Week 12 Predictions – 2019

Last Week:  Ohio State’s backups outscored and out performed the Maryland team, is the bottom of the B1G that bad, or are the Buckeyes that deep. Either way, OSU is 9-0 and four wins away from reaching the playoffs for the third time. The Playoff Committee dropped the Buckeyes a spot but they may have a chance to earn that back.  For our staff predictions, the top of our leaderboard is getting pretty set now.  Will just need to see who is on top after championship week.

This Week’s Games:  It should be another easy week for the Buckeyes, as they head to NJ to face Rutgers. The only question will be is will they score 70 again?  ….  The SEC gets one more big game this week. Auburn will host both Georgia and Alabama and a win in either of those games would really have a domino effect on the teams chosen for the playoffs. The Tigers get Georgia this week, can they pull off an upset and give people something to talk about for another week?  ….  Another game the Buckeyes have their eyes on will be Minnesota at Iowa. The Gophers are still unbeaten and starting to get some love from the playoff committee, and on pace to make it to Indy.  Iowa is ranked 20th and favored by Vegas in spite of having multiple losses. Can Minnesota row out of Iowa with the win?  ….   At one time the game between Wake Forest and Clemson was going to be for the Atlantic Coast crown. Now it appears the Deacons will be the latest victim in the way of the Tigers and their national title defense. Can Wake put up any type of fight and pull off the upset?  ….  Perhaps the most interesting game of the weekend might be Oklahoma at Baylor.  The Bears’ 9-0 record has been a pleasant surprise and well deserved. The Sooners need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Do you bet the over or under on this one?   

Buckeye Greats:  As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the fifth straight year.

Here we go with our Week 12 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg

(2)Ohio State  @  Rutgers

Andy:  Ohio State has been dominate the whole season. Against good teams and bad teams, they’re going against one of the worst teams in the entirety of college football Saturday. Sorry, but Rutgers is down right awful. Ohio State is in the top 10 in nearly statistical category on both offense and defense. OSU could roll out their backups for this entire game and still win by four or five touchdowns.   Ohio State 65 – Rutgers 6

Bbaver:  Pick: Ohio State – The combined score over the past 3 years in this match-up is 166-3. Ohio St can name their score. Not much to talk about here, except to say….let’s hope we stay healthy. I’ve got it Ohio St 62 Rutgers 3.

Coach Rick:  Not sure what more OSU can prove by playing this game.  I just hope that 2nd / 3rd stringers clean up their act in this game.  I have OSU winning by 54 points.

Cory:  To say things have been rough for Rutgers this season would be an understatement. The Scarlet Knights have just two wins, and those came over Massachusetts and Liberty. They’re averaging just 10.5 points per game. Head coach Chris Ash was fired at the beginning of October and now Rutgers is thinking of bringing back Greg Schiano. There is no concern for an upset for Ohio State here. As a group, Rutgers quarterbacks have thrown twice as many interceptions as touchdowns. This game will be little more than a glorified practice for the Buckeyes.   Ohio State 63, Rutgers 7

Dr. Mark:   OSU 44-14  Not sure if the Buckeyes will pile it up in the second half- not much else to say. 

GreggRutgers has never been close to beating Ohio State in the previous 5 games, and this may be the best Buckeye team they have faced. Coach Day has been able to keep the team peaked for every game and I don’t expect anything different for this one.  This will be all Buckeyes, all day long. The only question will be if they get 70 points. I am sure the Scarlet Knights are re-thinking the decision to join the Big Ten.   Ohio State 80  Rutgers 3

Jason:  Ohio State to cover 52.  It will be similar to last week where the starters rest the entire second half.

