Oregon and Washington Approved to Join the B10 in 2024

In a move that had been rumored for the last few days after Colorado left the PAC-12 for the Big-12, Oregon and Washington have made their exit as well, and were approved to join the B10 conference unanimously starting in the year 2024. They will join with USC and UCLA, who will be 4 of 8 schools leaving the PAC-12 after the 2023 football season. 

It was also announced that Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah have been officially accepted by the Big 12 for the 2024 season, and that would leave the PAC-12 with 4 remaining members in Cal, Stanford, Oregon State, and Washington State. 2024 will also be the start of the newly expanded College Football Playoff, and the state of the conference for the PAC-12 is now in question.

The news of the Ducks and Huskies leaving is a little mixed as the reflection of the regionality of College Football has now been reshaped to media deals and coverages. 

For the official release from the B10, click here.

Here below are some of the reactions for the new movements:







Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

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