Game 10 Recap: Ohio State 38 – Michigan State 3


Ohio State doned their all gray uniform under the lights for their penultimate home game of the season, and showed why they are one of the best teams in the country. This Saturday was meant to be sepration Saturday and as an outcome, it seperated the top teams in the country from the teams ranked 10th or lower. The Buckeye offense has been their healthiest they have been in weeks, getting Cade Stover back after missing last week, and they showed how their passing game can be potent and one of the best in the country. On defense, they were without Lathan Ransom, Tommy Eichenburg and Josh Proctor, and still held Michigan State to 182 yards of offense, and 11 first downs. This game went as expected, and the Buckeyes pulled back on their play calling after the first drive of the first series, and scored on 6 of their fiurst 7 possession of the game. 
When asked about the offense performance, McCrod echoed what many who follow college footbal have been talking about in waiting to see this offense play up to their potential.
“I think this is what I’ve kind of been talking about all year,” McCord said. “You know, we’re just continuing to improve and grow each week and now that we’re in November, I think we have to play our best football now. And I think the urgency has been passed on from the coaches to the players. And I think as an offense, we knew that this had to be a good week for us.”
What this game ended up being was a Hiesman push for Marvin Harrison Jr, who bolstered his campaign in a big way, as he finished the game with 8 touches for 168 yards and 3 touchdowns, which two from receptions and 1 from his first ever rushing touchdown. 
Kyle McCord had career highs in attempts and yards, and finsihed the game playing only through 3 quarters with 24 completions on 31 attempts with 335 yards and 3 touchdowns. He broke the streak of causing a turnover, and played a very clean game, not being sacked once. We got to see the debut of Lincoln Kienholz who was 2 of 3 passing for 18 yards, with each pass going to freshman tight end Jelani Thurman.
TreVeyon Henderson continue to roll with 13 carries for 63 yards and a touchdown, and caught 2 passes for 14 yards. Xavier Johsnon and Chip Trayanum were the back up running backs and comibned carried the ball for 13 catrres and 75 yards. It was great to see Evan Pryor in the 4th quarter and he rushed for 20 yards on 7 carries.
Marvin Harrison Jr paced all receivers with 7 catches for 149 yards with 2 touchdowns. Cade Stover returned and had 7 catches for 79 yards and an impressive touchdown. Carnel Tate, Emeka Egbuka, Julian Fleming and Chip Trayanum all got involved in the passing game as well.  

Turning Point

There really wasn’t a point in the game that was a difference maker. Since 2020, the game against Michigan State and Ohio State have not been competitive, and Michigan State gave it their best effort, but fell short. When their best player is a kicker with a strong leg, but their offense never makes it to the redzone, it is hard to beat a team who is scoring nearly every possession. This was a turning point for the Buckeye offense who are building a rhythm and working through progressions as they get to the hardest football coming up with Michigan and a chance for a Big Ten Championship or College Football Playoff.

Stars of the Game

Cade Stover. The senior tight-end came back in a big way and had an impressive catch for his touchdown. With 7 catches for 79 yards, he showed how he was missed last week against Rutgers opposite of Marvin Harrison Jr as a threat in the passing game.

Kyle McCord. The junior looked his best against the Michigan State defense, and posted a QBR of 98.1. He had some really good passes in the game, with two to Marv, but had a chance for a 3rd on the Buckeyes first drive of the second half.

Marvin Harrison Jr. Harrison should get a suit fitted for a trip to New York City in the second week of December. He might not win the Heisman, but it is clear since the Penn State game that the Buckeyes are trying to give him a chance to win or earn individual awards. He is 1 100-yard game away from breaking the record at Ohio State for 100-yard games as a receiver. He is tied with David Boston at 14.

Playoff Picture

Ohio State looked the most complete on offense than they have all year, and pulled back the reins in the second half in a strategy to keep their players healthy. Something the committee should put into consideration for this Ohio State team is that they were without 3 of their staring defenders and still held Michigan State to 3 points and under 190 yards. In reality though, the Buckeyes stay at the top spot will change this week as Georgia took care of business against Ole Miss at home, and now with two ranked wins, and the win against Missouri looking better, I can see the 2-time defending National Champions moving into first place. The Buckeyes should only drop to 2, as Michigan finally got their first ranked win on the season, and did it without their head coach, but are awaiting a decision of a TRO to go against the Big Ten’s suspension ruling. Florida State had a tougher time against Miami, but still remains undefeated, and will likely face Louisville in 3 weeks for the ACC championship game. Washington and Oregon both won close games against Utah and USC respectively, and should be on a collision course for the PAC-12 Championship. In the end, the Buckeyes know they just need to win this week and beat Michigan on the road next week, and they can all but prepare for a trip to the college football playoff.

Looking Ahead

Ohio State (10-0) will host Minnesota (5-5) at 4pm on BTN for their final home game of the season.

Michigan State (3-7) will travel to Indiana (3-7) for a 12pm kickoff on BTN. 


Photo Credit: Ohio State Football

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