Joe-S-U:   OSU over Rutgers – I’m looking ahead a week.  Imagine this scenario- Chase Young sits against Rutgers, is eligible afterward.  Penn State comes to town, loses the toss and gets the ball first.  Chase Young is one-half sack behind Vernon Gholston for the school single-season sack record.  Lions face a third-down, bells tolling, Ohio Stadium is deafening.  Chase Young thunders around from the blindside and flattens Sean Clifford, setting the record and dislodging the football.  Bucks get a scoop and score and the place comes unhinged.  Man, let’s get this scrimmage on the 16th out of the way

John: Rutgers lost 48-7 to a Maryland team that just got drilled by the Buckeyes 73-14. While the transitive property can’t necessarily be applied to sporting events, all signs point to a beatdown of epic proportions on Saturday.  Unlike last week, NCAA travel rules restrict Ohio State to 74 players, so even emptying the bench may not be enough to lessen the carnage.  Vegas has the spread at 53, and the over/under at 56, which tells you the “experts” don’t expect much scoring from the Scarlet Knights.  Bucks pick their number in this one.  Ohio State 77 Rutgers 7

Josh:   Ohio State has only scored over 100 points once in its history, a 128-0 win over Oberlin in 1916. This might be a scary game if you are a Rutgers fan, and I don’t expect Ohio State to match that score however, there is a good chance Ohio State could put up 80 points. The Scarlet Knights are just not good, and the starters will be out by halftime, but the backups showed they are capable of scoring this past week against Maryland. Any last minute tune up Ryan Day wants to do in this game before Penn State, he will get a chance to work on. Ohio State 84 – Rutgers 0.

Pia Pete:  The Buckeyes continue to roll.   OSU 64 – Rutgers 14

PJSBuck:  Go to the video tape of the Maryland game, substitute Rutgers, repeat and enjoy.  OSU by 40 or more.

Steven:  Remember Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House?  Yeah, it’ll be like that.  OSU 72-2.

Trout:  This game won’t even be remotely close. The Scarlet Knights are terrible. Besides the “New York market”, there is no reason that Rutgers should be in the Big Ten. Ohio State will score early and often on them. Justin Fields and JK Dobbins will most likely be done by the end of the first half. I even think that Ohio State’s second string defense will keep Rutgers out of the endzone. Ohio State wins this game and moves on to their real test next week against the Nittany Lions. (Ohio State, 77-0)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  The Buckeyes should dispatch the Scarlet Knights with ease this weekend so I will not belabor any “what if” scenarios. Buckeyes crush the Scarlet Knights 59-3

Final Score:  Ohio State 56   Rutgers 21


(4)Georgia  @  (11)Auburn 

Andy:  This is the game to watch this weekend. Auburn is the last good team on Georgia’s schedule until the SEC championship. Auburn has one of the best defensive lines in the country and one of the best front sevens overall. I like their lines of scrimmage, but their skill positions leave a lot to be desired. Georgia has the talent and the depth, but a lot of their receivers and defensive backs are still very green. Jake Fromm is a good game manager, I don’t think he is an elite quarterback that can put away teams like we’ve seen out of other marquee quarterbacks. He has trouble throwing the deep ball and has a limited ability to extend plays if pressure is applied to the pocket. That said Georgia has arguably the best offensive line in the country and some really good tail backs who can run the ball all over the field. I think in a match up this close, the edge has to go to the team with the better quarterback play. And right now despite what I said about Fromm, he is playing much better than Auburn Tigers true freshman Bo Nix.   Georgia 21 – Auburn 17

Bbaver:  Pick: Georgia – Should be a good game and a close game for the most part. Georgia probably doesn’t deserve to be in the 4th playoff slot right now, but it’s not going to matter in the end. It’s cut in dry in that, if Ga wins out, they are in the playoff. If they don’t, they are not in. Auburn is a very long shot to make the playoff…#1 reason they are a such a long shot…they would have to make the SEC title game and win out. If they did that, then they would deserve to be in the playoff discussion despite having 2 losses.

Coach Rick:  This is going to be the best game to watch this weekend I think.  After Georgia wins. it will put them into the top four consideration.  I have Georgia winning by 14.

