Week 11 Predictions – 2024

Last Week:  Once again, the Buckeyes had a slow start, trailing Rutgers at halftime.  But like all good teams do, they made the necessary adjustments and took over the game in the second half. The 35-16 victory keeps them tied atop the Big Ten East, and #1 in the playoff poll.  In our staff predictions, Dave, Andy, Cory, Steven and Trout were all a perfect 5-0 and 10th place is only 3 picks from first place so keep watching those standings.      

This Week’s Games Ohio State will be wearing a Gray uni as they welcome in the Spartans to Columbus.  Everyone expects the Buckeyes to win, will they continue to get the love of the playoff committee with a convincing victory? ….  Georgia has the toughest game on their schedule this week, as Lane Kiffen brings to Athens his Rebels.  Can Ole Miss get the biggest upset of the season Saturday?  ….  For the first time this season, Michigan will be playing a team that can challenge them.  Can they go into Happy Valley and secure an earned victory?  ….  Florida State has been coasting through the season and sit on top of the ACC.  Can Miami bring a Hurricane force into their perfect season?  ….  Washington continues to be undefeated, and now they face Utah.  Will the Huskies remain unbeaten and keep pace among the top teams in the playoff race?

Buckeye Greats:   As in the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the ninth straight year.

Here we go with our Week 10 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg


 Michigan State  @  (1)Ohio State

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Will this be the week the OSU offense finally starts fast and finishes fast? Will this finally be the game that we get up by 30 early to get our young pups some valuable live game experience? Will this be the game Ryan Day abandons trying to force the running game to the short side of the field the majority of the time. Why negate the speed and illusiveness of a Treyveon Henderson or Emeka Egbuka by limiting the field. Boggles my mind especially when you have documented success to the wide side. Anywho, as long as the Buckeyes can avoid the mysterious pregame injuries and mental mistakes, I am looking for a big win by the Buckeyes. OSU over Sparty 49-10.

Andy:  Michigan State is in a tailspin right now as a program after moving on from head coach Mel Tucker. After winning their first two games this year they then lost 6 straight games. With this game being at the Horseshoe, I don’t see a great outcome for Michigan State. On the OSU side, they need to try and mitigate overuse of certain players. OSU has been really banged up with injuries and I wouldn’t mind if they rotated more players this week given how easy this game should be. Expect a slow start on offense, that seems to be how this team operates with them pulling ahead later in the game.   Ohio State 42  Michigan State 13

Coach Rick:   I think Michigan State  is a good team, but they are trying to find an identity. I have OSU winning by only 14 due to Michigan State having a couple nice plays due to the ability of their players.

Cory:  It’s no surprise that Michigan State is not very good this season. Aside from a lack of talent, the Spartans lost their coach, Mel Tucker, as he was suspended and eventually fired for sexual harassment. The Spartans did pull off an upset over Nebraska last week, but still, the signs are pretty telling. Spartan quarterbacks have combined to take more sacks than they have touchdown passes, and their running backs are averaging a combined 3.3 yards per carry. That said, Ohio State needs to be upset watch this week. Buckeye fans remember the pain Michigan State caused in 1998, and in 2015, in Columbus. Adding on to that is that the Buckeye offense just does not seem to wake up until the third quarter and I’m expecting another game that is more anxiety-inducing than it should be.   Ohio State 30, Michigan State 13   

Dave Ohio State 56  Michigan State 10

GreggIs it possible that the Buckeye offense has looked the way it does only because they don’t want to show Michigan anything they will see the final week of the regular season?  For some reason, the media still wants do downplay the success of the Buckeyes, but this team continues to mature and get stronger.  TreVeyon Henderson has been a huge lift since returing to the line-up and should have another big game this week.  Ohio State needs to get the secondary healthy again but if they keep this positve progression, they should be on the perfect path to Indy and the playoffs.   Ohio State 44  Michigan State 10

Joe-S-U:  OSU

John:  For some reason, MSU has managed to, on occasion, rise up in November in Columbus and give OSU a black eye.  This MSU team, however is putrid.  A Sparty win would be an upset of eric proportions.  Look for the Bucks to win bigley.   Ohio State 49  Michigan State 10 

