Game 9 Recap: Ohio State 21 – Northwestern 7


Going into November, you want to feel confident about your team if they are considered to be the second best team in the country, and playing against the worst team in their conference. This game will be remembered for the 30 mile per hour winds, and a run game that didnt dominate as hoped for the Buckeyes. 

Credi Northwestern for their preperation for this game, and when it looked like the wind was affecting CJ Strouds passing, the Wildcats lined up 8-9 players in the box because the Buckeye offense became 1 dimensional. The Wildcats also did what it wanted on offense, holding the ball for 40 minutes of game play, and the difference was they did not have the talent to win them the game. Ohio State should have adjusted sooner to the Wildcats playing the Wildcat offense with no QB out there nearly 60% of their plays, but they got the win. For a national perspective, it doesnt look good for the Buckeyes, and now they have two weeks before their big showdown against Michigan to decided the Big Ten East, and most likely Big Ten Champion. This is a game where you might want to throw out the game tape, and refocus on the Hoosiers next week.

CJ Stroud’s 20 game streak of throwing at least 1 touchdown pass was snapped, as he threw 76 yards, and only completed 38% of his passes. He did however make plays with his legs, and ran for 79 yards on 6 carries. 

Miyan Williams was the only running back to get carries in this game, and he ran for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns on 26 carries. Emeka Egbuka also got 2 carries for 21 yards, and scored the first touchdown for Ohio State to tie the game. 

Marvin Harrison Jr had 5 catches for 51 yards, leading the team in catches and yards. Cade stover caught 2 passes for 12 yards. Julian Fleming and Emeka Egbuka combined for the remaining 3 catches and 13 yards.

Turning Point

The game was too close for comfort, and the Buckeyes were a 38 point favorite, but never showed their dominance until very late into the game. Leading with under 5 minutes left to go in the game, CJ Stroud scrambles for a 44 yard gain, and Miyan Williams finishes the drive with a touchdown, leading 21-7.  The defense was able to stop Northwestern, and the Buckeyes got one more possession to run out the clock. 


Star of the Game

Miyan Williams. The running back was left to take the first team reps, as TreVeyon Henderson was left in Columbus with a lingering foot injury. Williams was the only bright spot on offense, rushing for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns with CJ Stroud needing to make more plays with his legs than his arm due to the wind. 


Playoff Picture

The Buckeyes did get the win, and this weekend helped shake up some of the top teams, with Georgia dominating Tennessee at home, but Clemson, and Michigan playing close games we well. The Buckeyes could end up staying where they are, or dropping a spot or two, but staying undefeated is the name of the game at this point, and they are 9-0, and only 1 of 5 teams unbeaten. 

Looking Ahead

Ohio State (9-0) will return home to host Indiana (3-6) with game time TBD.

Northwestern (1-8) travels to Minnesota (6-3) with game TBD.

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