if Ohio State and Cincinnati win out, and Alabama beats Georgia, which would most likely keep two SEC teams in the playoff. 


AndyGeorgiaAlabamaOhio State ichiganCincinnati Notre Dame
CoryGeorgiaCincinnati Alabama Ohio State *ichigan Notre Dame
DaveGeorgiaOhio StateAlabamaCincinnati*ichiganNotre Dame
RickGeorgiaOhio StateCincinnatiAlabamaNotre DameOklahoma
GreggGeorgiaOhio StateAlabamaCincinnati *ichiganOklahoma State
JasonGeorgiaOhio StateAlabama ichigan CincinnatiNotre Dame
JohnGeorgiaOhio State Alabama Cincinnati *ichigan Notre Dame
JoshGeorgiaOhio State Cincinnati Alabama *ichigan Oklahoma State
StevenGeorgiaOhio StateCincinnati Alabama *ichiganNotre Dame
TroutGeorgiaOhio State Alabama Cincinnati *ichigan Notre Dame
Vaughn GeorgiaOhio State Cincinnati Alabama Oklahoma State Notre Dame


Here is how we voted, lets us know how you predict the rankings will go!  Who is your top 4?



  • The committee really needs to come up with a good reason tonight if they don’t have Ohio State #2.

  • I don’t care about the rankings much at this point. They will change. I’m really curious how things might end up though. I want OSU and UC in the top 4. I want Alabama gone. Maybe Oklahoma State would be a nice addition. I am nervous about the wolverines. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but can’t help it. haha

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