Week 11 Predictions – 2021

Last Week:  The Buckeyes earned a well deserved victory over Nebraska. Ohio State’s 28-17 victory has been used as fodder that the Buckeyes are not dominating teams and yet they keep winning and still have the best loss (Oregon) among the top 8 teams in the current playoff polls. Forget that Alabama is scheduling Mercer and New Mexico State, let’s keep the Tide in the top two. For or staff picks Joe-S-U continues to be on top the standings with 37-11.  Just behind is Steven & Gregg at 35-13 and Josh & Trout at 34-14. And the rest are jsut behind that. In other words, if you want great analysis, come to our predictions page.  If you want the over-hyped coverage, watch GameDay and listen to ‘the Bear’ who is now 14-17 on the year. Nice job Chris!

This Week’s Games:  Ohio State returns to Columbus for the next two weeks before the rivarly showdown the final week of the regular season. This Saturday Purdue comes to town to try to spoil the Buckeyes playoff hopes.  Can the Boilermakers upset their third top 4 team in five weeks?  ….  Michigan finds themselves #6 in the playoff poll and positioned to make the final four by winning out.  This week they have to go to Happy Valley to face a Penn State team that is confident they can win.  Are the Nittany Lions healthy enough to get the win and perhaps crack the playoff polls themselves?  ….  Oklahoma starts the meat of their schedule, a stretch that will get them in the playoffs if they run the table, maybe even if they lose one.  Starts with Baylor Saturday, can the Sooners take care of the Bears?  ….  Notre Dame still think they have a chance at the playoffs, even with the loss to Cincinnati.  They play Viriginia this week, will that be enough to impress the committee?  ….  Texas A&M has maybe the biggest win of the year by beating Bama, but they have to win out and need help to even win the SEC West.  Can they secure another signture win over Ole Miss?

Buckeye Greats:   As with the past, we will continue to include former Buckeye players in our prediction fun and we are thrilled to have Vaughn Broadnax back with us as a regular participant for the seventh straight year.

Here we go with our Week 11 Picks – Good Luck to All – Gregg

(19)Purdue (4)Ohio State

Andy:  Purdue started the season sputtering, losing two out of their first five games before upsetting Michigan State last week. That said you don’t play the teams’ record, you play the team. This is a very good 6-3 Purdue team that I think would beat half of the teams in the top 25 right now. Purdue does have a few favorable matchups in this game which should give them a puncher’s chance to keep this game close late into the game. The Boilermakers have one of the best passing offenses in the Big Ten completing nearly 71% of their passes as a team and throwing for 3,000 yards through 9 games, their rushing game has sputtered badly this season with a team average of 2.4 yards per carry and only 5 rushing touchdowns in 9 games. The Buckeyes are currently 94th in the country in pass yards allowed. Ohio State has a bunch of favorable matchups in this game, the first being the offensive line against the Purdue defensive line. OSU has only allowed Stroud to be sacked 7 times through 9 games, and as a team OSU is averaging nearly 6 yards per carry and 2 rushing touchdowns per game. I went back and looked and Purdue’s front seven is giving a lot of yards on the ground this season, and the games they’ve lost to Notre Dame, Wisconsin they allowed over 120 yards rushing per game to the opposing offense including nearly 300 to Wisconsin. The keys to victory for Ohio State are to relentlessly disrupt the Boilermakers passing game on offense and for Ohio State to establish the run game early when they have the football. If Ohio State can get over 150 yards rushing in this game and Tyreke Smith and Zach Harrison can consistently disrupt the Purdue backfield I think they have a great chance to win.   Ohio State 38  Purdue 27

Coach Rick:  Is this a trap game?  I do not think so, I have OSU winning by 17

Cory:  It’s Indiana’s favorite boogeyman, the Purdue Boilermakers. Purdue is no longer a joke of a team as they are 6-3 this year with wins over No. 2 Iowa and No. 3 Michigan State. The Buckeyes cannot overlook this game because Purdue is a good team. The Boilermakers have already spoiled two perfect seasons, and would love to give Ohio State its first Big Ten loss. The Buckeyes will have to play cleaner football to win than they did last week against Nebraska. Bad penalties, poor red zone play, missed assignments, sloppy tackling – the Buckeyes did not play well last week. Purdue has done well at stopping the run so far but if the Buckeyes can get TreVeyon Henderson going early the rest of the offense will open up.   Ohio State 35, Purdue 21