Josh: Lets be real, this game is the first of a 3 game stretch for the Buckeyes that ends in Ann Arbor, with an expected Big Ten East title and a berth to the Big Ten Championship Game. This is game 1 to keep making strides on offense to gain confidence. As a fan, the anticipation for The Game is insurmountable, but in the Woody, and in the home locker room, this teams focus is on going 1-0 this weekend. Michigan State and the Buckeyes have had a temporary alliance for the past few weeks with the news that is constantly breaking about the sign stealing investigation at Michigan, for on this game, under the lights in an all gray uniform, the Horseshoe is a battlefield. Ohio State 49 – Michigan State 0

Steven:  There are Ferrari’s in this world, and there are M1 Abrahms tanks. Ohio State is becoming the latter. But, while the M1’s turbine engine is slow to spool up, it is virtually impossible to stop when it gets rolling.  We as fans have been so spoiled by the quick burst, strike first Ferrari-like capabilities of OSU’s offense over the past couple of seasons, that when a competent, balanced, if sometimes plodding version is put on the field, we can hardly recognize or understand it. If one truly looks at the situation, though, wouldn’t we all take this year’s defense and give up a bit of the flash from the Haskins, Fields or Stroud teams? We want it all. This week’s evening tilt against Sparty shouldn’t provide much in the way of drama, unless unforced errors keep the game close. This should end up looking a lot like the Purdue game in West Lafayette.   Bucks 42-10.

TroutOhio State is going to win, that’s not in doubt. Sparty is really bad. Even before Tucker was let go, Michigan State was destined to be near the bottom of the Big Ten. Ohio State should be able win very comfortably. I don’t think it’ll be a 60-0 beating, but Ohio State should be able to crack the 40 point mark. Just as long as McCord doesn’t turn the ball over. I am imagining big days for Marvin Harrison Jr and Treveyon Henderson. I’m predicting 100 yard games for both. I can see Sparty getting some points towards the end of the game when Ohio State has their backups in. Ohio State wins big and remains undefeated.   (Ohio State, 42-6)  

Final Score:  Ohio State 38   Michigan State 3 


(9)Mississippi  @  (2)Georgia

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Georgia has shown it can bleed. It also can show us just how fortuitous it can be as well. While Lane Kiffen has quite an offense, do they have the wherewithal to hang with Georgia between the hedges? I don’t think so, as Georgia wins a close one over the Rebels 35-31.

Andy:  If there is a game on the Bulldogs regular season schedule that qualifies for a potential upset it is here. Ole Miss only has one loss this year to Alabama. Head coach Lane Kiffin has this group of Rebels playing some of the best offensive football in the country. Jaxson Dart is probably the best dual threat quarterback in the country and his tailback Quinshon Judkins is a beast. Georgia has one of the best defenses in the country allowing 18 total touchdowns this season so far. On offense their first year start quarterback Carson Beck has been great, completing nearly 72% of his passes. With this game being at Georgia, it is hard for me to pick against them.   Georgia 38  Ole Miss 34

Coach Rick:   Not 100% sure how this game is going to go.  I feel it is going to be a very close game with the edge going to the home team.  I have Georgia winning by 3.

Cory:  Georgia’s schedule so far has not really been that tough. Perhaps the toughest opponent so far was Missouri last week, and the Bulldogs struggled to win that one. It ended up being a two-score game, but if you watched it was much closer than that. While Georgia’s known for having a good defense, they struggled to defend the run and they struggled to get off the field on third down against Missouri last week. I wonder how much the run game from Ole Miss will give Georgia issues. Not only do the Rebels have a terrific running back in Quinshon Judkins, but quarterback Jaxson Dart is also a very good scrambler. Ole Miss has struggled to put up a ton of points even against some mediocre teams, and against Alabama they only managed 10 points. I think they’ll do better than that this week, but expect Georgia to remain undefeated.   Georgia 28, Ole Miss 14  