Cory:  Auburn’s playoff hopes are dead, but Georgia still has chance of making it in if they can win out. That road gets more difficult each week, including a trip to Auburn on Saturday. Auburn’s lost two of its last four but those losses came to Florida and LSU, and the Tigers were close in both of those games. Ultimately, what ended up being Auburn’s undoing in those games was the inability to move the ball consistently and score points. Putting up just 20 points in a win over Ole Miss last week won’t do much to quell that concern, either. Since losing to South Carolina, Georgia has been pretty damn good reeling off three wins in a row and giving up a total of 17 points in those three games.   Georgia 24, Auburn 14 

Dr. Mark:   Georgia 31-27  Bo Nix will be a good player but think Bulldogs are too strong at this point.

Gregg:  Too much has been made this week about how Auburn is going to shape the make-up of the playoffs.  I can tell you right now Auburn won’t have anything to do with it. It is just a bunch of SEC talk to make sure at least three SEC teams are in the conversation. When the dust settles, LSU will be the only SEC squad in the playoffs and OSU will see them in the Superdome. Georgia wins this game on the road because they are the better team with the more experienced quarterback. Auburn’s Bo Nix will fall under the pressure in the end and the Bulldogs sneak out with the win.   Georgia 20  Auburn 17 

Jason:  Georgia over Auburn. UGA has the best D in the SEC

Joe-S-U:  Georgia over Auburn – After the ‘Bama/LSU game, I posted on Facebook that the final was 46-41.  I also pointed out that Ohio State had given up 41 points in their last 5 GAMES, and 46 in their last 6 GAMES.  I said that SEC defensive coordinators were about as useful as a bicycle for a fish.  Well, I’m here to publicly apologize because apparently the Dawgs played a little “D” last Saturday night.  Yes, it was Missouri, which is like shooting fish in a barrel.  But compared to the Big 12 lookalike in Tusca-loser, it was impressive, and the Dawgs’ 3rd shutout this season.  If Auburn has any gas in the tank, hopefully they save it for the Iron Bowl and bury the Tide once and for all.

John:  The nightmare scenario for college football fans that don’t live in the deep south is that Auburn wins out and Georgia beats LSU in the SEC title game.  You then end up with a one loss non-SEC champ LSU and three 2 loss SEC teams:  Champion Georgia, Alabama and Auburn.  Heather Dinich’s head would explode as she tries to explain that the SEC deserves 3 or 4 teams in the playoff, because well…you know, SEC!!!!  Unfortunately I think Auburn has a good shot of winning this one.  I’m not sure what to make of Georgia.  Their “best” win was over a Notre Dame squad that was flat out embarrassed by Michigan, and their second best was over a really overrate Florida team.  I think the Dawgs have just enough to go to The Plains and get the “W”, but a Tiger win here really wouldn’t be much of a surprise.   Georgia  27  Auburn 24

Josh:   Georgia’s defense has stepped up since the loss to South Carolina, and the win against Florida has given them a almost lock to the SEC Championship game. If they can win this week, they will clinch the division with only games against Texas A&M and Georgia Tech left. Auburn still has an outside chance of making the SEC Championship game, and quaterback Bo Nix will have to mature in a hurry. Both teams had a week to prepare for this game, and in a way, Gus Malzahn is in a bit of a hot seat. He could easily got 8-4, but has a chance to go 10-2, and can play spoiler if they find a way to win. I think the experience and talent favor the Bulldogs, and I expect Georgia to win a close one. Georgia 24 – Auburn 17.

Pia Pete:  Georgia needs to win this team to stay in the playoff hunt.  The defensive struggle goes to the home team.   Auburn 17 – Georgia 14

PJSBuck:  Good SEC game.  I will take Georgia in a small war.

Steven:  Do you go with the good defense or the good offense in this one?  I’m not convinced that either Auburn or Georgia is elite.  Auburn does have a stout defense, but can Bo Nix carry the offense enough to make it a game?  I’ll go with the more experienced quarterback in Georgia’s Jake Fromm.  Georgia 33-21.  