Dave:  Ohio State 42  Purdue 28    

GreggRyan Day has not lost a Big Ten game as head coach, Buckeyes have a 27 game winning streak against the conference, the last loss is to Purdue in 2018.  I there ANYONE that thinks the Buckeyes are not going to be ready for this one?  With the exception of red-zone execution, the Buckeyes are playing at a high level right now and if they finish the rest of the season as they should, they will win in Indy, make the playoffs and with some luck can play in Indy again for the National Championship.  CJ Stroud, whether or not he runs the ball, will be the key to this game.  He will need to spread the ball around to his embaressment of riches at reciever, which one of them will have the big game against the Boilers?  For Purdue to have a chance, they will have to rely on their defense which has been very solid this year only giving up 166 points total.  In the end, I think the Bucks will find ways to score and the ever-improving Silver Bullets will continue to play strong and lock down the victory.   Ohio State 42  Purdue 20  

Jason:  Purdue has all of a sudden become the flavor of the month and for good reason. With a win over #2 Iowa and #3 Michigan State, who has bigger wins in the country than the Boilermakers? They struggled against the Wisconsin front, but they are in the thick of the Big Ten West race and playing like there’s nothing to lose. Purdue can fling the ball around a little and the Buckeyes have surrendered their share of passing yards so there will be opportunities if Purdue can take advantage of it.  On the other side, Ohio State has the best passing attack in college football and Purdue hasn’t seen an offense like they will face in Columbus. Although the secondary has surrendered some yards, the front of the Buckeye defense has been getting better and better and can get to the QB with regularity. Purdue will likely get some yards but the Buckeyes tend to buckle down inside the 20 and their offense will take over the game. The Buckeyes get things going this week and run away from Purdue with a big advantage in the speed and athleticism department.  Ohio State is now in the top 4 of the CFP poll and they will play like it at home.   Ohio State 45 Purdue 17

Joe-S-U:  Ohio State will not be adding to the Boilers giant-killing list

John:  For whatever reason, the Boilers have given Ohio State fits through the years. Bucks are only 6-4 against Purdue over the last 10 meetings, but have won 16 of the last 17 in Columbus.  If OSU’s D can find a way to keep David Bell in check and the O can establish the run, this one won’t be close.  If OSU can’t then they still win, but may not cover.  Purdue is coming off a big win, so they won’t catch OSU unawares and are due for a letdown.  I think the Bucks win. Big.   Ohio State 38   Purdue 10

Josh: Purdue has earned the respect to play spoiler as they have done so far this season with Iowa and Michigan State. The biggest difference is that Ohio State has much better talent than both of those teams, and they have already lost one, so the need to remain perfect from this point is in the back of their minds, and Purdue has Ohio State’s attention. There might be a small revenge factor from the 2018 season, but at the same time revenge can only carry you so far. Purdue will score because they just have players that will be hard to contain all game, but Purdue has losses to teams they had no business losing to based on their performances against teams that matter. I expect the offense to be aggressive in the redzone, and convert touchdowns where they had settled for field goals these past two weeks. Ohio State 49 – Purdue 20

Steven:  Contain David Bell and you win the game.  We all know that our corners are solid.  Our linebackers are improving.  We need the safeties to step up.  If David Bell gets underneath he can hurt you.  On paper, this shouldn’t be a game.  The Boilermakers have a pretty anemic running game, so I expect to see more of the Rushmen package than usual. The game plan should meet at the quarterback every play. Boilers’ QB Aidan O’Connell is efficient, completing 72% of his passes, so getting him out of rhythm should be a priority. Unless the moratorium on holding calls is still in effect, the Buckeyes should be able to wear down the opposing offensive line and break their will by halftime. On offense, just do what you do… except let’s commit to the run from the get go.  Everyone seems to be packing the middle and it has been a struggle running up the gut, so attack the edges where we’ve had success.  This won’t be a walk in the park, but the Bucks should be able to dominate.   Bucks 52-28