Dave Georgia 21  Mississippi 14

Gregg Any chance Sandra Bullock can show up in Athens and have a talk with this Rebel squad?  Ole Miss is going to need any help they can get to pull off this upset.  It can be done but Georgia appears to be finally dialed into the season, where they were sleepwalking back in September.  And they probably do not take to kindly to being ranked below Ohio State in the playoff committee’s eyes.  This will be a statement victory for UGA and if the Buckeyes don’t look equally impressive, this is the week Ohio State moves down to #2 in the poll.   Georgia 24  Mississippi 17

Joe-S-U:  Georgia

John:  I would love to see the Dawgs go down, but unfortunate the only team in the SEC that has a legit chance won’t play them until 12/2 in Atlanta.   Georgia  31  Mississippi 17 

Josh: This game is important for three teams: the two playing this game, and Alabama. If Georgia wins, the Bulldogs and the Crimson Tide can start making arrangements for Atlanta on December 2nd. If Ole Miss wins, they are alive for the SEC West title, and would need Alabama to lose to Kentucky and Auburn to have a chance. The likeliest scenario is that we are going to see Kirby and Saban for SEC title, and a spot in the CFP. Brock Bowers is rumored to be back for this one, and if so, that gives Carson Beck his best weapon back for the championship drive. I like what was said about the Rebels though on the College Football Survivor Show, and that they are the barometer if a team is good or great. This might be one of the better Lane Kiffin teams he has had, but will need to play keep away to have a chance in this game. I think in the end, Georgia is the more talented team, and wins at home. Georgia 27 – Ole Miss 21

Steven:  Both Georgia and Ole Miss are top 15 in total offense and defense. The Runnin’ Rebels, coming off a tough loss to LSU last weekend should be primed to keep rolling offensively. Unfortunately, it was the Rebs’ defense that was their undoing. Georgia, while not playing as tough of a recent schedule as Mississippi’s, has shown they are the class of the SEC, at least defensively. They should be able to corral Reb QB Jaxon Dart just enough to bring home the win.   Georgia 44-33

TroutI’d like to pick the Rebels, but I think Georgia will be able to pull off the win. Although Ole Miss has been a pretty good team under Lane Kiffin, they haven’t taken that next step to be on the level of Georgia and Alabama. And even though I don’t think Alabama and Georgia are as good as they have been this year, they are still better than the Rebels. I think the game will be very close. I can see the Rebels matching the Bulldogs blow for blow, throughout most of the game. But then Georgia will do what they’ve done most of the year, and pull away towards the end. The Bulldogs will be tested, but will end up coming out victorious.   (Georgia, 35-28)   

 Final Score:  Georgia 52  Mississippi 17


(3)Michigan  @  (10)Penn State

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Michigan at Penn State will be the B1G’s validation game. Is TTUN’s offense really that good? Is their defense really that good? Will Penn State runningback duo finally have a breakout game this year? Will Drew Allar be able to avoid TTUN’s pass rush and also avoid throwing the ball to their DBs? Will James Franklin finally get a signature victory for the Nittany Lions? Will Jim Harbaugh be on the sidelines? I am going with the UPSET!!!!! Wolverines fall to the Nittany Lions 34-31!!!!

Andy:  This Penn State team has not struggled much this year except when they played against Indiana and Ohio State. Their offense finally started hitting some deep balls with quarterback Drew Allar. Michigan remains one of the best teams in the country and they have a ton of momentum coming into this game. Their defense has been elite ranked in pretty much every top 5 defensive metric you can measure. On offense JJ McCarthy has been incredibly efficient and his talented running back Blake Corum has been a touchdown machine with 15. I think Penn State loses this game to Michigan mostly because Michigan can beat them in the trenches.   Michigan  31  Penn State 17

Coach Rick:   The first real test for Michigan this season.  I have Michigan winning by 10 in what should be a good game.