Trout I think Georgia wins this game, but I think its close. I don’t believe either team is great, but they are not without talent. I give the Bulldogs the slight edge, because I believe they are more efficient and I think they have a slightly better quarterback. Granted, the shine has rubbed off on Jake Fromm this year, but he still a consistent, veteran quarterback. Bo Nix has the potential to be great, but he’s still a Freshman, and still has a lot to learn. I see the game being somewhat low scoring, with a few turn overs from each team. In the end, the Bulldog’s slightly better talent gets them the victory. Georgia stays in the playoff picture and end’s Auburn’s slight playoff hopes. (Georgia, 24-23)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  Georgia is not the imposing team even outside of the SEC we all thought they would be. Then again, we tend to drink the southeast coffee with too much regularity. Auburn is not that good either, but they do have that opening season win over Oregon. A game that exhibited how coaches can and will lose games. Anyway, Georgia wins this game against Auburn 31-21.

Final Score:  Georgia 21   Auburn 14

(8)Minnesota  @  (20)Iowa

Andy:  The beginning of the tough part of Minnesota’s schedule is now upon them. They still have yet to play Iowa, Northwestern and Wisconsin. I think they had a super soft schedule and made the most of it and then out played and out schemed Penn State last week. I don’t think they’re a legit big ten title contender or national title contender just yet. Iowa always has one good upset in them per year. They’re pretty good on defense this season, but sluggish on offense. If they can put up a few scores at home and get their defense to show up I could see them pulling the upset. The problem is their run game and passing game has been terrible this season. I see Minnesota sneaking away with a close away victory.   Minnesota 24 – Iowa 17

Bbaver:  Pick: Minnesota – I think this game is pretty much a toss-up….slight edge to Minnesota. I honestly wouldn’t have had Minnesota in the top 9 this week, as their overall schedule is still weak. But if they win this game, and they deserve to be taken seriously

Coach Rick:  Another quality game for Minnesota, but this one is at Iowa.  I am not sure if Minnesota can kind their high level play into this game, but I think they will.  I have the Gophers winning by 17.

Cory:  The question that everybody now has after Minnesota upset Penn State last week is: Are the Golden Gophers for real? Well, they have an opportunity this week to prove just that with a road trip to Iowa. Sure, the Hawkeyes have three losses but those came to Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin, and all three were one-score games. It will be hard for Minnesota to carry the momentum of their huge upset over to this week, but the improvement in this team week-by-week cannot be understated. The same Golden Gopher team that gave up 31 points to Fresno State earlier in the season gave up 26 to Penn State last week. The players have totally bought into P.J. Fleck’s system, and it’s paying off.   Minnesota 28, Iowa 24

Dr. Mark:  Iowa 33-30  I want Gophers to win – it would be good for the Bucks for them to go undefeated in their division. My gut says Iowa will pull it out at the end     

Gregg2016: #2 Michigan comes into Kinnick Stadium thinking they will take care of the 5-4 Hawkeyes and position themselves to go to Indy for the Big Ten Championship. But the underdog Hawkeyes held off the Wolverines and won 14-13. 2017: #3 Ohio State comes into Iowa after a big win over Penn State. Take care of the home team and they will go t Indy and play for the B1G championship. The Buckeyes where shamed 55-24 and still won the conference but the lose cost them the playoffs. 2019: Minnesota comes into dream killing stadium, overlooked by those hospitalized kids and will leave without their unbeaten rank. Iowa has a really good defense, but their offense has been AWOL for several games. Today the offense will do just enough to win.   Iowa 27  Minnesota 24

Jason:  Iowa over Minnesota – might be the toughest road venue in the Big Ten and the fairy tale ends for the Gophs.

Joe-S-U:  Minnesota over Iowa – I’m all in on row, row, row your boat or whatever Fleck’s doing up there.  Wisconsin and Penn State both had a chance to go against Ohio State undefeated and both monkeyed it up.  I’m pulling for the Gophers to come to Indy unblemished.  Is there where I ask Gregg if he’s got an extra for that night?