TroutThe Buckeyes will win the game, but I feel like it will be uncomfortably close. There is no doubt Ohio State is the more talented team. However, Purdue has spoiled the seasons of both Iowa and Michigan State. Also, unfortunately, the Boilermakers have a history of playing the Buckeyes tough. I’m also worried about Ohio State this week. They have played sloppy the past 2 weeks and made those games against Penn State and Nebraska closer than they should be. Even with all those factors, I still think the Buckeyes pull off the win. Stroud and Henderson should be able to do enough to offenseily to outscore Purdue. This will most likely be a game well into the fourth quarter. I see Ohio State getting up a score or two  late and hanging on. Ohio State beats the Boilermakers, but it is far from easy.   (Ohio State 31-23)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  Ohio State will remedy what has been ailing the offense the last couple of games. Unfortunately, I feel the defense might see a regression this week. However, I also feel our offense will outscore the Boilermakers. OSU beats Purdue 48-35. 

Final Score:  Ohio State 59   Purdue 31

(6)Michigan  @  Penn State

Andy:  In years past this matchup is usually to determine the second best team in the Big Ten East, with close wins and loses for both teams. Michigan has a top 5 scoring defense and has been one of the best teams running the football this season. Penn State has been the opposite on offense, barely able to run the football quarterback Sean Clifford has had to put the offense on his back many times this season just to be competitive. Penn State has only run for just over 900 yards as a team this season through 9 games, averaging 3.2 yards per carry and 10 rushing touchdowns, so their strength this season has been throwing the football. Sean Clifford will have to face the nations’ # 8 overall pass defense. Michigan’s defense is allowing an average of 137 yards per game and less than 1 rushing touchdown per game. Why is this important? When you look at college football games this closely you have to find a few matchups.. the matchups to watch in this game are whether Penn State can consistently pass the ball on Michigan’s pass defense, or can Michigan consistently run the football on Penn State’s 49th rated run defense slow down the Wolverines run game enough to keep them out of the red zone? Vegas has this game as a pick’em for most of the betting lines I’ve seen and judging by how close this game has been the past few years I can totally see why.   Penn State 27  Michigan 23

Coach Rick:  I think this is a coin flip game being played at Penn State.  I think Michigan will win the game but it will be a close game.

Cory:  Michigan came back strong from its first loss of the season two weeks ago in a dominating win over Indiana last week. The Hoosiers were able to get into the red zone multiple times but only came away with seven points. The Wolverines were good in all aspects of the game and I expect that to continue this week against Penn State. The Nittany Lions put a stop to a three-game losing streak with a solid win over Maryland last week, however, that game was closer than it seemed as it was tied at 14 in the fourth quarter. The Nittany Lions got a touchdown on a blown assignment, a field goal, and a defensive touchdown after that to pull away. Penn State will keep it close, but expect Michigan to come away with the win.   Michigan 28, Penn State 23

Dave:  Michigan 32  Penn State 31  

Gregg I want the Wolverines to keep winning to make ‘The Game’ mean even more but a never cry when the Wolverines lose.  Michigan has looked really good against bad teams but only average against good teams, and Penn State is better then just good. Lions are playing at home and may even be a bit upset they are not ranked in the current playoff poll.  A lot is being made about Sean Clifford’s health but I am not overly sold on him.  He is only 20-9 as a starting QB and has struggled in big games.  But bottom line is Harbaugh as a coach has a worse record against good teams on the road.  Penn State playing at home, I think that may be the difference if they can keep Jahan Dotson as a big factor.   Penn State 27  Michigan 24

Jason:  The biggest game in the Big Ten takes place in Happy Valley.  Penn State is finally getting healthy and likely loses just to Ohio State if Clifford is healthy.  They had Iowa beaten until he went down and wasn’t fully healthy in the Illinois loss.  There isn’t much of a running game but they are legit through the air. Michigan is getting their offense going, running the ball with effectiveness, leading the conference in rush yards and the passing game is slowly coming around. The Wolverine pass defense has been solid, however, they haven’t seen a passing attack quite like Penn State. The Lion defense can be moved on but inside the red zone is where they make their money.  They shut down the #1 offense in college football for the most part when Ohio State got into the red zone and Michigan’s offense isn’t near what Ohio State has. Penn State will find momentum playing in front of their home fans and that momentum will snowball throughout the game as the Nits run away with it in the fourth quarter.   Penn State 38 Michigan 20


