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Week 11 Predictions – 2021

Last Week:  The Buckeyes earned a well deserved victory over Nebraska. Ohio State’s 28-17 victory has been used as fodder that the Buckeyes are not dominating teams and yet they keep winning and still have the best loss (Oregon) among the top 8 teams in the current playoff polls. Forget that Alabama is scheduling Mercer and New Mexico State, let’s

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Week 9 Predictions – 2021

Last Week:  The Buckeyes continued to roll with their very convincing 54-7 win over Indiana. The Hoosiers are now 2-6 since they were bragging they were the best team in the East. How you feeling about that statement now Coach Allen?  Plenty to brag about with our weekly staff predictions though. Once again 6 members were 4-1 for the week

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Week 5 Predictions – 2021

Last Week:  Ohio State feasted on MAC raw meat and defeated Akron 59-7. Is the Buckeye defense improving or was it the level of competition that made the difference?  For one week it doesn’t really matter but reality is every game left on the Buckeye schedule will be a bigger challenge than the Zips.  After 4 weeks, Josh continues to

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