John:  It will be real interesting to see if Minnesota can put the big win last week over Penn State behind them.  Teams that aren’t used to winning sometimes have a hard time handling success, and Iowa has a history of pulling off upsets at home.  Interesting that Vegas agrees, as the Hawkeyes are three point favorites against the unbeaten Gophers.  For Buckeye fans. The rooting interest should be for Minnesota to win out so that the Big Ten title game would be a battle of unbeatens.  Unfortunately, I expect the Gopher’s to come back to Earth with a thud.  Iowa 31  Minnesota 17

Josh:   Wisconsin eliminated Iowa for a chance to play for the Big Ten Championship. Selfishly, I would like Iowa to win to help Ryan Day’s case as the Big Ten coach of the year because I think this is the only season he could win it. The other side though is I want Minnesota to be as highly ranked as possible if we get to play them in Indy and help out case for the number 1 overall seed. I think the Gophers have hit their stride and will be in a battle with the Hawkeyes, but find a way to win against this unusually pass happy Iowa team. Minnesota 17 – Iowa 7.

Pia Pete:  Is Minnesota for real?  Iowa 17 – Minnesota 14

PJSBuck:  Good Big Ten game but gophers have too much MOJO right now PLUS momentum.  Gophers by 14 or more

Steven:  Gonna row the boat for a little while.  If you didn’t come away from the win against PSU just a bit surprised at the Gophers’ vertical passing attack then I just don’t know what to say. Iowa… well their offense stinks. I have no faith in Hawkeye QB Nate Stanley.  Unless the Gophers have a huge Nittany Lion letdown, it will take a miraculous performance from the home team to defeat a team that looks to be on a roll.  Minny 35-21.  

Trout:  The Gophers win this game. It will be a close, low scoring game. Mainly because Iowa has a good defense. I feel like they should be able to slowdown the Minnesota offense. They should still be able to move the ball, but not as well as they did against Penn State. Iowa’s stout defense will be a thorn in Minnesota’s side/  However, Iowa’s offense is just awful and that will be the key to the Gopher’s victory. The Gophers will be able able to score a few times, and I don’t think the Hawkeyes can keep up. Stanley has been average at best as Iowa’s quarterback. The Gophers keep rowing the boat, an  remain unbeaten by pulling off a hard fought victory against an average Iowa team. (Minnesota, 17-9)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  I am now convinced the Minnesota Gophers are for real. Iowa has not seemed to have found the offense to keep up with Minnesota and no pink locker rooms or kids in the hospital will be able to quell the infectious enthusiasm of  PJ Fleck. Gophers beat the Hawkeyes 31-24.

Final Score:  Iowa 23   Minnesota 19

Wake Forest  @  (3)Clemson

Andy:  I don’t think this one will even be close. A lot of people were freaking about Clemson earlier in the season because they weren’t nearly as good as they were last year. That happens when your best five defensive players get drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL draft. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence struggled early in the season, but the past four weeks has been on fire and looking every bit as good as he did last season in route to winning a national title. Wake Forrest doesn’t have the horses in their stable to come close to stopping Clemson.   Clemson 45 – Wake Forrest 17

Bbaver:  Pick: Clemson – Wake Forest is not nearly as good as their record indicates…they get waxed in this one.

Coach Rick:  This is one of Clemson’s last big test, but still not a very big test.  Clemson wins by 21 in this game.

Cory:  Following Penn State’s loss last weekend, it would be hard to see Clemson being on the outside of the playoff picture should they win out. That said, with a weak schedule the Tigers need all the points they can get a big win over a ranked Wake Forest team this week would do the trick. Don’t be fooled by the number next to Wake Forest’s name – the quality of this team is still up in the air. Wake Forest’s best wins are over UNC and North Carolina State. People still focus on Clemson’s close call against UNC and ignore the fact that the Tarheels were the only team to score more than 14 points on the Tigers this season. I’m not sure this game will even be that close.   Clemson 35, Wake Forest 14

Dr. MarkClemson 45-14  Dabo and the Tigers happy to be dissed by everyone- fuels their fire for the playoffs. 