John:  This one should be a fun one to watch.  No matter which team loses, Buckeye fans are happy.  Looking at the big picture, it is probably better if Michigan wins their next two to set up a big showdown in the Big House the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  That said, I won’t shed any tears if the Lions win this one.   Michigan 24  Penn State 21

JoshThis will ultimately come down to how healthy Sean Clifford is for Penn State, and if he is at least 90 percent healthy, this could be a challenge for the Wolverines. What hurt Michigan was the run game of Michigan State, and Sparty gave up early turnovers which allowed Michigan to get the early lead in that game. Penn State plays solid defense, which will force Michigan to pass, and I think that is not their strength. With this being at Penn State, I like the Nittany Lions to win, and earn their way back into the top 25. Penn State 24 – Michigan 21

Steven:  What Sean Clifford do we get this week?  If we get him at his best, he can will the Nittany Lions to a win.  If he’s nicked up at all, or takes a few hits during the game, the Wolverines roll.  Despite being a less than inspiring QB, Michigan signal-caller Cade McNamara, really has improved over the course of the year.  McNamara has gone from a nadir moment of 44 yards against Washington, to a his best performance so far of 385 yards in a the loss to Michigan State.  This could go either way, especially being in Happy Valley. If the Wolverines don’t ask McNamara to shoulder the entire offensive load, and get back to rushing the ball and controlling the clock, they win. I hate to pick the skunk weasels, but here goes nothin’… UM 42-31.

TroutI think Michigan wins this game, but it is close. I feel like the teams are pretty evenly matched, but Penn State has some  factors outside of the game that they are contending with. First and foremost, James Franklin has one foot out the door already. He is clearly waiting to get offered the USC or LSU job. They have also lost three games already. Any chance for the Big Ten Championship is gone. The Wolverines still have a shot, if the cards fall their way. Also Sean Clifford has been dealing with injuries all year. One wrong move and he could be knocked out of the game again. I feel like the game will be relatively low scoring, with neither team reaching the thirty point mark. Towards the fourth quarter, I see Michigan gaining the lead and maintaining it the rest of the game. It should be a hard fought battle between these two teams, but the issues facing the Nittany Lions will be the reason why they fall short. Wolverines win in a very close match.   (Michigan, 24-21)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)The Wolverweasels have played well this despite its head coach. I can even say the same for Penn State’s coach. Michigan gets by PSU. 31-27.

Final Score:  Michigan 21   Penn State 17


(8)Oklahoma (13)Baylor

Andy:  Baylor has been a fun team to watch this season, with the nations 27th best scoring defense and an incredibly balanced offense which has seen the Bears offense rush for over 2,000 yards and throw for over 2,000 yards. Having a good scoring defense on top of a balanced offense is recipe for success for these programs when they go up against a team with better players, the biggest reason is simply having options on offense can sometimes allow you to extend drives on offense with creative play calling. That said Oklahoma is just too good right now behind star freshman quarterback Caled Williams. If you look at what he does well and doesn’t do well, Caleb is excellent using his legs to get extra yardage opposing defenses give him, on top of that the Oklahoma run game is picking up because of the run threat from the quarterback now as well. I expect this game to be close going into the third quarter but for Oklahoma to slowly pull away.   Oklahoma 41  Baylor 32

Coach Rick:  I have Oklahoma winning this game and I personally think Baylor is rated too high.  I have the Sooners winning by 10.

Cory:  Baylor was enjoying a terrific season before losing at home to unranked TCU last week. The Bears now have to find a way to get back up to play Oklahoma, the No. 4 team in the nation. The Sooners struggled early in the season, however, they’ve been rolling ever since inserting Caleb Williams at quarterback. He’s got 14 touchdowns to just one interception so far, and he had six touchdowns against Texas Tech last week. Baylor is a pretty good team, but a red-hot Oklahoma squad will be just too much for the Bears this week.   Oklahoma 42, Baylor 28

Dave:  Oklahoma 32  Baylor 28  

GreggOklahoma has a big game, will not get their loss until they play the Cowboys.   Oklahoma 38  Baylor 35