Cory:  Michigan did not have much trouble with Purdue last week, though that is to be expected. For the Wolverines, their path to the playoff starts now. Michigan’s strength of schedule is absurdly low so they need to beat Penn State. Playing in Happy Valley is not easy, and I expect the home crowd to be especially fired up for this one considering the circumstances with the sign-stealing scandal that currently surround Michigan right now. That said, I don’t see a Penn State win happening here. Michigan is still a very good team, and we’ve seen Penn State struggle this season. Their running game has not got on track yet, and Drew Allar has not been good against tough defenses. We also know that James Franklin can’t win big games so expect Michigan to cruise in this one.   Michigan 31, Penn State 14   

Dave Michigan 21 Penn State 20

Gregg Michigan has yet to be tested this season but they should get that test this week. Obviously a lot of distraction with the sign stealing scandal but they brought that on themselves.  Coach Franklin and the Nittany Lions are poised to pounce on these battered Wolverines but they just don’t have enough in the tank to get the win  If they can shut down the Michigan offense to under 15 points though. they might steal the win. But the visiting team will want to pour it on the boys in white and will win going away.  (would so love to be wrong though)  Sign Stealers 41  Kittens 17

Joe-S-U:  Michigan

John:  It’s looking doubtful that neither the Big 10 office nor the NCAA will move to hold Michigan accountable for violating the rules on in-person scouting. For those that don’t think this is a big deal, Stalllions supposedly began in-person scouting during the 2021 season.  Harbaugh’s record from 2015-2020 was 49-22.  Since 2021 it is 34-3.  Two of the tree losses (Georgia in the 2021 Orange Bowl and TCU in the 2022 Fiesta Bowl) were to teams they would not have scouted in person.  Just sayin.  Since the powers that be are too cowardly to drop the hammer on UM (waiting until next year then vacating wins after they potentially win a title on the field is NOT punishment)  it will be up to the teams that play them to administer street justice.  The first legit opportunity since this scandal broke for this would be this week. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but…Go Lions!   Penn State 28  Michigan 24 

Josh: I get the feeling that everyone outside of Ann Arbor is rooting for Penn State to pull the upset off at home against a Michigan team who seems to be pretty focused despite the ongoing investigation. For James Franklin, this game is a must win for him. His tenure at Penn State has been judged by who he has not beaten, despite being a consistent 10-2 3rd best team in the conference. A win against Michigan will be bigger than the 2016 win against Ohio State because of the stakes of the game, as well as a chance to compete for a Big Ten title, which they won because of the win against the Buckeyes. After sleepwalking against Indiana, the Nittany Lions earned a confidence boost against Maryland last week. Michigan though is looking to spin it as “Michigan vs Everybody” (Dont want to have the same slogan as their rivals, right?). JJ McCarthy is in the middle of a wide open Heisman race, and a big game this week will put him with the frontrunners. I think this is the first upset of the weekend, and Penn State shakes up the playoff ranking. Penn State 17 – Michigan 14.

Steven:  Finally, some legitimate competition for the Maize and Blue booger-eatin’ cheats. Expect this game to be a good litmus test to gauge whether or not a decent defense can slow down JJ McCarty, Blake Corum and the top offense in the BigTen. As a side note: Michigan is ranked 43rd in total offense, and OSU is just 3 slots and 6 yards per game back at 46th. But Michigan is much more efficient. They translate those yards into scores a lot better than Ohio State does, (UM is 5th in the nation vs. OSU at 33 for scoring). So how will this all translate when UM heads to Happy Valley? Michigan’s defense is outstanding, and the Wolverines should be as good or better than OSU was in harassing Nittany Lion QB Drew Allar. Against the Buckeyes, Allar looked at times like a deer in the headlights, and Michigan should be able to come at him just as much or more than Ohio State did.  If PSU coach James Franklin learns anything from the Ohio State game, it is that he must not give up on the run. It is a bit like what Ryan Day is doing with OSU. The more you run, the less you have to rely on heroics from your QB. If they can control the clock and keep the UM offense off the field, PSU has a chance, not a great one but a chance. The entire world should be rooting for Penn State, but yet in the end it will be the Booger-eatin’ cheats 31-21.