GreggI feel sorry for every team that plays Clemson until the playoffs. They will be pouring it on every game because they think they should be #1, and they don’t want to have to go to Arizona to play their first playoff game. Wake is just ‘weak’ misspelled. And the Deacons are weak.  Tigers huge.   Clemson 63  Wake Forest 7 

Jason:  Clemson over Wake big. Tigers may be the most complete team outside of Columbus in college football.

Joe-S-U:  Clemson at Wake Forest – Speaking of looking ahead and monkeying things up…..how ’bout those Deacons?  Not that it would’ve probably mattered anyway.  It’s getting to the point that Clemson just needs to win out to help keep 2 SEC teams out of the damn playoff.   

John:  Yawn.  Clemson  52  Wake Forrest 10

Josh:   Regardless of the outcome, Clemson has already clinched the ACC Atlantic and has a bye week directly after this game, They are now the third ranked team in the country, and dont really need to worry about style points. Wake Forest dropped the ball last week against Virginia Tech, but still having one of their best seasons in program history. If they found a way to win this one, that would give it its biggest win in program history. With this game at Clemson, and knowing what is at stake, I dont see this game being close, and Clemson routs the Deacons for their 11th win. Clemson 51 – Wake Forest 17.

Pia Pete:  Clemson buries Wake.   Clemson 44 – WF 17

PJSBuck:  My official, “Who gives a sh&%$” game of the week. Clemson by a ton

Steven:  I’d love to pick Wake in the upset, but after last week’s performance against Virginia Tech, I’m at a loss.  As for Clemson, they are trending up and up.  That the close call at UNC has spurred the Tigers into overdrive. Last week’s NC State game was like watching a B-movie horror flick.  The Wolfpack ran straight towards the chainsaws.  Clemson was more than happy to oblige those willing to witness the gore. Not seeing the Deacons faring much better against that defense.  Clemson 48-17.

Trout:  Clemson wins this game and its not close. Outside of the Tigers the ACC is garbage. And yes, I know that Wake Forest is having a good year. However, they don’t have a signature win on their schedule. I don’t believe that Clemson is as good as they were last year, but they are still miles ahead of anyone else in the ACC.  Wake Forest may be able to hang around early, but I see Clemson pulling away and winning very comfortably. (Clemson, 45-13) 

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  I once had hope that Wake Forest would be the last bastion in the ACC to provide a challenging game against Clemson. After the debacle against Florida State I have lost that hope. I predict that the Demon Deacons will be blown out by Clemson’s athletes 48-14.

Final Score:  Clemson 52   Wake Forest 3 

(10)Oklahoma  @  (13)Baylor

Andy:  The playoff hopes are still alive for the Big 12 conference, but just by a hair. Unbeaten Baylor Bears will face their biggest test of the season this Saturday vs Oklahoma. I thought this Oklahoma team had a real chance at a national title shot this year, their defense improved significantly from last year and Jalen Hurts is having a monster season for the Sooners offense. Baylor has played solid fundamental football this year and it has reflected in their schedule so far. But I think their luck runs out this week at home against Oklahoma.   Oklahoma 42 – Baylor 34

Bbaver:  Pick: Oklahoma – Like Minnesota, I would not have had Baylor in the top 9 this week due to their overall schedule being week. And also like Minnesota, win this week and Baylor deserves to be taken seriously. Still, I think Baylor’s luck runs out this week and Oklahoma likely wins by 10 pts or more.

Coach Rick:  Will another undefeated team lose this weekend?  The answer is yes as Oklahoma wins in this game by 10 points.