Jason:  Oklahoma is rested coming off the bye and they are feeling disrespected with their CFP ranking, but they have plenty of chances down the stretch to prove they belong. They haven’t played a schedule to disprove the doubters yet, but now they will and it starts in Waco. The Sooner D has been porous but it does force turnovers and for the most part keeps teams out of the end zone.  This will be a whole new challenge with a Baylor team that can score. The Bears can run the ball and will need to in this game.  They also are very good at stopping the run, so the Sooners will need to be efficient through the air to keep their playoff hopes alive. Since the QB switch to Caleb Williams, the offense has looked explosive at times, but he’s still a freshman and on the road in a hostile environment for the first time against a team with a pulse, he will make a couple mistakes and the Sooners will pay for it and drop their first game of the season.   Baylor 31 Oklahoma 24

Joe-S-U:  Sooners avoid the upset

John: Don’t ask me why, but I like Baylor at home in this one.  While the Sooners are 9-0, it may be the most unimpressive 9-0 start ever.  The lucked into a win against Texas. They struggled against Tulane, Nebraska, K-State and Kansas.  Game is at Baylor.  I’m picking the upset.   Baylor 45  Oklahoma 42

JoshThe strength of Baylor is their defense and that has proven to be a challenge for Oklahoma this year. Kansas wrote the blueprint on how to beat the Sooners, and that is essentially playing keep away. A week ago, I had more confidence in the Bears than I do this week, and this is in part to their loss to TCU who is not that great, and just lost their legacy head coach. I think Oklahoma will make some plays, but I think the Bears do regroup and find a way to win at home in a higher scoring game. Baylor 35 – Oklahoma 34. 

Steven:  As much as we’d all like to see a Baylor win, I’m not seeing it.  Since the bencinh of Spencer Rattler and the elevation of Caleb Williams, Oklahoma’s offense has started clicking.  Unfortunately, the Sooners still sport a Big12 defense.  Yards-wise, the Sooners are 11th in the nation, but they are 59th in scoring defense.  If Baylor can keep the pressure on, they can keep it close.  It should be a good game to watch as scoring should be plentiful.  Oklahoma 40-38

TroutOklahoma is a weird team. Even with Caleb Williams, the Sooners have been up and down. One week they will look unstoppable, and then the next week, they need a convenient call from the refs to beat Kansas. It’s hard to predict what team we will see on Saturday. The Bears have been a solid team, and have shown at times the ability to score a ton of points. However, I don’t think they are going to make much noise when it comes to the College Football Playoff. I see the game being a shoot out. With both teams moving the ball with ease. It should be the prototypical Big 12 game, where defense is just a suggestion. However, in the end, The Sooners score just enough to squeak by with the win. Oklahoma remains unbeaten and keeps themselves in the playoff conversation.  (Oklahoma 53-49)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83):  Baylor is looking for the upset and Oklahoma is looking respect. If Caleb Williams continues his stellar play, the Sooners down the Bears 45-35.

Final Score:  Baylor 27  Oklahoma 14

(9)Notre Dame Virginia

Andy:  Notre Dame has quietly won a lot of games this year going 8-1 so far behind transfer quarterback Jack Coan, mostly because they have at times this season played down to the level of competition of their opponent. Virginia is a sneaky good team this season and their success is immediately tied to their quarterback Brennan Armstrong who by himself has nearly 3,900 yards of total offense and 34 total touchdowns so far this season. While Armstrong has been amazing this season for Virginia, he is the lone star on that offense. Despite this I believe Virginia has more than a punchers chance in this game because Notre Dame’s defense down in the red zone has been only decent, ranking 42 in the country in scoring defense allowing on average 22.44 points per game. Not a good look when you’re playing one of the best offensive players in the country this season who is averaging nearly 4 touchdowns per game by himself. However this game has a huge mis-match in favor of Notre Dame, Notre Dame is the 33rd best scoring offense in the country going against the Virginia defense which is ranked as the 103rd worst scoring defense in the country. When your defense is that low rated, you’re allowing a ton of yards and points you basically have to score 45 points every game in order to have a chance to win. While I see this being a high scoring game, I don’t think Virginia can afford to go into the center of the ring and trade punches with a heavier tougher opponent.   Notre Dame  54  Virginia  41

Coach Rick:  Do not see this as much of a game and Notre Dame winning by 17.