TroutIn my heart, I want to pick the Nittany Lions, but my brain is telling me to pick the Wolverines. Unfortunately, Michigian is just better. They are the more consistent team on both sides of the ball. Plus the last time Penn State played a top 5 opponent in Ohio State, their offense was dreadful. It took them until late in the fourth for them to convert a third down. I believe it will be similar for this game. Ohio State has a top ten defense, which Michigan does as well. I can see them making Drew Allar’s life a nightmare every time he has the ball in his hand.  One advantage that the Nittany Lions do have is that the game is being played in Happy Valley. They will have a bunch of crazy fans making it loud for Michigan. Too bad it’s not a night game . However, 100,000+ screaming fans won’t be enough. Despite Michigan being marred in this cheating scandal, they are still a talented team and they should go into Happy Valley and win by a few scores. Hopefully I’m wrong.   (Michigan, 35-14)   

Final Score:  Michigan 24   Penn State 15


Miami  @  (4)Florida State

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Florida State pummels Miami 48-10.

Andy:  This game is a huge ACC and state rivalry game. When you have two teams like this that can’t stand each other and are both having good seasons you can throw out analytics and you can throw out expectations because these two teams will be going all out this week. Florida State has a susceptible defense but a great offense led by quarterback Jordan Travis and his talented receiver group. Miami is a very balanced team with the 19th best defense in the country and 31st best offense. I think this game will come down to defensive stops and I like Miami here in an upset.   Miami  34  Florida State 31

Coach Rick:   I had this game circled for weeks thinking it was going to be a good game.  Not  sure what is going on with Miami of late, but I now have Florida State winning by 14.

Cory:  Florida State’s schedule from here on out is pretty easy, including this week’s game with Miami, but the Seminoles may still need help to get into the playoff. A statement win against rival Miami could help sway the committee, so I expect Florida State to try to pile it on this week against the Hurricanes. Is 6-3 Miami any good? I don’t believe so. The Hurricanes’ best win is over 5-4 Clemson and quarterback Tyler Van Dyke is very mistake-prone as he’s thrown 11 interceptions this season. Florida State’s defense is much better than anything Miami’s seen so far this season, and Seminole quarterback Jordan Travis will be the best QB the Hurricanes have seen.   Florida State 31, Miami 10  

Dave Florida State 28  Miami 10

GreggRemember when this game used to mean something? Neither do I.  Florida State has enjoyed a nice season but they will still have the label of being in the 5th best Power 5 conference.  Miami’s best win was against Texas A&M, but the Aggies have proven to be a .500 team at best (I am sure they are looking forward to Texas and Oklahoma joining them in the SEC).  The Seminoles are on a path to the ACC Championship to take on Louisville and Miami is no more than a speed bump to them.   Florida State 27  Miami 13

Joe-S-U:  Florida State

John:  Florida State look like they have the easiest road of the top 5 to make the playoff.  This is not the “U”  of 2001-2002.  ‘Noles roll at home.   Florida State   34  Miami  21 

Josh: Florida State is 9-0 for the first time since 2014, where they ended up 3rd in the first CFP, and lost to Oregon in the Rose Bowl. A win against Miami this will will clinch their spot in the ACC Championship Game, with a likely matchup against Louisville. The Seminoles could be getting Keon Coleman back, but the key for them will be to not give up points to a Maimi team trying to salvage their season. For Miami to win, they will need Tyler Van Dyke to play his cleanest game, as he has thrown for 11 interceptions on the season, but has a weapon with Xavier Restrepo. I think this one will be close, but Florida State gets the win and moves to 10-0. Florida State 35 – Miami 31

Steven:  Yeah, Miami’s back. The “Miami’s back!” chant usually lasts each season until about week 5. For this week it should be Florida State’s QB Jordan Travis against a very suspect defense. Miami lost last week to Georgia Tech. Yuck. FSU 37-17... and even that may be giving Miami a bit too much credit.

Trout I see Florida State winning comfortably in this game. THe Hurricanes are just not a good team. They haven’t been relevant since 2002. And although the Seminoles have questions too, it is clear that they are the better of the two teams. I can see the game being close in the first half. Miami isn’t viod of talent. However, in the second half, Florida State will slowly start pulling away and the Canes won’t have the manpower to keep up. Florida State wins and keeps their playoff hopes alive.   (Florida State, 38-20) 

Final Score:  Florida State 27   Miami 20


(18)Utah  @  (5)Washington

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Washington has been on fire the last couple of games led by Michael Penix. Utah recently confirmed that Cam Rising will not play this year. With that said, Washington beats Utah 42-24.