Cory:  What is going on with Oklahoma? The Sooners were looking to rebound following their upset loss to Kansas State two weeks ago, and although they did beat Iowa State last week they had to stop the Cyclones from getting a two-point conversion with 24 seconds left in order to do it. Baylor’s offense looked ugly scoring just points in regulation last week before picking it up in overtime to hold off TCU. The concern in this game is Oklahoma’s defense. Nobody would consider the Sooners an elite defensive program, but after bringing in former Ohio State assistant Alex Grinch to be the defensive coordinator, one would expect the Sooners to do better than giving up 41 points to each Kansas State and Iowa State.   Baylor 35, Oklahoma 28

Dr. Mark:  Oklahoma  35-28  Could be different if both teams forget to play defense- Big big game for da Bears- should be fun game to watch. 

GreggI had some issues with the 2nd week of the playoffs (doesn’t everyone) but my biggest was the representation of the Big 12. Five teams from this conference is at least two too many for a conference that is considered weak this year. And Baylor, the only unbeaten team is 13th, behind two teams with 2 losses, just does not see right to me. I think this game will be a lot closer than people think, because the Sooner defense is average at best but in the end Oklahoma outscores the Bears to finish off round 1 of this match up which will be repeated in the championship game.   Oklahoma 38  Baylor 35

Jason:  Oklahoma over Baylor – Sooners end the Bears unbeaten season and a dose of reality to Baylor as a product of their weak schedule.

Joe-S-U:  Baylor over Oklahoma – The Bears are another that just need to win out to keep the SEC out of the damn playoff.

John:   I can’t remember the last time a 9-0 team had a home game in November and gotten less respect that Baylor this week, who is an 11 point dog at home against Oklahoma.  However, having watched Baylor a couple of times this year, most recently last week when the had to hold on to beat a real average TCU in 2OT’s, they have earned the lack of respect, and the unbeaten season will end on Saturday night.  This one won’t be pretty.  Oklahoma 48  Baylor 17

Josh:   I would like to go with Baylor, as their story this year has been fun, but with a near loss last week, and entering their toughest stretch, I dont see them getting past Oklahoma. This will be the 1st of 2 match up though in my opinion, and I think the Sooners are trying to work their way back into the playoff for the 3rd straight year. Oklahoma 42 – Baylor 24.

Pia Pete Baylor isn’t as good as their record.   OU 45 – Baylor 20

PJSBuck: Good Big 12 game. Baylor was too close in their last game for me even though they won. I am going with the Sooners.

Steven:  Baylor has been squeaking by much of the season.  Their defense is good for the Big 12, but the best offense they have seen so far is Iowa State (#16).  A full third of the Bears’ schedule has been teams with defenses in the 100+ range, (3 FBS and 1 FCS squad).  Oklahoma has the top offense in the country, but they also sport a 100+ defense.  This screams shootout which should favor Oklahoma. I’m hoping Baylor wins out to make it tough on the committee, but if we’re being honest, the Big 12 doesn’t belong in the CFP.  Sooners 41-28.

Trout:  The Sooners should win this this game. Baylor has been good, and they are still unbeaten, but they also really haven’t played anyone of note. Oklahoma will be the biggest test they will face, and I don’t think they pass that test. besides the weird loss to KSU, Oklahoma has looked really good with Jalen Hurts at the helm. It may be a close game with both team scoring a ton of points. Neither team has shown to be component in regards to defense. However, Oklahoma is still the better team, and they will be able to score more and the bears won’t be able to match it. Oklahoma wins this game and they keep themselves in the playoff conversation. (Oklahoma, 49-42)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83) Baylor has been on the winning side of the fortuitous bouncing football this year. Matt Rhule has done a tremendous job resuscitating Baylor’s football program, but I see him cashing in on that success and perhaps heading to greener pastures. Oklahoma has had to adjust their holiday plans because the “Grinch” has stolen their Christmas. I am taking the over in this one and I expect the last one to have the ball win the game. Oklahoma outlasts Baylor 49-42

Final Score:  Oklahoma 34   Baylor 31

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