Cory:  Notre Dame has now reeled off four consecutive wins since being upset by Cincinnati. The Fighting Irish have a chance to pick up another good win over a solid Virgina team this week. The key to stopping Virginia is shutting down the passing game led by quarterback Brennan Armstrong, who already has over 3,500 passing yards and 27 touchdowns this season. The Cavaliers utilize a running back by committee, so expect the Irish to focus a lot of their defense on slowing down Armstrong. Notre Dame has had trouble pulling away from teams this season, but expect a comfortable win.   Notre Dame 28, Virginia 17

Dave:  Notre Dame 28  Virginia 21  

Gregg Irish are getting too much love this year.  Only had one big game this year and they lost that one to an AAC team. But I don’t know enough about the Cavaliers to think they can win this game without a true upset. I am hoping for the upset to hurt the Bearcat resume but I think Notre Dame does enough to win and keep the illusion alive that they deserve a chance to play in the playoffs again.  I do think there will be a lot of scoring though.   Notre Dame  44  Virginia 38 

Jason:  The Irish offense has been explosive of late, throwing the ball with consistency and hitting on some big plays on the ground, while the Cavaliers have been gashed defensively at times this season, allowing big yards to BYU and Georgia Tech. That combined with Virginia QB Brennan Armstrong banged up, could mean the Irish roll.  In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend.” The Irish defense struggled to slow a good North Carolina offense, but Virginia’s offense is even better, leading the nation, averaging 545 yards per game. If Armstrong plays, look out, if he doesn’t they can still move the ball effectively. This game has all the makings of a shootout.  Two offenses that can score and two defenses that can be scored upon.  It will be back and forth all day and finally with the game on the line, behind their home crowd, the Cavs come up with a big drive to seal the game and upset the Irish.   Virginia 48 Notre Dame 45

Joe-S-U:  Domers keep playoff hopes alive

John:  The Irish continue their “Hey we want to be in the ACC, but not really” tour, this week stopping at the University of Virginia.  Similar to OU/Baylor, I think the home dog has a real shot at the upset.  Unlike OU/Baylor I can’t quite pull the trigger on picking UVa.  I think the Cav’s keep it close, but in the end the Irish luck into another W.   Notre Dame  24  Virginia 17

JoshAfter the past two games of little production from Ohio State, Virginia is now the number 1 total offense in the country. Notre Dame has made strides on the offensive side of the ball, and have a strong running game. I Like the Cavaliers at home in this one behind Armstrong. Virginia 49 – Notre Dame 42

Steven:  Virginia’s offense is top in the nation.  They are running up and down the field, but their offensive efficiency lacks a bit behind the top scoring offenses.  The Cavaliers, (obviously), will be the best offense that Notre Dame has faced all year.  In Virginia’s losses, only Wake Forest kept the Cavs under 39 points.  The other two teams were forced to win a track meet. Notre Dame is not a track meet team. While Irish QB Jack Coan is solid and has grown into the offense as the year has progressed, there’s no way you’d confuse him with the Cav’s Brennan Armstrong who is outpacing Coan by 187 yards per game. The Irish back-end will be tested and their front 4 will be expected to limit Armstrong’s effectiveness.  I like the potential of the Cavaliers at home.  UVA 37-35   

TroutThe Irish should win this game. The ACC is an awful conference, Most years it’s Clemson and a bunch of middle of the road to bad teams. This year, they don’t even have Clemson. The Cavaliers are one of those middle of the road teams. They have some success this year, but it has not been consistent. Notre Dame isn’t great either, but I do think they are more talented than Virginia. The game should be relatively close. I can see both teams taking a lead at different points of the game. But Talent usually wins out in the end, and the Irish are the more talented team. The Irish will be able to get a score late that puts them ahead and they hang on to that lead for the rest of the game . The Cavaliers put up a valiant effort, but it won’t be enough for them to defeat Notre Dame.   (Notre Dame 28-21)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Notre Dame gets another ACC cupcake to feast on. The Irish down the Cavaliers 37-21.