Andy:  Washington has escaped a handful of close games this season including last week to USC where they trailed for most of the game until pulling away in the second half. Michael Penix is probably the best quarterback in the country right now, throwing for 26 touchdowns so far and averaging nearly 10 yards per completion. If there is an anomaly team in the Pac-12 it is Utah. They’re built like most of the teams in the Big Ten, very physical at the lines of scrimmage with a huge emphasis on line play, team defense and special teams. Despite losing their stud quarterback Cam Rising to an injury, the Utes have found another gem in Bryson Barnes. The big question is can Utah consistently run the football on this Washington defense enough to win the game. I think they will struggle at some point.   Washington 38  Utah  31

Coach Rick:   I think Utah has the tools to win this game, but I think they used them all last week in their big win over Arizona State.  I have Washington coming out on top by 14 points.  

Cory:  Washington went from playing one of the worst defenses in the country last week – USC – to playing one of the best his week when they host Utah. The Utes are one of two teams to hold USC to under 35 points – the other being Notre Dame. The concern with Utah for this game is that they just don’t have the offense to keep up with Washington. The Huskies had a couple stinkers recently with unexpectedly close games against Arizona State and Stanford, but got back on track with last week’s win over the Trojans. Since that poor performance against the Sun Devils, Washington quarterback Michael Penix has thrown for 625 yards with six touchdowns and two interceptions in his last two games. I do expect Utah to keep it close.   Washington 35, Utah 28   

Dave Washington 32  Utah 21

GreggThere is too much at stake now for this game and the Huskies are too close to let this get away, especially at home.  They have the third most points in the conference and a defense that will allow them to win games.  Utah has been a great story this year, and have done amazingly well using a back-up quarterback all season.  But I just don’t think they are going to score enough points to keep up with Penix and the boys.  Let the sailgating begin.   Washington 38  Utah 28

Joe-S-U:  Utah

John:  Michale Penix Jr. all but wrapped up the Heisman last week with a other worldly performance.  Granted, it was against a defense that most good high school teams could hang 28 points on, but it was still impressive.  Just don’t spit the bit down the stretch and Archie will remain the only 2-time winner of the trophy. Not much chance of that happening this week, but it is the Pac 10, and the Huskies play almost as bad defense as the Trojans.   Washington  45  Utah  38 

JoshWashington gave all it could and more against USC last week, where they gave up the most points and yardage in any game this season. Utah feels like the perfect catalyst team to spoil a season, and with a chance to make it to a third straight PAC-12 Championship game, the Utes will have a plan to slow down Michael Penix Jr, and upset the Huskies. Utah 31 – Washington 28 

Steven:  It has been a tough year for the Utes program with pre-season Heisman candidate QB Cam Rising not being able to play, deciding to formally shut it down for the season a couple of weeks ago. While his backup Bryson Barnes has been a great story, he and the Utes offense haven’t been able to generate much over the past month. The entire Utah team has been inconsistent, and this week faces a huge offense in the Huskies. Without a consistent offense to keep the Huskies and QB Michael Penix Jr. off the field, it will be a long day for the Utes.   U-Dub 44-20.

TroutThe Huskies should win this game, but it’ll be close. Utah is a very good team. And they have played spoiler a few times in the past few years. I can see them giving Penix Jr and the Washington offense fits for a majority of the game. However, I don’t see them having enough to win the game. In my opinion, Washington is the best team in the PAC 12 right now and Penix Jr has a more than realistic shot of winning the Heisman this year. The game should be tight for a while, but Washington will start to pull away and the rest will be history. Their offensive firepower will be too much for the Utes. Although the Utes have been a scrappy team as of late, they won’t be able to compete for the whole game and the Huskies will be able to widen the score gap as the game goes on. Washington wins and remains the team to beat in the PAC-12.   (Washington, 38-24)     

Final Score:  Washington 35   Utah 28 

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