Final Score:  Notre Dame 28   Virginia 3

(11)Texas A&M  @  (15)Mississippi

Andy:  The Aggies have been one of the most confusing teams in the country this season. They have one of the most talented rosters in the country, yet they lost to two teams in back to back weeks who have considerably less talent than they do at the hands of Arkansas and Mississippi State. The Aggies are incredibly balanced on offense throwing the ball 274 times compared to 317 rushing attempts so far this season. Their big weapons have been running backs Isaiah Spiller and Devon Achane who have combined for nearly 1,600 yards and 12 total touchdowns this season. Mississippi is one of the most fun offenses to watch in all of college football, they’re a run first smash mouth football who can throw the ball pretty darn well too. The Rebels have 3 running backs who each have over 400 yards rushing with a combined 16 rushing touchdowns, despite that the teams leading rusher is quarterback Matt Corrall who leads the team with 528 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns. To go along with his impressive rushing numbers Corral has excellent passing the ball as well throwing for over 2,500 yards and 16 touchdowns to just 2 interceptions. This Ole Miss offense can score on any defense in the country, which normally would not bode well for most teams that aren’t Texas A&M who is 2nd in the nation in scoring defense only allowing an average of 14.67 points per game. This game will be fun to see what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object… which wins offense or defense?   Texas A&M  38  Mississippi 35

Coach Rick:  In games like this I would go with the home team.  This game is different and I will go with A&M by 10.

Cory:  If you like games where you get to see a terrific defense against an unstoppable offense, then this week’s Texas A&M-Mississippi game is for you. The Aggies feature one of the nation’s best defenses, as evidenced by limiting Auburn to just three points last week, while the Rebels are putting up video game numbers on offense. Seriously, Ole Miss has passed for over 2,500 yards with 16 touchdowns and just two interceptions, and they have also rushed for over 2,500 yards. That is impressive. Though I am impressed by the Aggies defense and their run game, they will need to throw the ball to win this game and that’s the one area in which they struggle.   Ole Miss 38, Texas A&M 28

Dave:  Texas A@M 32  Mississippi 21  

GreggAggies have more weapons to win this game but Ole Miss keeps the game close in front of the home crowd.   Texas A&M  45  Mississippi 42

Jason:  This game has the makings of a good one. Two explosive offenses that will test the defenses with regularity.  The Rebels have a big play offense and they take care of the football, but A&M will control the football with their ground game led by Isaiah Spiller who has run for over 100 yards in the last three games. Ole Miss will move the ball when they get their chances, but the A&M defense has been playing much better and will slow the Rebels enough to grab the win on the road.   Texas A&M 38 Ole Miss 24

Joe-S-U:  Texas A&M keeps rolling

John:  This one should be a close one, but at this point I find it hard to care about any SEC game that doesn’t feature either Alabama or Georgia.  Right now, it appears to be a two team league with a showdown coming in Atlanta in December.   Texas A&M 35  Mississippi 31

JoshIf Calzada gets hurt during the game, then Texas A&M will win. Ole Miss is a good offense, and average defense, and the Aggies will have to have an answer for Corrall. I think the Aggies know they need to keep winning to get a chance at the SEC championship game if Alabama loses one more game. I think they care of business on the road, and improve to 8-2. Texas A&M 31 – Ole Miss 24.

Steven:  I’ve been wrong all year on A&M, so I’ll pick them this week, hoping reverse psychology kicks in.  Probably not… A&M 33-24.  

TroutOle Miss wins this game, but it’ll be a tight race. I think both teams are just mid-tier SEC teams, and relatively evenly matched. The game should be relatively high scoring with both teams finding the endzone multiple times.  However, the Rebel’s appear to have a better offense and I think that’ll be the key for them to pull off the victory.The Rebels score nealy ten points more than the Aggies on average. Not to mention, the quarterback, Corral has nearly a thousand more yards than A&M’s Calzada. Lane Kiffin is not a great coach, but he does know how to craft offenses. The Rebel’s clearly have the advantage offensively. However, on the flip side, their defense isn’t great. Their points against average is nearly double than that of  Texas A&M. I think that may keep the Aggies in the game for a while. However, in the end, the Rebels’ superior offense allows them to take the lead and pull off the victory.   (Mississippi, 38-31)

Vaughn Broadnax (OSU 1980-83)Texas A&M will lose to another SEC foe in Ole Miss. It will be interesting to see how far the Aggies drop after losing their third game. Ole Miss outscore Texas A&M 41-31.

Final Score:  Mississippi 29  Texas A&M 19

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